When Orlando Cabrera was signed, I told you that Paul Janish would either be sent to AAA or he’d be buried on the bench and never play. Many of you argued that, no, Janish would be the backup at third and short and second, and he’d get to play. “We now have infield depth!” you said.

I told you so.

Why is Janish even on the roster if Dusty Baker refuses to play him? This is two straight seasons that he can’t even get into a game. Why are the Reds wasting that roster spot? Why not get someone up here who can pinch-hit?

As it is, the Reds are wasting roster spots on Miguel Cairo and Paul Janish. Cairo stinks and shouldn’t be playing and Baker refuses to let Janish into a game. Why doesn’t someone call out Walt Jocketty on giving Baker a 23-man roster?

Janish isn’t the second coming of Barry Larkin, and I’ve never even been a huge fan of the guy. I hate that we sometimes come across as the Paul Janish Fan Club. Yes, Janish may be the best defensive shortstop in the league, and he’s certainly the best defensive player in the Queen City, but he’s not Larkin or Davey Concepcion. I just don’t understand why this team thinks it’s okay to have a guy on the roster that the manager refuses to allow on the field. It’s a waste of resources. Send Janish down and bring up Drew Sutton or Wladimir Balentien. Or trade Janish to an organization that values his brilliant defense.

Meanwhile, I’ll just sit here and try to be content with a shortstop who has less range than Michelangelo’s “David.”