I can’t say absolutely…but this guy would sure be in the running. I hope he keeps it up.

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  1. littleleo1

    I am glad to see Kearns is doing well with the Indians. I watched the Indians /Angels last night . He also made a very good catch in left field on a tough line drive which at the time would have got the Halos back in the game had it dropped. I say good for him .. He deserves some success. I think Kearns suffered some here as he was overrated as a hitter early in his career . I hope he continues to do well

  2. Python Curtus

    Kearns suffered with the Reds because evry year he had the rug pulled out from under him. The GM of the time, whether it was the Boy Blunder or Dan O’Brien, would say Kearns was the starting rightfielder—-but Wily Pena is going to play a lot. How would you feel if you went in to work evryday only to find a less qualified schmuck was being given more opportunities at your expense?
    Kearns was better in all baseball skills than Pena. He hit for average and was an excellent fielder, two things that Pena could not do to save his life. Pena just hit towering homers evry so often.

  3. Python Curtus

    By the way, Adam Rosales went 4 for 4 last night

  4. DanZak24

    He didn’t spend all that much time here, but Jose Guillen is tearing it up in KC. He’s the reason Harang is a Red 😀

  5. mike

    I always liked Kearns and watch Cleveland games because he’s on the team (I also watch Nationals games to watch Dunn). I can still remember the excitement when they were going through the Reds minor leagues together.

    I’ve also always had the feeling, “once a Red, always a Red”

    other former players
    2010 OPS+
    199 Kearns
    186 Paul Konerko (Casey who?)
    170 Jose Guillen
    160 Darnell McDonald (WHAT?? he’s 31 with fewer than 200 PA before this season!!)

    139 Alex Gonzalez (I’ve watched a couple games and there is NO WAY THAT IS THE SAME PLAYER THAT PLAYED FOR THE REDS LAST YEAR)

    123 Jorge Cantu
    123 Russell Branyan
    119 Josh Hamilton
    112 Adam Dunn
    109 Adam Rosales
    106 Felipe Lopez
    105 Jeff Keppinger
    87 Mike Cameron
    84 EE
    80 David Ross
    79 Brendan Harris
    77 Juan Castro (off to his best start of his career as well)
    70 Cody Ross
    52 Griffey Jr (he’s done)
    32 Hairston Jr. (wow)
    10 Willy Taveras (at this point I might be feeling a little sorry for him)

    did Freel retire?
    WMP retired right? Hard to believe he’d be in his peak season at age 28 this year.
    Corey Patterson is 0 for 4 for Baltimore’s AAA team

  6. Steve

    Stubbs starting and leading off again tonight.

    Hernandez catching Leake for the first time. Thought Janish might get a start today with Leake — and his high ground ball rate — starting.

  7. Furniture City Red

    @mike: I agree about Gonzalez…Where was THAT guy last year?

    Toronto also has Encarnacion, but he’s not doing nearly as well – He may be hurt, I remember something about an injury during spring Training.

    You could put together a pretty decent line-up from that list of former Reds 🙂