Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 5
Washington 1
WP: Leake (5-0)
LP: Altilano (5-2)

–Mike Leake is just unbelievable. Seven innings tonight, allowing zero earned runs on seven hits. He struck out five and walked none. Leake’s ERA is now 2.22. I simply cannot believe what we have been witnessing with this kid.

–Did I mention that Leake went 2-3 at the plate, sprinted from first to score the Reds second run of the game on Cabrera’s doouble? Did I mention that Leake is now hitting .417, and that his OPS is 898?

–Orlando Cabrera had two hits, both doubles. The second one was just a few feet from a homer.

–Brandon Phillips busted his tail down the third base line and ran over Nationals catcher Will Nieves like Earl Campbell bowling over a linebacker, scoring a run. Awesome stuff.

–This team’s defense has returned to early-season levels of suckitude. Tonight, Joey Votto muffed an easy play that gave the Nationals an unearned run, the only run that scored on Leake.

–Is there anything Mike Leake cannot do?

–Some people wear Superman pajamas. Superman wears Mike Leake pajamas.

–The umpires have been terrible in this series, but you can pretty much say that about every series in every city, every day.

–Mike Leake counted to infinity. Twice.

–BP was intentionally hit by a pitch in the ninth, after bowling over the catcher. Nats pitcher Miguel Batista was ejected for the HBP.

–When Mike Leake does a pushup, he isn’t lifting himself up. He’s pushing the Earth down.

–Leake is the first pitcher in Reds history to be undefeated after 11 major league starts, and he’s the first Reds starter to win his first five decisions since the immortal Santo Alcala in 1976.

–If at first you don’t succeed, you aren’t Mike Leake.

–The 2006 version of Bronson Arroyo was the last Red to start the season 5-0.

–Mike Leake can touch MC Hammer.

–Reds go for the series win tomorrow, with Arroyo on the hill.

Mike Leake