At the Bats game on Sunday, my son, the autograph hound, happened to get the signatures of Todd Frazier, Zack Cozart, Chris Valaika, and Drew Sutton all on the same baseball. He said he called to Yonder Alonso and Aroldis Chapman but they kept moving on to their pregame preparations.

Anyway, he congratulated Drew Sutton on his pinch hit grand slam for the Reds the other day and Sutton responded to him by saying that “it was a good moment.”

Very nicely said –understated, but poignant, and it was kind of him to acknowledge it to a little boy who dreams of being a big leaguer. And Drew has to be disappointed to be assigned to Louisville after having such a “good moment,” but it was classy and kind of him to speak to my boy. My oldest son is 10 and has always been a very good hitter and excellent first baseman. Now he’s learning shortstop and pitching and says he has five pitches. I will say his “location” has remarkably improved. Just the other day he asked me what position I thought would be the best fit for him when he reached the majors. I could only smile. It brought back lots of memories for me, too.

It’s small things like what Drew Sutton did for my son that encourages little boys to play baseball and I thought it was really kind of him to take a moment, a different kind of moment than his pinch hit grand slam moment, to speak to him. I appreciate all those guys for stopping and signing my son’s baseball, but I just wanted to acknowledge Drew Sutton for going one step further. I hope Drew Sutton gets back to the Reds very soon and spends a whole bunch of time with the big club.