Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

San Francisco 3
Cincinnati 6
WP: Harang (5-5)
LP: Sanchez (4-5)

–Excellent start by Aaron Harang. Seven innings, two runs on five hits. It was a start that the Reds really needed after a bad stretch, and at times, it was reminiscent of the old Harang.

–Great game at the plate by Orlando Cabrera. He went 4-5 with three doubles and three runs scored.

–Scott Rolen reached base four times, going 3-3 with two doubles, a walk, a run scored, and 2 RBI. The guy keeps mashing the ball, to the tune of .304/.368/.613.

–Speaking of someone who continues to mash the ball, how about Jonny Gomes? Three more RBI tonight after going 1-2 with a double and a walk. On the year: 299/.363/.515.

–Drew Stubbs went 2-4 with a homer, his seventh. His OPS is over 750 now, and when you combine that with his excellent defense, I wouldn’t ask for anything more.

–Francisco Cordero only gave up one run in the ninth inning. Wait…that isn’t a positive! Well, it seemed like progress in the right direction to me.

–Cabrera is still terrible on defense and muffed a play in the 7th inning that very easily could have cost the Reds the game (it was at least the fourth time this year that he’s committed an error, but was bailed out by the official scorer). He did, however, make an excellent play in the ninth…and I don’t want to talk about his defense anymore, because Tubby really had a great night at the plate. Let’s enjoy that.

–Much better performance.

–Rumors of Aaron Harang’s demise were greatly exaggerated. In his last nine starts, Harang is 5-2 with a 3.93 ERA. I will take that. The big guy has adjusted since a terrible start, and I’m disappointed in how many Reds fans have already given up on him.

–Our leadoff hitter, Cabrera, pushed his on-base percentage over .300. Woo-hoo!

–Time to introduce a new sombrero. I’ve been waiting to use this one!