From Cincinnati

The Reds signed veteran outfielder Gary Matthews Jr. to a Minor League contract, and he was scheduled to report to Triple-A Louisville on Thursday night and begin playing on Friday.


“We’ll give him the opportunity to play center field, play every day and see what he can do,” Reds general manager Walt Jocketty said. “In the past, he showed that if he plays a lot, he’s a better player. He hasn’t had that opportunity with the Angels or Mets the last couple of years.”

The Reds currently lack outfield depth at Louisville, which made Matthews more valuable. He would earn the pro-rated Major League minimum salary if he were to be promoted.

If you think he’s going to stay at AAA for long….we disagree. I think the Reds are getting ready to make some deals and either Heisey and/or Stubbs is going to be involved…along with pitching.

The argument has always been that the franchise didn’t have a plan. Now they seem to finally have a plan and they appear they’re going to throw it away…

I’m very concerned that the Reds are going to make a big bad deal that will mortgage their future. Most of us believed that next year was the year they would compete…and they’re having a fun, competitive year thus far this year…but the plan was to compete next year. IMO, they’ll be ready next year…if they don’t make mistakes now.