Ryan Hanigan is murdering the ball (1248 OPS). Ramon Hernandez is at 648.

Hanigan has thrown out 4 of 9 attempted basestealers. Hernandez has caught 3 of 10.

But to me, the more interesting thing is this:

Hanigan has caught Aaron Harang twice – April 10 and 27. In those starts, Harang pitched 13 innings, allowed 12 hits, 5 ER (3.46 ERA), 1 BB, and had 13 K.

Hernandez has caught Harang three times. In those starts, Harang has 14.2 IP, 25 H, 17 ER (10.43 ERA), 6 BB, and 8 K.

Caveats about Catcher’s ERA and sample size aside, I just like Hanigan’s game a lot more than I do Ramon’s, and I’d be perfectly happy with letting Hanigan catch Leake and Harang, in addition to Arroyo.