Paul Daugherty, who is apparently also an contributing writer, takes a look at the Reds on the big Time-Warner site. So, it’s national attention, albeit from Daugherty.

Anyway, the focus of the piece is on Scott Rolen and how he magically transforms normal humans into magic winners. With a standard dose of Adam Dunn bashing, for good measure.

Plus, Daugherty unintentionally outs Walt Jocketty for tampering:

This was a trade a contender makes. Not the Reds, who have made a home in fourth place in the NL Central.

Jocketty had other notions. He’d been with Rolen in St. Louis and had a good relationship with Rolen’s agent, Seth Levinson. He knew before the deal was made that Rolen wanted to play in Cincinnati, close to his Indiana roots and that he’d agree to a contract extension that included some deferred money.

The piece is actually better than it sounds when I pick it apart. Give it a read.