Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 1
St. Louis 4
WP: Carpenter (7-1)
LP: LeCure (1-1)
S: McClellan (1)

–Arthur Rhodes continues to be a stud. As far as positives, that just about covers it. Rhodes is good, though; he hasn’t allowed a run in 20 2/3 innings. That’s the longest streak by a reliever in the majors in 2010.

–Jonny Gomes screwed up a play so badly in left field that it made Adam Dunn throw up in his mouth a little bit. Gomes charged in on a line drive, then looked on in horror as the ball zipped over his head to the wall. That allowed the Cardinals first run of the game to score, and Sam LeCure was charged with an earned run on what should have been the third out.

I love Gomesy, but that run was his fault. Too bad LeCure gets the blame.

–The offense had four lousy hits. Chris Carpenter is the new Roy Oswalt/Tom Glavine. He just kills the Reds.

–Orlando Cabrera’s defense is just bad. It’s so sad to see a former Gold Glover who just can’t play the position any longer.

–The Reds are still in a tie for first place, and I will take that. This was a winnable game, but at least the Reds weren’t swept. That would have been disastrous.

–Sam LeCure deserved better. Making his second big league start, in front of a huge group of friends and family, Lecure went 5.1, giving up 3 runs on 6 hits. He wasn’t sharp — LeCure walked four — but he was good enough to earn a victory.

One of those three runs LeCure allowed was the direct result of the terrible defense by Gomes, as mentioned above. The other two can be blamed on Dusty Baker for leaving LeCure in the game for two or three batters too many.

–Jay Bruce nailed Skip Schumaker, who tried to stretch a single into a double. When are teams going to learn that you do not run on Jay Bruce?

–Gee whiz, is there a worse manager in the entire universe than Dusty Baker when it comes to managing a bullpen?

–I missed part of the game because I was watching an umpire screw Armando Gallaraga out of a perfect game. What a joke. We need instant replay.

–All in all, I’m not too disappointed tonight. The Reds are heading to DC to visit our buddy Dunner, and the team is in first place. A good weekend, and the Reds will still be sitting pretty.