Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

Chicago 2
Cincinnati 14
WP: Harang (2-4)
LP: Gorzellany (1-4)

I just finished watching my first live game of the season at GABP, and I must admit, that was fun! Watching all of the arrogant Cubs fans leave the ballpark in the 7th and 8th innings was a sight worth seeing.

The night was highlighted by numerous events for me. I brought my family, which includes my wife and 2 boys (one 6 years old, the other a year and a half old) and I couldn’t ask for 2 better behaved children when it comes to watching these games live. I was worried about my youngest, who is the more hyper of the two, but he sat there for 3.5 hours and by the 6th inning, knew to throw up his arms after the CHARGE! call.

Highlights of the night include: Votto’s homerun in the first inning; my boys taking in the whole game; showing my oldest how to do the “bow and arrow” called strike three (I loved how tonight’s home plate umpire used the bow and arrow call); Hanigan’s homerun; Harang finally tossing a nice game with me in attendance; and finally, watching all of the Cubs fans leave early!

Now I’m looking forward to getting my first live glimpse of Mike Leake tomorrow. How blessed am I to have a wife willing to spend Mother’s Day at the ballpark!?

Johnny Gomes

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  1. Steve

    I was there, too. Not much noise from the stupid Cubs fans. I’d have pinch hit for Harang in the bottom of the 6th and I’d have found a way to get Janish and Heisey an AB in the 8th inning (instead of Cairo, for sure), but those are nit picks tonight. Let’s just enjoy the blow out and a well-pitched game by Aaron Harang.

  2. pinson343

    I went to a conceert tonite and afterwards nervously turn on the car radio, expecting bad news. Then I hear the Reds lead 14-2 in the 9th.

    Of course, I still wanted to confirm that we won 😕 so I get on-line right away and see how scary things got in the top of the 7th. The Cubs IF gave us 2 big errrors in the bottom of the 7th, and we took it from there.

    Lots of positives: Harang pitching like Harang; Bruce’s D; Votto. And now we have a strong bottom of the order: Stubbs and Hanigan ! I don’t think Stubbs’ performance today was a fluke, the guy is more comfortable batting down in the order. He also showed that earlier in the season.

    I’ve really had it with Hernandez getting so many starts. Hannigan does everything so much better than him, including handling pitchers.
    In fact, I’d like to lose Hernandez altogether, Corky Miller is MUCH better at handling pitchers/calling a game, and he’s hitting at AAA – I don’t think there’d be that much difference in their offensive production. And Corky wouldn’t make a horrible baserunning mistake – thrown out at home by 20 feet when we could have had Votto up with the bases full – and then laugh about it.

    Start Hanigan ! Free Janish ! Free Corky !

  3. pinson343

    Forgot to mention Johnny Gomes getting hot. I still think he’s playing too often against righties, though.

    Let’s hope that tomorrow Leake leads us to a win. 2 of out 3 from the Cubs, along with the 2 out of 3 from the Mets, would be a sweet home stand.
    It’s what we asked for before it started.

    GO REDS !!!

  4. Josh Rose

    Ive been waiting all year for a blowout win so i could pull out…

    BOOM goes the dynamite!

  5. preach

    Good to hear about how well your boys handled the game. I am taking my 8 year old to the Civil Rights game Saturday, it will be his first MLB game. Going to go early and try to catch batting practice.

    Couple of observations from tonight:

    1. Masset seems to be ‘pushing’ the ball across the plate. He didn’t duplicate his delivery very well. He was inconsistent with release points and arm angles.

    2. Cabrera is getting on base at a decent pace and stole a base. He’s a gamer, even if he’s challenged in the field.

    3. Nix, Stubbs, and Bruce form a really good defensive outfield.

    4. Brandon had a great game offensively and defensively. Welch commented that he is “as good as he wants to be”. I concur.

    5. Harang was killing the corners tonight. That changeup was sweet.

    6. I love shutting up Cubs fans.

    7. Lou is in his last year of his Cubs contract………

    8. It’s always nice to knock Zambrano around.

  6. mike

    Bruce AND Phillips make the top 5 web gems on ESPN
    Harang pitched great

    the MVP(s) of this game makes for a long list. The TEAM won this game
    Harang gets the MVP
    but after that? Gomes, Votto, Phillips, Cabrera, Hanigan and Bruce all get props

  7. mike

    @preach: some great observations.

    1. Agreed….Masset’s doing something wrong I just can’t figure out what it is. It’s not a “flow” of a motion more like a motion with fear if that makes sense.

    2. You know…Cabrera has taken a beating on this blog and yes his defense has been absolutely horrible…..but like the Patterson issue……it’s not Cabrera…he hustles, he’s a smart baseball player and he use to be good. I do think on the year his bat will be better than Janish’s would be and since being moved to the leadoff spot he’s been doing OK. He’s old…that’s it. I thought about it a few days ago. It’s not fair to pick on him because he’s lost a step because of age yet Reds management is starting him at SS as a gold glover. It’s Reds management that should take the heat…not Cabrera.

    3. Hell yeah!

    4. The Story of Brandon “Face of the Franchise” Emil Phillips’s career. We just have to thank that his lazy parts of the game don’t come on defense…which is where his real value lies. Eh…so he turns a couple doubles into singles and triples into doubles……at least he still picks it most of the time.

  8. al

    ryan hannigan is playing like joe mauer and i just don’t understand it. but i like it.

  9. Furniture City Red

    I get on BP as much as anybody, but he sure did show up to play ball last night. Out of the batters box, on the bases and in the field…Hustle, hustle and hustle! If THAT Brandon came to the ball park EVERY DAY he’d be in the running for MVP yearly.

    Harang has looked really good in his last 3 starts…Has he got his MoJo back?….I sure hope so.

    Hannigan really needs to be in the line-up more often.

  10. Furniture City Red

    @mike: I was thinking along the same lines about Cabrera during Fridays game. His Defense leaves A LOT to be desired, but I’m starting to warm toward him as a player.

    I forgot Jay Bruce in my previous post….Apparently the Cubs third base coach didn’t get the memo – You don’t run on Bruce’s arm. Period. 😀

    One more thing, Does Votto ever smile? ok,, I’ve seen him smile, but rarely. Is he just that serious a guy? Welsh was saying last night that Votto even approaches batting practice with the same intensity, which I guess is a good thing…All I’m saying is You’re a grown man getting paid to play baseball…enjoy it.

  11. The Mad Hatter

    Great win last night, I especially loved the way the Reds took advantage of the two Cubbie errors in the 7th. That’s what good teams will do. Just to concur with another comment if BP plays that way night in and night out he’s an MVP candidate, I just wish he would realize it.