Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

Chicago 2
Cincinnati 14
WP: Harang (2-4)
LP: Gorzellany (1-4)

I just finished watching my first live game of the season at GABP, and I must admit, that was fun! Watching all of the arrogant Cubs fans leave the ballpark in the 7th and 8th innings was a sight worth seeing.

The night was highlighted by numerous events for me. I brought my family, which includes my wife and 2 boys (one 6 years old, the other a year and a half old) and I couldn’t ask for 2 better behaved children when it comes to watching these games live. I was worried about my youngest, who is the more hyper of the two, but he sat there for 3.5 hours and by the 6th inning, knew to throw up his arms after the CHARGE! call.

Highlights of the night include: Votto’s homerun in the first inning; my boys taking in the whole game; showing my oldest how to do the “bow and arrow” called strike three (I loved how tonight’s home plate umpire used the bow and arrow call); Hanigan’s homerun; Harang finally tossing a nice game with me in attendance; and finally, watching all of the Cubs fans leave early!

Now I’m looking forward to getting my first live glimpse of Mike Leake tomorrow. How blessed am I to have a wife willing to spend Mother’s Day at the ballpark!?

Johnny Gomes