Let’s recap today’s titanic struggle….

Milwaukee 4
Cincinnati 5
WP: Fisher (1-1)
LP: Hoffman (1-3)

–Are you kidding me?

–Joey Votto was 3-5 with a homer and two RBI, including the walkoff single that plated Chris Heisey for the win. The guy is Vottomatic.

–The big blow in the game was really Scott Rolen’s two-run pinch-hit homer in the bottom of the ninth that tied the game. Clutchtastic.

–Homer Bailey gave up two runs in a 30-pitch first inning, then settled down to become dominant Homer again. In all, he pitched seven innings, giving up just those two runs on four hits. After that rough first inning, Homer didn’t even give up another hit until his final inning of work.

–Wanna see what a real leadoff hitter looks like? Chris Heisey doubled, got on base three times in his five plate appearances, looked fantastic on the basepaths, walked twice, scored two runs, and played good defense.

–Jay Bruce and Jonny Gomes each had two hits. Again. Those guys continue to rake. Also, some guy named “Janish” got on base twice in four plate appearances, and singled to get the winning rally started. For some reason, though, Dusty made him run to the plate between batters to pick up the bats and bring them back into the dugout.

–Stinky Mike Lincoln returned.

–Three runs in the bottom of the ninth to turn a 4-2 deficit into a 5-4 win and a sweep of the Brewers. That’s fun, Reds fans.

–I was sitting in a room full of other judges, following the game on my BlackBerry during a judicial conference. When Rolen hit that homer in the ninth to tie the game, I almost leapt to my feet and screamed. I’m really glad I didn’t, as I would’ve never lived that one down.

–The starting pitching has been great. The only way the Reds are going to be able to stay in this race is if the starters continue to shine, so keep your fingers crossed.

–I think we saw the end of Trevor Hoffman’s career today.

Joey Votto

Scott Rolen