On May 25, 1942, Reds star first baseman Frank (Buck) McCormick missed a game due to strained ligaments in his back, breaking McCormick’s streak of 652 consecutive games played.

I’m not certain where this places McCormick on the all-time list, but I do know that the top fifteen listed on Baseball Almanac stops at 717 games, so McCormick can’t be too far off the top 15. Pete Rose is 12th on the list with 745 consecutive games played.

McCormick played in seven consecutive all-star games for the Reds, winning the Most Valuable Player Award in 1940. He finished in the top five in MVP voting in all three of his first five full seasons in the major leagues. According to baseball-reference.com, McCormick’s most similar player is another Red, Sean Casey. Other listed similar players to McCormick include two other former Reds, Hal Morris and Hall of Famer George Kelly.