Ken Griffey, Jr. has retired, in his 22nd major league season. Griffey’s great career, and his star-crossed time in his hometown, have been talked to death. Other than Pete Rose, I don’t know if there’s an issue I have less to say about than Junior.

So let’s go a different route. One of my favorite things about Junior was his pranks. I wish I could find an article about the prank he pulled on Dunn (maybe Kearns), involving Carl Lindner’s parking spot at spring training.

But instead, how about links to stories about repaying a $1500 debt to Josh Fogg in pennies; delivering his (autographed) jock to a heckling Dodger fan; having the Nutcracker Suite played upon Adrian Beltre’s return from a testicle injury; and blowing up a picture of himself and the Mariners’ bullpen catcher (his former roommate) to fill the entire batter’s eye.

The guy enjoyed himself, and that’s how I’ll remember him. Feel free to share your own memories and thoughts.