The coolest part about tonight’s Civil Rights Game, to me, is going to be the throwback uniforms from 1947. I’m a sucker for the throwback stuff. In today’s Enquirer, John Erardi has looked back at 1947:

Seats in the Sun Deck were 65 cents.

Box seats were $2.20.

A Coca Cola was 10 cents.

An ice-cold Hudepohl beer was 25 cents.

Ewell Blackwell, the Reds best pitcher (22-8, 23 complete games, 6 shutouts, 2.47 ERA) made $8,000.

Also, Reds legend Ted Kluszewski made his debut that year. Maybe Laynce Nix should wear cutoff sleeves on the bench tonight in honor of Big Klu.

FYI, there is a picture of the uniform the Reds will be wearing at the end of this insanely long post. I want one of those caps.