I certainly hope the Reds are in the hunt all season, and that we’re playing meaningful baseball for the next few months. I’ve resolved, however, to enjoy the good times while they’re lasting, no matter how long they last.

So, let’s note a few nice items. The Reds have the best record in the National League. Read that again. Go ahead, read it again. Can you believe it? Only one team in the majors has more wins than Cincinnati; that’s the Tampa Bay Rays. Only two teams have a better winning percentage, the Rays and the Yankees.

The Reds have won three in a row and, as mentioned previously, they are nine games over .500 for the first time since 2006. That’s 22 wins in 31 games. In addition, they’ve homered in 17 straight games, which is the third-longest streak in franchise history…which leads us to:

Remember TOS*? Well, TOS no more. The Reds are first in the National League in batting average, OBP, SLG, OPS, runs scored, hits, HR, total bases, and RBI.

I’ve never seen a sudden turnaround like we’ve seen out of this team. They were simply awful, making mental mistakes and unable to do much of anything correctly…then it’s like someone (Dusty?) flipped a switch, and they turned into a good team overnight. Sure, it helps that they’ve been playing a bunch of bottom-feeders, but there are no JV squads in MLB. Gotta beat the Pirates and Astros too.

Whatever happens, it’s a lot of fun right now. I am a bit skeptical about Cincinnati’s chances of staying in the race all season long; we’ve seen this song and dance before. I’m optimistic, though, and I’m really enjoying this team right now. One month ago, I couldn’t believe I’d ever type those words in 2010.

*This Offense Stinks.