The Reds are 7-7 when Scott Rolen plays this year. They’re 1-4 when he’s out.

They were 27-13 in his games last year, after the trade. In the 20 games Rolen missed after joining the Reds, they were 6-14.

So, in Rolen’s three months, the Reds are 30-24 (.556) with him, 7-25 (.213) without him. He’s played well, to be sure, but no player in history – not Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, or even Juan Castro makes the difference between a 90-win team and a 35-win team (the two records extrapolated to a full season).

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  1. vanwilder8

    Willy Taveras IS the difference between a 90 win team and a 35 win team, just the opposite of Rolen

  2. RiverCity Redleg

    Scott Rolen doesn’t cut his grass.. he just dares it to grow.

  3. hoosierdad

    In checking out Rolen’s stats from this year, the average MLB player has 33% more runners on base when he steps up to the plate than does Rolen. Imagine if the bases were clogged up with runners how many RBIs he could have!

  4. Sultan of Swaff

    This much I know, Rolen consistently gives better at-bats than Votto. You could make a strong argument for batting Rolen third against lefties.
    And while I’m on the subject of the batting order, it’s time to move Bruce up to fourth.

  5. mike

    why is it nonsense?

    it’s USUALLY a cherry-pick type stat used by those who don’t understand numbers to justify a non-productive players playing time.

    but it CAN be a real and obvious number. Why do you think the Cavs have a losing record when Lebron doesn’t play?

    Rolen has been one of the most valuable Reds so far this season. Take away one of your most productive players and the Reds will lose more often.

    plus…think about the replacement. Cairo??? That’s a huge drop in production.

    .7 Votto
    .6 Hanigan
    .4 Rolen and Janish and Arroyo
    .3 Bailey
    .2 Bruce, Herrera and Leake

  6. John

    Juan Castro. There’s a name we can forever link with winning. 🙂

  7. Chris Garber

    @mike: You put it in perspective pretty well. Rolen’s WAR is .4 player over 14 games. For a 162-game season (obviously never possible w/ Rolen), that’s 4.62.

    Even with the worst possible replacement (and his primary replacement has been the excellent Janish), Rolen’s production is nowhere near the difference-maker.

    It’s his veteran savvy.

  8. mike

    @Chris Garber: well Janish has only played half the time when Rolen’s been out. Cairo/Francisco have been the other half.

    The .4 WAR for Rolen is also a bit confusing. His defensive portion of that is in the negative….which is a tiny bit hard to believe. I guess it is clear he’s lost of a step and if we remember he looked really bad on defense in the 1st couple games. Didn’t he make all 3 of his errors in the 1st week? I guess what I’m saying is I expect his defense to get better if he’s healthy

  9. Chris Garber

    According to B-R, only two players have ever been worth more than 10 wins in a season (with the bat) – Bonds and Ruth.

    I can’t imagine any player has ever had a negative value lower than 3-4 wins. (Bill Hall bottomed out last year at around 15 RUNS below replacement).

    Thus, Scott Rolen is magic.

  10. John

    If I may borrow a phrase from Red Reporter, perhaps Scott Rolen is a witch.

  11. Doug Gray

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  12. Chad Dotson

    I haven’t had that issue, but this is the second time ive heard this. Not sure what the issue is but I’m looking into it.

  13. OhioJim

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  14. OhioJim

    @OhioJim: that should have been “thanks for the quick fix” at the end of my reply to Chad

  15. pinson343

    I love the reference to Juan Castro – in the same sentence as Ruth and Williams. Juan is currently batting .333 with 7 RBIs in 39 ABs, leading the Phillies to another NL pennant.

    They showed him make a sparkling play on espn’s Baseball Tonite the other nite. Aaron Boone said: “Best hands of any player I’ve ever played with. ”

    And who could ever forget his walk off HR for the Reds on Cinco de Mayo ?

  16. pinson343

    One thing with Rolen, of course, is that we don’t have much else in the way of RHed hitting. In the Pirates series, for example, the losses to Duke and Maholm may not have happened with him in the lineup.

    Hanigan helps somewhat. An analysis of the combined effect of Rolen and Hanigan in the starting lineup would be interesting.

  17. pinson343

    The point about Cairo being his replacement is critical.

    And his replacement in 2009, Rosales, was not hitting.

    Now if we just had Juan Castro backing him up ….

  18. mike

    @pinson343: Rolen and Hanigan in the lineup at the same time??? Does that happen? 🙂

    This year the Reds are 3-1 when they both start
    Last year the Reds were 7-3 when Rolen and Hanigan started
    10-4 not bad 🙂

    interestingly enough one of the loses last year when they both started was Rolen’s 2nd game (think they lost the 1st two games with Rolen in the lineup) was a game when Hanigan BATTED 2nd in the order!!!!!!! Probably the reason we’ve never seen that again. 🙁
    Of course it was a 6-4 loss to a good Colorado team which was a 4-4 tied until Masset blew it in the 11th

    I think this is really really simple. The team would win more games and if the pitching is on win a LOT more games if we saw something like


    of course, at this point one of Stubbs or Dickerson needs to start getting on base. Imagine a guy who gets on base in front of Votto and a guy who can hit behind Votto? and a slugger behind both of them?

    another way to put it is other than Votto and the choice of leadoff hitters the lineup and who is on the field is all wrong

    one thing I didn’t really realize was that I learned while looking up the games in which Rolen and Hanigan both started was how many games the Reds lost at the end of last season when Tatum or Miller started at catcher. The Reds lost MOST of their games at the end of the season when one of them started.

  19. aceace

    Just think how much more impressive this would be if the math was right. Rolens record is actually 34-20 not 30-24 it’s the difference between a 102 win season vs. a 45 win. 😆