I was going to recap all the Reds action during day two of the MLB Draft, but it occurred to me that I can’t do a better job than Doug has done over at the indispensable Reds Minor Leagues. Go over there and check out all the goodies, linked below. Lots of interesting names selected by the Reds, including Ryan LaMarre, an outfielder from Michigan, Devin Lohman, a shortstop from Long Beach State, and Brodie Green, a shortstop I’ve been watching the last few days on ESPNU from Texas A&M.

I do want to point out my pleasure at the fact that Cincinnati drafted one of my favorite players from my alma mater, Kevin Arico of the University of Virginia. I’ve seen this guy pitch a lot, and he’s outstanding. Live arm, good movement, unflappable on the mound. He’s only a relief pitcher, but I’m hopeful that he’ll see some immediate success in the Reds organization.

After he wins the College World Series at UVa, of course.

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