Minor League Player of the Day: Juan Silva (AZL Reds; 8th round in 2009) 3-4; Single; Triple; Homerun; Walk; 2 Runs Scored, 5 RBI


Toledo 6 – Louisville 0

Chris Burke went 2-4 with two doubles on a night in which Louisville managed only five hits.  On a positive note, four of the five hits were doubles!

Philippe Valiquette and Carlos Fisher each pitched a scoreless inning in relief, combining for three strikeouts.


Carolina had a scheduled off-day yesterday.

High A

Lynchburg is currently on their all-star break.


Dayton is also on their all-star break.


Billings 11 – Great Falls 3

Donald Lutz (non-drafted free agent in 2008) went 3-4 with a single, triple, homerun, two RBI, and a run scored. Yorman Rodriguez (non-drafted free agent in 2009) went 3-5 with three singles, three RBI, and a run scored.  Trey Manz (26th round in 2009) went 2-5 with a double and a run scored.  Oliver Santos (35th round in 2009) went 2-4 with a walk and two runs scored.  Tucker Barnhart (1oth round 2009) went 2-4 with two singles and two runs scored.  Finally, Jefry Sierra (non-drafted free agent in 2007) went 2-3 with a single, triple, four RBI, and two runs scored.

Daniel Tuttle (5th round 2009) went five innings, allowing one run on three hits and two walks while striking out one.

Arizona League Reds 9 – Arizona League Dodgers 3

Dominic D’Anna went 3-4 with three singles, three RBI, and a run scored.  Yovan Gonzalez (30th round in 2009) went 3-5 with three singles and a run scored.  Ayeudi Felipe (non-drafted free agent in 2007) and Cristobal Rodriguez (non-drafted free agent in 2007) each went 2-5.

Daryl Thompson (yeah, that Daryl Thompson) made the start  and pitched three scoreless innings, allowing three hits and a walk while striking out four.