Reader Steve reported this comment from Jeff Brantley after last night’s game: “Well, the starting pitching has really suffered since Hanigan went on the disabled list. Some people may not want to hear that, but it’s true.”

Is that true? We’ve already taken a look at the difference between Ryan Hanigan’s games and Ramon Hernandez’s. Is the problem worse now?

Hanigan broke his finger in a blowout win over the Astros on May 28, which pushed the Reds’ record to 29-20. Since then, they’re 7-10. Ramon started 13 of those games; Corky Miller four.

In Ramon’s 13 starts, the starting pitchers’ combined line:
ERA: 5.82, Avg IP: 5.19, WHIP: 1.43, K/9: 5.70
(Arroyo, Cueto x3, Harang x3, Leake x4, LeCure x2)

In Miller’s 4 starts:
ERA: 3.95, Avg IP: 6.83, WHIP: 1.09, K/9: 5.27
(LeCure, Arroyo x2, Harang)

So Brantley was right, to a large degree. But the issue might not necessarily be “since Hanigan got hurt,” but rather “since Ramon resumed everyday catching duties.”

*The usual small sample size caveats.