Baseball Prospectus has posted an update on a couple of Reds’ prospects, and they both have been wearing the “tools of ignorance” behind the plate. One catcher’s review is just plain good news; the other catcher’s good news comes as somewhat of a surprise.

Both reviews are behind the BP subscription cloak, so here’s a few comments.:

Devin Mesoraco may have found the secret to success. Drafted with at least average tools across the board, Mesoraco has not hit since becoming a professional…until now. The 21-year-old now has six homers (his career high is nine); and his batting lines are now .310/.398/.620. He’s also gunned down 42% of runners attempting to steal. He’s playing at High-A Lynchburg.

Neftali Soto had been previously regarded as a third base prospect with heavy lumber, but lost his bat last year, falling to a 644 OPS. He’s also playing at Lynchburg, and went 8-13 over the weekend with a couple of homers. He caught on Saturday, giving him four games behind the plate this year. To quote BP: “He’s big, thick, and slow like a catcher, and his arm is plus, so it makes sense, and if he can show any ability back there, his value increases dramatically.”

It’s always good to see those outside our normal realm with something positive to say about the prospects.

5 Responses

  1. Bill Lack

    I hope this isn’t just a hot start for Devin and that the light has come on…but remember, he is repeating a level.

  2. littleleo1

    The good news on a couple of prospects is welcome .. especially with the surprising slow start of our “loaded” AAA team here in the “Ville”

  3. RiverCity Redleg

    At 21 years old, if he can finish the year in Carolina, I’d consider it a successful one and put him on track.

  4. mike

    @littleleo1: The AAA team has a loaded rotation but what is up with the offense? You’d think they’d hit a little with Valaika (who is hitting!), Heisey, Cozart, Frazier, Francisco and Balentien.

    I can not believe how bad Francisco and Balentien have hit this year. What the #%[email protected]$%??
    .457 and .420 OPS respectively? I expected both to have SLG higher than that.

  5. littleleo1

    I can’t figure out the offense problem either. I’ve only seen one game so far and Frazier and Francisco did not even play ..which was disappointing since those two were the main players I wanted to see that night . Heisey and Corky Miller homered in that game .. but otherwise a lot of strikeouts and no plate patience .. just like the big club .. I sure hope the Louisville offense takes off after last night’s outburst.