I was at the Louisville Bats game Sunday evening and I picked up the stat sheet as I always do. I decided to focus on a part of the sheet to which I typically only give a cursory view and that is the “games played by position” category of the stat sheet. It’s no guarantee for a number of reasons, such as player availability or due to injury, but knowing what positions the AAA guys are playing gives some indication as to some of the Reds’ future plans.

For example, over the winter and early spring there was discussion that Reds’ top prospect Todd Frazier may be playing second base in preparation for a potential Brandon Phillips trade at this year’s trade deadline, since Phillips’ contract jumps to nearly $11 million next year. With the Reds in first place, I think a deal would be a moot point at this time, but no matter the case, you may be surprised to know that Frazier has not played one game at second base this season. My guess is he won’t be playing second base any time soon for the Reds.

So, below is a list of Bats players and games played by position this year through the first 49 games (sorry, it doesn’t split up the outfield):

Yonder Alonso: OF–11 games, 1b–5 games
Wladimir Balentien: OF–27 games
Chris Burke: OF–34 games, 2b-2 games
Wilkin Castillo: C–20 games, 3b–9 games, OF–3 games, 2b–2 games, 1b–1 game
Zack Cozart: SS-49 games
Daniel Dorn: 1B–21 games, OF–2 games
Juan Francisco: 3B–14 games, OF–5 games, 1B–3 games
Todd Frazier: 3B–17 games, OF–16 games, 1B–8 games
Michael Griffin: OF–10 games
Jake Long: C–2 games
Drew Sutton: 1B–16 games, OF–9 games, 2B–7 games, 3B–6 games
Luis Terrero: OF–12 games
Chris Valaika: 2B–42 games, 3B–3 games, SS-1 game

So, what do you make of it? What are the futures for these prospects?