It isn’t a difficult concept to understand: your leadoff hitter needs to get on base at a good clip so that the big bats behind him can drive him home. Well, take a look at this disaster:

Dusty Baker’s primary leadoff hitters:
[table id=23 /]

No, it isn’t difficult to understand, but Dusty Baker is completely baffled by the concept. How many runs has this cost the Reds over the last 2+ years? The answer is: too many. This team struggles with offense as it is; they don’t need Dusty putting them further behind the 8-ball with his lineup shenanigans.

*I like Stubbs, and he isn’t going to be this bad over the long haul, obviously. He is likely to develop into a decent leadoff hitter, and that’s the difference between Stubbs and the two other names. Up to this point, however, he’s been awful.