Submitted without comment, from Loyal Citizen John:

Maybe this makes me a fair weather fan, but after 10 years of this crap, I’m not wasting any more of my time and energy getting frustrated over something I cannot control while the powers in charge do nothing to fix the problems. I’ll start caring when they start. After 10 years of following this team’s losing, I need a break. I’ve lost interest in Reds baseball. I can’t listen to the games anymore because of the revolving door of negative, nagging announcers since Joe Nuxhall passed away. I miss Joe, I miss hope, and I miss the winning. I feel like every year is just one more desperate grasp at the past. You see it every year when the losing continues and people start talking about the BRM again for the umpteenth time, like we need to be reminded that this team hasn’t been relevant since (save for 1990).

Walt naps in his hammock while this team implodes night after night, and Dusty continues to make me think he’s deliberately trying to get himself fired. Meanwhile Uncle Bob sits wherever, memorizing more empty promises to a fan base that just doesn’t care for the lip service anymore. Talk is cheap. He’s been quiet lately because he’s all out of bull.

If you want fans in the seats, you need to get out of your own and do something.

Or how about this, from 18to88:

I love the Reds, but I hate this team.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Brien Jackson

    Personally, I never really get what fans want GM’s to do in these situations. I mean, other than firing the manager, what can they do? Sign a free agent everyon has passed on for 5 months? Find another team willing to deal a big league player in April? It just doesn’t seem like there’s much any GM can do.

  2. Jason1972

    Well ultimately the management of the team is responsible for its on the field success or failure.

  3. Furniture City Red

    I had posted this earlier today on another thread, it seems relevant to this one;

    I’ve been a Reds fan my whole life. Never really had a choice, my Grandfather, my dad, all my uncles – Reds Fans.

    Seeing as how I’m 36 yrs. old, I don’t really remember the “Big Red Machine” teams of the mid 70’s. So in my ‘Reds lifetime’ we’ve had 1990, a handful or so of other good years and a ton of losing seasons.

    I’m am so tired of pulling for a losing team,and real tired of “waiting til next year”. 🙁

    The Reds have had 12 winning seasons and 18 losing seasons since 1980. 😐

  4. Furniture City Red

    3 weeks in and ONLY the Royals and Orioles have a worse record than the Reds.
    – 23rd in the majors in hitting.
    – 29th in the majors in pitching.

  5. Steve

    I’m a lifelong Reds fan. I was in high school during the Big Red Machines days. I spent about 20 years away from the Cincinnati area but I’ve returned to the area for the past five years. For the past three years I’ve spent at least two weeks at the Reds spring training, first in Sarasota then this year in Goodyear.

    Yes, the Reds are frustrating. They aren’t hitting. They aren’t pitching. Their manager (and maybe GM) are stuck in an old-fashioned and inferior way of looking at the game.

    Part of being a baseball fan — anywhere — is trying to convince yourself at the start of the year that your team has a chance, if everything goes right. I’m guilty of that annually myself, including this year.

    But realistically, I never thought the Reds would be a playoff team in 2010. I see excellent pieces, but we just aren’t there yet.

    I’ll admit the team has underachieved, even my lower realistic expectations, but nothing that can’t be reversed. Good grief, we aren’t even through the first month of the season – and a 50-50 record in April is still possible. It’s a bit early to be jumping off the ledges.

    I resolved this year to enjoy watching the Reds young pieces develop, and to enjoy some of the veteran performances.

    Joey Votto – one of the best players in the league
    Jay Bruce – a 23-year old talent, great in the field already
    Homer Bailey – a 23-year old talent, maturing every year
    Mike Leake – a 22-year old college kid breaking on the scene
    Brandon Phillips – still spectacular defense every night
    Paul Janish – golden glove, improving at the plate
    Ryan Hanigan – gunning those runners out at second
    Drew Stubbs – glorious defender and speed on the bases

    Coco Cordero, Arthur Rhodes, Bronson Arroyo and Scott Rolen provide those great veteran moments.

    Sure, there is dead-weight on the team that I don’t like watching. And yesterday’s pathetic performance and lackluster effort was discouraging.

    But I’m headed back to GABP today, ready to cheer for Homer, Jay, Joey etc. Maybe I’ll even get close enough to the dugout to yell at Dusty Baker!

  6. Dust Ball

    I’ve loved the Reds for 25 years and followed them through the good and bad, but I’ve had enough of this team this year too. I’m at the point where I want them to keep losing so the quicker Crusty the Clown is sent packing. Is he ever going to try something different with the lineup or chew some butt? Keep banging your head against a wall, Dusty.

    Sure, this team isn’t loaded with talent, but fundamentals and an all-out attitude everyday at the ballpark could at least mean a .500 season for this team. With Dusty, all we see is blunders you’d see watching a T-Ball game and no hustle.

    How long with it take the powers to be to realize that this organization is going nowhere with Dusty in the dugout? Are JOKEty and Bob going to wait till July to see if Dusty can turn things around? Jeez, haven’t you seen enough over the past two years and this year to realize that doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of happening?

  7. 18to88

    Best blog title ever.

    I feel like a battered woman. I’m going to watch the game today on TV.


    I have no idea. I suppose it’s because the worst Reds game is still better than the best NBA playoff game.

  8. Matthew Rosenthal

    Give me a break so called “fans” The Reds just took 2 out of 3 from a great Dodgers squad and split with a strong young Marlins club. Yes they got swept by the Pirates, but I firmly believe they will take care of business against an awful Astros team. If so, they will be close to 500 despite the fact that many members of the team are off to awful starts and that they make some strange personnel decisions (I’m looking at you Cairo). It is a long season…have some freaking patience.

  9. Chris Garber

    I’ve probably been more frustrated with the Reds. I’ve definitely been more angry (July 206). I’ve definitely been more pessimistic (1982). But I’ve never cared less.

    There’s NO move that would effectively turn this season around. And frankly, this club isn’t this bad.

    BUT BUT BUT, I still would have fired Dusty Baker yesterday, and sent a couple guys packing to Louisville. There is NO excuse for the “effort” we’ve seen this week – not with all the “proven veterans” brought in specifically to address these issues. Dusty may not be causing the problems, but he’s not fixing them.

    And more important, he’s shown nothing over 2+ years that tells me NOT to fire him. We’re at rock bottom already.

  10. VTNReds

    The ownership & management are always easy scapegoats, but the fact is that a bunch of guys just aren’t getting it done on the field. When your pitching staff gives up a lot of runs and your hitters are striking out all the time, this is the result. There’s a ton of potential and as Steve pointed out it’s always enjoyable to watch the development of talent. It’s really frustrating right now, but as we all know things can turn around pretty quickly.

  11. Furniture City Red

    @18to88: I’ll be watching also. Haven’t missed one yet this year. Although some of them really have been like a train wreck – like yesterday.

    On the bright side – win today and will have played .500 baseball on this home stand…headed to Houston for 3 winnable(you would think) games then St.Louis next weekend.

  12. pinson343

    To satisfy me, the players need to play with a more consistent focus and intensity. If they do that, I still believe they can win 80-85 games this season. In terms of talent, this is not a bad team, let alone a pathetic one, like in 1982.

    I’ll be in Houston on business this week, and will go to the game that Leake pitches.

  13. Brien Jackson


    I’m not high on their pitching talent, to be honest, but yeah, at least you don’t feel like you’ve under achieved if you get everything out of the players every night, and the manager consistently puts the best lineup on the field.

  14. The Mad Hatter

    It turns around today. Homer provides a 5 ht shutout with 12 K’s. You heard it here first. After the game Miguel Cairo is DFA’d and Chris Valaika is activated. While this move will be questioned immediately at first Valaika shows the ability to play all four infield positions and that last year’s numbers in AAA were an anomaly. He displays solid on base skills and gap power while giving the manager the option of resting slumping and aging infielders while not using his least favorite bat boy at any time.

  15. Barnes

    I’ve been a Reds fan since 1982, when I was 5 years old. Most games were on Channel 4, and the others, if I turned the antenna SE just the right way, channel 5 out of Cincy. If anyone should have it subconsciously ingrained in their psyche that losing baseball is acceptable… Others in these threads have pointed out that playoff hopes can be erased in the first third of the season, and what Colorado did last year (fired Hurdle, went on massive playing right binge, made the playoffs). Give this talented bunch a chance. A catcher that can call a game and good defense would do a world of good for any starting pitcher. Start there, and everything else falls in line. Makes sense. All I know for sure is this isn’t working and hasn’t for two years and a month. Just get rid of Dusty. Put these players in situations where their chances of success are greater, and they will play better. Correct me if I’m wrong– Dusty is the only one at the ballpark with CubStink on him (2003 CubStink!)– big problem right there.

  16. TC


    Don’t I have better things to do on my Sunday afternoon???

    No, I guess not.

  17. Barnes

    Eh, Cairo’s got it from ’97. Get rid of him too.

  18. The Mad Hatter

    Also I would like to add that Ramon Hernandez will be traded to Milwaukee tomorrow with a bucket of balls in return for a Miller Brewing Co. T-Shirt. The Reds will agree to pick up his entire salary. Corky Miller will be brought up which in turn allows Chris Denove to brought up to AAA for the rest of the season and Devin Mesoraco to be promoted to AA after a positive early start in high A.

    Wow this is easier than I thought.

  19. Greg Dafler

    If the Reds manage to prevent the sweep today, they’ll have played .500 ball against teams not residing Pittsburgh.

    Obviously, the Pirates sweep hurts, but that shows how early it is. 7-8 against everyone else; 0-3 against Pittsburgh.

    They’ve got to cut down on those sweep against bad teams, though. They had too many of those last year, too.

  20. John

    Strong words written in the wake of a terribly sloppy and disheartening loss. I appreciate that people seem to have realized that and not flamed me too much today.

    The victories are of the scratch-and-claw variety, and they’re barely in the game for half the losses. The Reds have had darker years (1982, 1989, 2001) but I can’t remember a team with more untapped potential. When you have high hopes, they get dashed harder. And you write stuff like the above.

    I can turn my head, I can turn off the radio, I can change the channel, and I can stop checking my phone or Gameday, but I can’t stop being a Reds fan. If I could do that, I would’ve checked out years ago. Sometimes I get so frustrated, and I don’t want to unload on my family or friends because none of them understand this Reds thing. So I come here and I go to Red Reporter and say stuff and feel better. Thanks for the outlet.