In 1971, as a 12-year-old, Lloyd McClendon became a Little League World Series hero. Playing for a team from Gary, Indiana, McClendon connected for five consecutive home runs, each on the first pitch. In the title game, McClendon hit a three-run homer in his first at bat. The winning Taiwan team intentionally walked Lloyd in his remaining three plate appearances.

As a Reds utility player in 1987 and 1988, McClendon appeared in 117 games with 234 plate appearances. In those 234 plate appearances, McClendon hit five homers and was issued one intentional walk.

Info from Redleg Journal, by Greg Rhodes and John Snyder.

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  1. Python Curtus

    I always thought he was underrated as a player. He didn’t produce much, granted. But I always like the kinds of untility guys who played catcher, infield and outfield. Alan Knicely was another. Those kinds of players can be very valuable, strategically speaking. If they ever give Wil Castillo a chance, he can be another.