I was happy to learn that the Reds wouldn’t be facing Tim Lincecum during this series against San Francisco, but I knew these games would be tough for the Reds, anyway. After all, Cincinnati always has trouble on the West Coast road trips. Every single year.


They’re playing at Great American Ballpark? Uh-oh. Well, Aaron Harang is going to right the ship tonight and things will be good again. After all, the Reds are still in a tie for first place, so the good guys haven’t lost any ground during this little swoon.

Lineup below the fold. Here’s your game preview. Go Redlegs.

Cabrera 6
Phillips 4
Votto 3
Rolen 5
Gomes 7
Bruce 9
Stubbs 8
Miller 2
Harang 1

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  1. Steve

    Cabrera leading off again.

    Cabrera: .258/.296/.354
    Janish: .281/.395/.469
    Leake: .417/.440/.458

  2. Steve

    Good start for Harang. 12 pitches. Hopefully we won’t make the Giants look like a good hitting team tonight, since they really aren’t.

    Our right-handed hammers (Phillips, Rolen, Gomes) are going to have to carry the load tonight vs. LHP Sanchez.

  3. Furniture City Red

    Cabrera’s last 4 games – 11 for 58….189 BA and a OBP that’s not much better. Janish hasn’t been seen yet this month:roll:

    I really like Gomes and Rolen, and I don’t really hate Cabrera – BUT, that defense on the left side is a real liability. At least Janish could field his own position (and maybe a little of Rolens) while not losing much (if anything) at the plate compared to Cabrera.

    I’ll be pulling for Harang tonight and hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. No confidence at all in Harang any more. I think he’s done. He had his career years in ’06 and ’07…Shoulda traded him mid way through the ’08 season when he still had some value.

    • GRF

      I really like Gomes and Rolen, and I don’t really hate Cabrera – BUT, that defense on the left side is a real liability. At least Janish could field his own position (and maybe a little of Rolens) while not losing much (if anything) at the plate compared to Cabrera.

      Really have to agree with that analysis.

  4. Y-City Jim

    I hope we don’t suck again tonight. 😀

  5. Y-City Jim

    How many times has Cabrera lead off the game with a hit this year and then did nothing else the rest of the night?

  6. Y-City Jim

    If Volquez joins the Reds rotation, who goes to the bullpen?

  7. Y-City Jim

    Is the most important role of a hitting coach getting hitters out of slumps?

  8. TheNatural

    Thy name is Rolen. Hear me ROAR!

  9. Y-City Jim

    Rolen! Rolen! Rolen! Get them runs in rolling!!!

  10. TheNatural

    @Y-City Jim: I would say that it’s keeping their mechanics consistent. Which, in theory, if you did so, then the hitters should avoid prolonged slumps.

  11. Glenn

    I sure hope Rolen can keep this up all season long.

  12. wanderinredsfan

    @Y-City Jim: It will depend on how the Reds feel about Harang long-term. If they want to offer him a long-term contract, then they won’t move him to the pen. However, if they aren’t even considering picking up his option, then it might not hurt to put him in the pen…If, and only if, Walt can’t find a suitable trade for a reliever. I’d imagine that a swap could be made this season, for a reliever with at least one more season under contract.

  13. Steve

    Healthy Volquez allows us to trade Harang, maybe for some relief pitching.

  14. Steve

    There is zero chance the Reds will pick up Harang’s contract next year. Zero. They can’t wait to spend his $$$ on some hitting.

    Nice play by BP.

  15. Steve

    Another HR given up by Harang. He’s just mediocre at best. Stupid two-out walk.

  16. vanwilder8

    There’s the Harang we know and hate

  17. Y-City Jim

    That HR ball really didn’t look like it was hit that hard. Perhaps the jet stream is running full tilt tonight.

  18. TheNatural

    @Steve: The only way that Harang fetches us some relief pitching is if we either pay the rest of his contract and his buyout (which increases upon a trade), or if we increase the quality of prospects we send in the deal. Harang is completely worthless to an out of contention team.

  19. Glenn

    Judging by where that ball landed, it WAS hit VERY hard.

  20. vanwilder8

    Does Harang have any trade value? I mean, the only park he would be effective in is Yellowstone

    • VTNReds

      Does Harang have any trade value? I mean, the only park he would be effective in is Yellowstone

      Good one! 😆
      I really miss Hanigan.

  21. Steve

    I can see a contending team that needs a #4 or #5 SP taking a shot with Harang. I agree that may be a stretch if he doesn’t pick it up a bit. Maybe just getting him off the books will let us pick up a non-contender’s RP or two.

  22. wanderinredsfan

    Harang’s not that good, but I think folks underestimate the value of a #4 pitcher on a team that needs one desperately. It’s all about the innings. The Mets would be a perfect fit for Harang, especially since the park plays better for fly-ball pitchers.

    If the money is nearly an equal exchange, the Reds could get a taker, especially since the team getting Harang can dump him after the season if they so want.

  23. TheNatural

    @Steve: But a contending team isn’t likely to give up a talented piece of its bullpen, and that’s pretty much all we’d be looking for in return. The only scenario that I can see is us dumping Harang on someone for basically nothing but salary relief as a means to free up the money needed to take up a larger contract in a secondary trade.

  24. Steve

    Chris Welsh: Orlando Cabrera has really taken to the leadoff role.

    Going into tonight’s game, OC was hitting .258 and OBP below .300 — I’m glad he has two hits tonight, but the way he’s covered by the local press drives me crazy.

  25. Y-City Jim

    @Glenn: I agree but it looked like Posey got under it, and we are all painfully aware of the GABP Jet Stream (should be trademarked or copyrighted).

  26. Steve

    Jay Bruce really unlucky on that. He really hit it. Burrell won’t make that play half the time.

  27. Dave Lowenthal

    I wonder if the statheads that work for these teams track all the balls hit
    off of every pitcher. I remember back in the day some stat geek determined
    that Chris Sabo would have been the player in all of MLB that benefited the most
    from playing at Fenway. So he hit a lot of 275 foot fly ball outs to left, I guess.
    It’s possible, that as much as Harang pisses me off, that if he moved to a hitter’s
    park that his ERA+ would improve disproportionally.

    All that said, he drives me nuts.

  28. GRF

    To get GOOD relief help I think we are going to have to trade soemof the younger starting ptiching depth. Wood, Leclure, Maloney, all of those guys are somewhat blocked by what is in the system and age wise need to start ptiching MLB innings. Unless someone wants to do a mutual salry dump (indians and Wood?) I doubt we will be able to move Harang for meaningful help.

  29. Steve Price

    Relief pitchers are almost always former starting pitchers. That’s why it’s not a good sign to draft a relief pitcher. Most major league relievers were starters in the minors.

    The answer to our relief question is to choose the young pitchers with the best chance at being successful starters and leaving them there. The other guys go to the pen.

  30. TheNatural

    @mike: Yeah he’s sitting next to Joe Morgan. A couple of big ovations from the crowd.

  31. Y-City Jim

    Stop defending Cabrera, Thom!!!

  32. Y-City Jim

    Should have been at least the 2nd out.

  33. Steve

    Cabrera should have been called safe at the plate, but he should have been sliding so it would have been a moot point.

    Then he blows the gimme on the DP ball by looking up instead of fielding the ball.

    He’s having a nice night at the plate, but he’s still hurting us in other ways.

  34. Aaron

    @Y-City Jim: Yeah I don’t get the fascination with Cabrera. He defense is less then stellar, that was not a bad hop, he just missed it.

  35. Y-City Jim

    Fernando Tatis is still playing?

  36. TheNatural

    @Steve: In all honesty, it’s the job of the on-deck batter to tell the runner whether he needs to slide or not and if so, what location to slide. It’s very possible Phillips told him not to slide.

  37. UCReds

    Can’t we trade Harang to the Cards where Duncan can rejuvenate his career?

  38. Steve

    @TheNatural: Good point. I checked the replay and you can clearly, clearly see Joey Votto signaling for Cabrera to slide. Both hands. Phillips had hit the single that knocked Cabrera in.

    So that excuse doesn’t cover Cabrera’s ass, want to try another? The sun was in his eyes? The dog ate his homework?

  39. Kyle

    Huh, Affeldt back in Cincinnati. Anyone know who the comp pick was that the Reds got from letting him walk?

  40. Steve

    Rolen is a great base runner. He’s had a huge effect on the Reds in that regard.

    • Chris Garber

      Rolen is a great base runner. He’s had a huge effect on the Reds in that regard.

      And Joey Votto is just as good at this point.

  41. Y-City Jim

    Though a “Gomer” would have been even sweeter!!!

  42. Kyle

    This Gomes guy might be worth that $800,000 contract. Don’t they have an option for something 1.5 million next year?

  43. Y-City Jim

    Dusty just is a little bit too much in love with bunting.

  44. TheNatural

    @Steve: Sorry, honest mistake that Votto would have been on-deck there. I was just pointing out the possibility that it may have not been Cabrera’s fault.

  45. TheNatural

    @Kyle: 1.75 million…and that’s looking like a 100% pickup

  46. mike

    hold on to your hats everyone it’s time for the Reds bullpen to get to work

  47. Truman48

    Cabrera with a nice night tonight.

  48. mike

    why do you think they don’t use Owings more?
    it’s not like ANY relievers have been very good other than Rhodes and Owings hasn’t been bad. At this point Owings has even been better than Coco

  49. mike

    @mike: also looking at the average leverage values for relievers you see something odd. Masset has been used in higher leverage situations than Rhodes and is 2nd only to Coco.

  50. Chris Garber

    Did you guys see Jerry Narron’s kid was drafted in the 5th round?

    And Tracy Jones’ in the 11th.

    Paul O’Neill’s nephew went in the 42nd, which tells me he intends to attend the University of Michigan.

    Lee May’s son (presumably Jr’s son) was taken by the Reds.

  51. Chris Garber

    James Baldwin, the pitcher for the White Sox and others, had a son drafted. Baldwin is 39, and made his debut in 1995.

  52. mike

    @Chris Garber: Reds base running as a whole I think has been one of our weaknesses.

    it’s interesting looking at Equivalent Base Running Runs
    most Reds are in the negative and the only Reds in the positive by any amount are Cabrera (?!?!?), Stubbs and Dickerson

  53. Steve

    Kind of funny how the TV guys are being critical of those who are questioning Cordero. The biggest critic of Cordero is a guy named Marty on the radio.

  54. Truman48

    Paul Janish would have had that. 🙄

  55. mike

    @mike: well now that I look at base running stats I take back the comment about Reds base running as a whole being a weakness.

    looking at team Equivalent Base Running Runs the Reds are 4th in baseball


  56. Truman48

    Sanchez looks pretty intense up there.

  57. Kyle

    Big win tonight. Need to get the split tomorrow and then beat up on the Royals.

  58. Truman48

    Good to see the offense come back tonight.

  59. Truman48

    Cordero is scarey. Not in a good way.

  60. Steve

    I’m going to the game tomorrow. Want to check in on Mike Leake. Sure would be nice to see Paul Janish play.

  61. Y-City Jim

    The FSOH boner for Cabrera continues into their postgame show.

  62. Chris Garber

    @mike: I don’t buy that, Mike. I don’t know how equivalent base running runs is calculated, but this team (by and large) runs the bases well.

  63. eastcoast redsfan

    I just got tickets for Saturdays game in Lynchburg – want to see how Volquez looks. Should be interesting.