A Loyal Citizen of the Nation has submitted the following new sombreros. It’s Arthur Rhodes and Daniel Ray Herrera; previous sombrero pics (and some surprises) below the fold:

Mike Leake

Jay Bruce

Scott Rolen

Edwin Encarnacion

George Grande

Joey Votto

Johnny Gomes

Mr. T

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

4 Responses

  1. Kevin

    We haven’t seen the actual Gomes sombrero pic in so long that I was shocked at how awesome it is after scrolling down! Glad to see we have Rhodes and Herrera…I wish I had photoshop because I would be all over a Hanigan sombrero pic.

  2. Chad Dotson

    I tried to make a Hanigan sombrero, but I couldn’t find a suitable picture to use. I will keep looking.

  3. pinson343

    Love that George Grands sombrero pick. Would love to see it posted in the recap some nite, maybe after an embarrassing lost.

    It would remind us that it is just a single loss after all, and we still love the Reds.

  4. Travis G.

    I captured a great image of Harang from our broadcast to use in one, but I haven’t had time to apply my subpar Photoshop skills while at work (which is where I’ve got the software). I’d happily donate the screen cap to someone if they’re interested.