I stumbled across this nifty website today during my lunch break.  Basically someone has created a website dedicated to timing how long it takes baseball players to run the bases after hitting a homerun.  There is a list of the top-10 quickest and slowest trots this season.  Many former and current Reds are found on both lists.

The first thing I noticed was that Orlando Cabrera was listed as having one of the slowest trots thus far this season.  I can’t recall the homerun he hit on May 5 off of the top of my head, but Orlando must have been admiring his handiwork for quite some time to take over 28 seconds to round the bases!

Current Reds Chris Heisey, Joey Votto, and Scott Rolen are currently listed as having the third, fifth, and seventh quickest homerun trots this season while former Reds Adam Rosales and Felipe Lopez are first, second, and ninth.

I also like the breakdown they have of David Ortiz’s slowest trot compared to Rosales’ quickest trot as to where they were positioned on the diamond at a given time.  Good stuff, check it out!