Slyde at picked up my challenge, putting together a nice breakdown of inside/outside pitching, by Reds pitcher and catcher.

I’m not positive I understand it all, or that I even asked the right question, but the one conclusion I am comfortable drawing is that my initial premise was absolutely dead wrong: Aaron Harang throws inside less with Ryan Hanigan behind the plate than when Ramon Hernandez is catching.

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  1. Furniture City Red

    I don’t care what Pitch F/X Catcher Breakdown says…Ryan Hannigan is a better ball player than Hernandez.

    @mike: I think you’re right in that this pitching away must be a ‘team’ strategy. I wonder why? You gotta come inside to keep batters honest…Heck, it doesn’t hurt to hit a batter every now and then – just to keep guys from diving out over the plate for that ball on the outer 1/3 of the plate. 😈