Remember how bad the Reds have been the last two years? Dusty Baker is happy to tell us it wasn’t his fault. This year, finally, the Reds have given him the players he wants. But really, Dusty wants to make sure that we don’t forget, especially as contract extensions are discussed, all that losing the last two years…nope, wasn’t Dusty’s fault.


A couple of thoughts immediately come to mind. First, there’s a bit of truth here, in that the talent level is somewhat higher this year, and Dusty has to be given some of the credit (we can debate how much) for the Reds performance thus far in 2010. Dusty does, however much he wants to revise history, deserve some of the blame for the poor play of the Reds in recent years (again, we can debate how much blame Dusty deserves, but he’s on the list of reasons).

Further, if the Reds tank this year like they do every year, I guess Dusty is accepting the responsibility. After all, these are the players he has wanted. No excuses from the Dustbuster this year.

Finally, if I read one more veiled reference to Adam Dunn and Ken Griffey, Jr., being the reason all those previous Reds teams were losers, I’m going to take a hostage. How many times do I have to say this: Quit blaming the best players! It wasn’t Dunn’s fault; he actually produced for those teams. Try blaming the players who didn’t perform, like Josh Fogg and Willy Taveras and Corey Patterson and Matt Belisle and Paul Bako and Alex Gonzalez and Mike Lincoln and all the others who I am forgetting.

I get so sick of that nonsense, and it happens in every sport. It’s always LeBron James’ fault if the Cavs don’t win, or it’s Alex Ovechkin’s fault when the Capitals lose in the first round of the NHL playoffs. I don’t know why hack sportswriters and fans blame the best players, for not doing more, I guess. Ludicrous.