Submitted without comment, from Loyal Citizen John:

Maybe this makes me a fair weather fan, but after 10 years of this crap, I’m not wasting any more of my time and energy getting frustrated over something I cannot control while the powers in charge do nothing to fix the problems. I’ll start caring when they start. After 10 years of following this team’s losing, I need a break. I’ve lost interest in Reds baseball. I can’t listen to the games anymore because of the revolving door of negative, nagging announcers since Joe Nuxhall passed away. I miss Joe, I miss hope, and I miss the winning. I feel like every year is just one more desperate grasp at the past. You see it every year when the losing continues and people start talking about the BRM again for the umpteenth time, like we need to be reminded that this team hasn’t been relevant since (save for 1990).

Walt naps in his hammock while this team implodes night after night, and Dusty continues to make me think he’s deliberately trying to get himself fired. Meanwhile Uncle Bob sits wherever, memorizing more empty promises to a fan base that just doesn’t care for the lip service anymore. Talk is cheap. He’s been quiet lately because he’s all out of bull.

If you want fans in the seats, you need to get out of your own and do something.

Or how about this, from 18to88:

I love the Reds, but I hate this team.

Your thoughts?