Mike Leake.

Looking for something to be excited about during this disastrous-so-far season? Two words:

Mike Leake.

Two major league starts, 2.63 ERA. Can’t make a much better debut than that, and young Mr. Leake will be on the mound tonight as the Reds attempt to win this series from the Dodgers. Seems like a good time for Leake to get his first major league win, doesn’t it?

Here’s the game preview; I’ll see you in the game thread below (after I get home from my children’s softball/tee-ball games).

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  1. Matt B.

    The only complaint with Leake thus far is his walk total. Given all the reports about his control, though, I’ll chalk that up to not knowing the MLB zone yet.

    On a related note, it’s sad that our biggest question mark going into spring training (#5 spot) has been the best starting pitcher so far.

  2. Sultan of Swaff

    I’d chalk it up to the umps hosing the rookie. Or is it hazing? Same thing.

  3. Steve

    Lineup tonight has Dickerson in LF leading off and Stubbs in CF batting seventh. Hanigan is catching instead of Mr. Clutch Ramon Hernandez. If only Janish were playing SS instead of league-worst Cabrera we’d have a very strong defensive team on the field.

    Still, I like that Baker is willing to be open minded enough to move Stubbs down in the lineup. I’m only half kidding to wonder if Baker considered playing Dickerson in CF, because, you know, the CF has to lead off.

    Remember: if the Reds somehow win tonight, they’ll have won the series against the Dodgers.

    Go Mike Leake!

  4. RedZeppelin

    Could this be the night that a Reds starter finally gets a win?

  5. francijx

    Centerfield is not leading off! Could this “radical” change in philosophy lead to Cabrera not batting 2nd? Maybe, but I doubt it. Encouraging though.

  6. VTNReds

    Wow, the Brewers got 25 hits & scored 20 runs to sweep the Pirates today.
    Now let me see–didn’t we just get swept by the Buccos? Hmm…

  7. TC

    Anybody have a good RSS reader for blackberry? I’d like to follow the game thread when I’m away from my computer.

  8. davidmp2

    Thing with Leake is that there is little film on the guy. Hitters are going in blind and probably taking more pitches. I’m not saying he isn’t going to be a good one, but the more MLB hitters he faces, the more likely he’s going to regress as the season advances.

  9. Matthew Rosenthal

    I did a little digging to see the result from the last time that Padilla faced the Reds…it was in 2007 and can you guess how many current Reds played in that game? I will give you a hint…the number is low. Extra credit if you can guess the player. For all you cheaters out there…check the link: http://espn.go.com/mlb/boxscore?gameId=270615117

  10. vanwilder8

    @davidmp2: True enough, but I think that he may finally start getting the borderline calls from the umps too

  11. hoosierdad

    @Matthew Rosenthal: I’m going to guess 1, Brandon Phillips. Though I don’t know if Harang or Arroyo pitched against him. BTW, what’s the prize?

  12. preach

    Maybe this is the start of something big. After all, It’s still early!

  13. Steve


    Hal McCoy quotes Dusty Baker tonight saying this about the leadoff spot: “This (moving Stubbs down) is to take a little pressure off Stubbs,” said Baker. “When you are struggling and leading off you are prone to 0 for 5 in a minute. They add up quickly because you come up more than anybody in the game.”

    I about fell out of my chair. Has any manager ever been more stubborn with the leadoff spot??? Do I really need to go back and find the stats on Willy Taveras and Corey Patterson??? I mean, there were MONTHS that went by without Taveras getting a hit and it took Dusty until August to move him out of the leadoff.

    I think Baker is right about moving Stubbs – and have been calling for this lineup (Dickerson LF leadoff, Stubbs CF batting #6-8) since spring training. But to read this quote from him was kind of surprising, to say the least.

  14. pinson343

    Starting both Dickerson and Stubbs is something that Dusty stated as a “coming attraction” when asked directly about it pregame last nite by Marty. Dusty indirectly said that Gomes’ defense has s__ked. With our prize rookie pitching against a very hot Dodger lineup, Dusty had to be concerned about the defense in the OF.

    As for which of them bats leadoff, there’s just no question, but Dusty must have been tempted to put CD in CF.

    Another good thing about this is that we have Gomes as a RHed bat off the bench.

    The “pretending” about Cabrera’s defense will continue.

  15. pinson343

    PS Just read Steve’s post above. Yes and I almost fell out of my “chair” (driver’s seat) when I heard Dusty directly and openly answer Marty’s question about playing both Stubbs & Dickerson.

  16. pinson343

    Maybe Dusty’s realizing his job is on the line, and instead of being defensive about trying different options – because other people have suggested them – he’s thinking them thru.

  17. TC

    I don’t mind this lineup tonight. If Cabreba is going to play, why not put him in the 2 hole. The guy is hitting.

  18. mike


    Starting both Dickerson and Stubbs is something that Dusty stated as a “coming attraction” when asked directly about it pregame last nite by Marty. Dusty indirectly said that Gomes’ defense has s__ked. With our prize rookie pitching against a very hot Dodger lineup, Dusty had to be concerned about the defense in the OF.
    As for which of them bats leadoff, there’s just no question, but Dusty must have been tempted to put CD in CF.
    Another good thing about this is that we have Gomes as a RHed bat off the bench.
    The “pretending” about Cabrera’s defense will continue.



  19. mike

    @pinson343: So how much of a possiblity do you think that this is what really happened. (I was a radio DJ for 20 years, this happens ALL the time).

    Dusty gets told by the GM about Gomes’s defense. (do any of us believe Dusty can see and tell the difference between good and bad defense? I don’t think he can).
    So Dusty, before his talk with Marty tells Marty to ask the question and Dusty has an already canned answer.
    This of course is always done to ease tension between fans and team and to make it look like Dusty has a clue.
    I give it a 50-50 chance that this is what took place.

  20. Furniture City Red

    Dickerson – Stubbs – Bruce…gotta be one of the better defensive outfields in baseball…right?

  21. Steve


    I don’t mind this lineup tonight. If Cabreba is going to play, why not put him in the 2 hole. The guy is hitting.


    Cabrera: .228/.242/.386 (runners on base: .217)
    Janish: .364/.462/.818

    Small sample sizes for both, especially Janish. But Cabrera shouldn’t be high in the lineup with these slash stats.

  22. mike

    @mike: which there was a way to delete or edit a post. I meant to quote only the line about “The “pretending” about Cabrera’s defense will continue”. I’m sad about that…not the rest of the post

  23. Furniture City Red

    @TC: I don’t mind it either…much. I think Janish gives you superior defense, but to Cabreras credid he does have 11 RBI’s.

  24. mike

    @Furniture City Red: that’s not hitting, that’s luck and you’re teammates getting in scoring position for you. He’s also the reason Votto has so few RBI.

  25. Furniture City Red

    @mike: What? you didn’t hear about the big hitting streak the guys in the booth(tv) have been talking up for the past week? 🙄 😉

  26. TC

    Oops. Didn’t mean to submit that.

    To finish my thought. Agreed, Janish should be your starting SS over OC. No doubt. No one has been hitting. But if I remember correctly, Cabrera had a long game hitting streak when no one else was hitting.

    Who would you put in the two hole besides everyone’s favorite (thanks to brillian mike) Rolen? I like Rolen in the two hole as well, but if he’s going to keep hitting dingers, he’s better suited for the 4 or 5 hole.

  27. World

    OC should be no more than a utility player. He is no longer a viable shortstop. This comes from one of the top advance scouts of the National League whom I have had a friendship for over 25 years.

    Why can’t Dusty see what everyone else does?

    At the end of all this, Baker will be out and Janish will be in. But I suppose these changes will have to wait a while.

  28. TC

    Yes, but two out of three you didn’t grow up in your system are your two best players. (at Fox)

  29. mike


    No one has been hitting. But if I remember correctly, Cabrera had a long game hitting streak when no one else was hitting.


    a clear case and proof that hitting streaks don’t mean ANYTHING…..they are absolutely meaningless

    Yes, guess what Cabrera has the longest hitting streak on the Reds so far this season. He had an 8 game hitting streak.
    During that streak he was terrible
    He hit .265 with a .278 OBP (HORRIBLE) and a .690 OPS

    It’s also not true that nobody has been hitting
    227 Janish
    161 Rolen
    148 Votto
    147 Hanigan

    all great #s. It has been amazing to me that Janish and Hanagan can ride the bench for so long but then have hit when they finally get to play. Both have limited playing time but have produced when they have played.

  30. mike

    @TC: yeah or edit them when I realize I have a typo or didn’t finish or a really poorly written sentence 🙂

  31. mike


    Why can’t Dusty see what everyone else does?


    I have always wondered this or better yet, I’ve wondered
    a. Why can’t he see what everyone else sees
    b. Or does he see it but it too stubborn to make changes?
    c. Or does he see it but thinks quick feet just come back to old players at some random time in the future?
    d. Or does he *hope* that the quick feet come back someday?
    e. Or does he have orders from the GM to play the big off season signing?
    f. Some unhealthy combination of these?

  32. mike

    everyone ready for another night like last night? Lets go….
    Can we keep them below 20 runs is the question? On pace for 18 now

  33. TC

    @mike: Since I’ve been posting here I’ve noticed I’ve become a sloppy writter. It happens to me now in emails and blog posts. Sucks.

    I don’t worry about it as much as I used to.

    When it’s a Scotch night (as was last night) I type the silliest things.

  34. mike

    I’m no fan of batting average (hate it really) but do you see the batting averages of the Dodger lineup?? Most of them are higher that most Reds OBP

    they are also top 5 in the NL in BB with 62. The Reds have 49

  35. TC




  36. Steve

    Would Janish have had the line drive by Kemp?

    Tough break for Leake – three pretty easy outs.

  37. mike

    @TC: wine for me. plus I’ve never been a good writer. Looks like we are going to need some bottles for tonight as well 🙂 I’ve read back some of the things I’ve written and they are grammatically @$%@$% 🙂

  38. TC

    Mikes numbers are right. I was just making a point.

  39. mike

    I’m at least Happy Leake didn’t walked anyone and threw strikes

  40. TC

    That’s twice this season. Why did CD slide into first?!

  41. John

    I did this all by myself:

    LF Dickerson
    C Hanigan
    1B Votto
    2B Phillips
    3B Rolen
    RF Bruce
    CF Stubbs
    SS Janish

  42. Steve

    Marty: “And this guy here at the plate (Cabrera) will make the pitcher throw strikes.”

    What? Cabrera has one of the highest rates of swinging out of the strike zone of any player in MLB and certainly one of the worst for the Reds.

    Boy, how can our announcers be so in the bag for these over the hill veterans.

  43. BJ Ruble

    @Steve: It has to come from management to explain their poor choices on who they sign and start. This happens with all the announcers, they preach over the same crap every game. Just like when the talk about Ramon starting because of his BA with runners in scoring position…sickening really

  44. TC

    Well at least the Dodger pitching sucks. The Reds look like they have an average offense against them.

  45. Steve

    Another small strike zone for Leake. Gameday shows a couple of pitches as strikes that McClellan has called a ball.

    Nice second inning for Leake. Two Ks on called third strikes.

    I’m glad he’s throwing to Hanigan. I think that matters a great deal.

  46. TC

    An empty frame? It can’t be. A Reds pitcher retires a side in order. It… doesn’t….. compute.

  47. TC

    Is it too early to see ERAs of pitchers throwing to Hanigan as opposed to Hernandez?

  48. Jason461

    Wait, Mike Leake just got through the first two inning with fewer than 30 pitches. I didn’t know Reds pitchers were allowed to do that.

  49. mike

    @Steve: Even Phillips swings at fewer pitches out of the zone than Cabrera. And some true contact hitters CAN swing at pitches out of the zone and be successful, Cabrera is not one of those players anymore. His bats too slow

  50. BJ Ruble

    @TC: Hanigan is so much better than Ramon and it is not even close when it comes to calling a game and defending the position.

  51. Furniture City Red

    @Steve: Years ago I use to love listening to Marty & Joe…It didn’t take long to realize once he was gone that it was Joe I loved listening to, and I was just tolerating Marty – or maybe Joe made Marty better.

  52. BJ Ruble

    @mike: The only times I have seen him hit a pitch out of the zone were up in his eyes (like the HR in Florida). But other than one or two of those, i he makes contact it is usually pretty weak and not worth swinging at it.

  53. TC

    @BJ Ruble: Yeah, thought so.

    Marty is one of those things you associate with the Reds. Sort of like mesquitos on the 4th of July.

  54. BJ Ruble

    @Furniture City Red: Joe made Marty better and not so negative and mean. I think the only one that keeps Marty from getting that way anymore is Jim Kelch. He is great with Marty.

  55. mike

    @TC: It is too early and I’m not sure of exactly what catcher ERA tells us. But I’m always a fan of having a theory based on what we see with our eyes and seeing if the #s match up.
    It’s been CLEAR to me in the few games I’ve seen that the pitchers do better with Hanigan catching.

    CERA so far?
    4.53 Hanigan
    6.98 Hernandez

  56. redsontheroad

    Good thing Gomes isn’t playing today.

  57. Steve

    Chalk up one play for a better defense.

    “I’m not sure Jonny Gomes could have got that one, my friend.” — Brantely

  58. TC

    @mike: I think even without the numbers we all knew it. But keep in mind, the numbers are a bit wonky because Aroyo pitches to Hanigan and Harang pitches to Hernandez.

    Notice the lack of base stealing attempts with Hanigan in there?

  59. BJ Ruble

    I would have never guessed in a million years that Mike Leake would be the staff “ace” through the first three weeks of the season.

  60. mike

    a little more on the catcher difference
    The Reds have had only 3 good starts from it’s rotation so far this year.

    Arroyo vs Stl
    Harang vs Cubs
    Leake vs Cubs
    Hanigan caught the first 2. And while Leake’s start was good he BB a lot of batters. Which a lot of contributed to the umps and strike zone but that could also have a lot to do with the framing by the catcher

  61. BJ Ruble

    @mike: Bronson and Homer are both pretty much on the record for preferring Hanigan catch them.

  62. TC

    @BJ Ruble: I’ve heard the same thing. But apparently Homer hasn’t earned the right to choose his catcher.

  63. mike

    interesting. The Reds have also had 5 HORRIBLE starts from their rotation. Hernandez caught all 5

  64. mike

    what if the Reds didn’t sign Cabrera, didn’t sign Gomes and didn’t sign Hernandez. Roughly $7 million. Could we have gotten a good right handed bat to play LF with that and maybe a little extra?

  65. TC

    Didn’t Mike Leake play third when he wasn’t pitching?

  66. Furniture City Red

    @TC: All things being equal (which they arent when it comes to Hannigan vs. hernandez) wouldn’t you want the catcher your pitcher is more comfortable with? Especially for a young pitcher like Homer.

  67. mike

    @TC: understood. I really like Gomes and we did get him really really cheap. But with a big bat to play LF there would be no need. The point being is we spent money on two guys (cabrera and heranndez) when we had players as good or better on the roster.

  68. Steve

    Pretty good timing to return to Marty’s comment about Cabrera being a batter “who will make the pitcher throw strikes” as Cabrera just struck out on a pitch a foot outside and in the dirt.

    Fortunately, there are statistics one can look at to verify or refute our opinions on things like this. Here are three.

    Percentage base-on-balls:
    Cabrera: 4.2% (2009), 3.2% (2010)
    MLB Average: 8.8%

    Number of pitches seen per AB
    Cabrera: 3.4 (2010)
    MLB Average: 3.75

    Percentage swing at pitches outside strike zone
    Cabrera 27.7% (2009), 26.9 (2010)
    MLB Avg: Varies between 23-25%

  69. BJ Ruble

    @mike: I’m not sure they would have gotten much value. Could have gotten Johnny Damon (maybe), or Dye (who at this point I am not a fan of). The market was really thin this year.

  70. TC

    Wife stole the remote. I’m blind and deaf for the next hour. Keep giving the highlights.

  71. mike

    @Furniture City Red: that it? sure he’s old and lost a stop but he can still crush lefties.

    give Dye some rest again righties and start Stubbs and Dickerson.

  72. BJ Ruble

    @mike: To me Gomes provides the same value for far cheaper than Dye. And Dye is even worse defensively than Jonny.

  73. mike

    do we have ourselves a pitchers duel??
    8 Ks and 1 BB through 6 2/3 combined
    I wouldn’t have seen that coming

  74. Furniture City Red

    @TC: sorry about the rhetorical question…it’s just ‘Dusty Logic’ – I can’t get my brain around it. I’ve also just realized I can’t type (or say) ‘Dusty’ without shaking my head.

  75. BJ Ruble

    Padilla has an 8+ ERA and the Reds can’t hit him, sounds about right…

  76. TC

    Furniture City Red:

    I’ve also just realized I can’t type (or say) ‘Dusty’ without shaking my head.


  77. mike

    @BJ Ruble: I think you might be right. Dye’s defense has gone way down hill in his old age. That’s not a knock, it happens to EVERY player except the rare birds, like Cameron. Oh right…this is a known fact and has happened to our SS but our management doesn’t see it or realize it happens to everyone. Dye was just someone elses suggestion. I still wonder what we could have gotten for $7 million.
    Lets not forget, while Cabrera is a problem, he’s become the scapegoat for our teams poor play. The Reds have a LOT of problems, including one of the worst #4 hitters in the game. That’s why I built the lineup above. Which again points to our manager….not the player. I’m glad Phillips is a Red…he’s just not productive enough with the bat to hit 4th

  78. BJ Ruble

    Aroldis: 3 IP, 2 H, 1 R, 4 BB, 5 SO

    He has got to get his control down! Still hasn’t given up many runs to this point even with all those walks though…

  79. Furniture City Red

    @mike: I was mistaken…Dye turned down 4 mil from the Nationals…

  80. BJ Ruble

    @mike: Phillips is nothing more than a 6th hitter. His OBP and SLG is too crappy to placed anywhere in the top 5 spots in the lineup.

  81. mike

    so Leake is throwing a LOT fewer balls.
    Is that the ump or the catcher or the pitcher?

  82. Steve

    Great play by BP, now we need to get Furcal and get out of this inning.

  83. BJ Ruble

    Francisco finally got an extra base hit for L’Ville, knocked in Heisey. Heisey has raised his average 100 points since I saw him last Wednesday. Valaika knocked in Francisco, Bats up 3-1.

  84. mike

    @BJ Ruble: agreed. you know what is most shocking about that? Rolen is a grisly veteran who is an all-star and has had a GREAT hitting career. The type of guy Dusty loves. Rolen has also been our MOST productive hitter this season….possibly showing the return of his HR power (which he also showed in spring training). Why wouldn’t you bat him 4th? Even in the Dusty-dream-world, why wouldn’t Dusty do that…it seems to fit Dusty’s love for the ancient players

  85. BJ Ruble

    @mike: Because Phillips has an ego and Rolen is comfortable where he is at. Phillips will not be moved out of that spot because of his ego, no matter what.

  86. justcorbly

    Leake has 64 pitches after 5 innings. Didn’t Harang have more than 100 at that point last night?

    An only one walk. Nice.

  87. Furniture City Red

    might need to change Bruce’s name to Mrs. Padilla 😉

  88. BJ Ruble

    Attaboy Stubbs, hopefully he can break out of his slump since his is batting where he should be…

  89. Steve

    Even on TV you can tell that Leake’s pitches are more accurate and moving around more than Harang’s did.

  90. mike

    I wanna talk about something positive with the Reds. They have been playing so horrible this season it’s hard to

    I just want to say this

    from our yet to hit his peak years 1B

  91. Steve

    Way to go Hanigan! Base hit up the middle. Stubbs is FAST. Now lets see what Leake can do.

  92. redsontheroad

    Stubbs at 3rd = suicide squeeze… that’s what I’d do

  93. Steve

    FANTASTIC HUSTLE BY LEAKE. First, great bunt. Then his hustle caused an error on the play. I love Leake! He’s a complete athlete.

  94. Truman48

    I don’t really understand the bunt there if the runner is not going to try to score.

  95. Steve

    Not sure why Stubbs couldn’t score on Leake’s bunt and the error.

  96. BJ Ruble

    Aroldis: 76 pitches through 4. He’s gotta get that number down. Outside of the BB, very nice outing from the gameday.

  97. Truman48

    I agree Steve. And watch us strand everyone.

  98. Steve

    Dickerson has been bad at the plate the last two nights. Really needed to get a run in there. Fly ball would have been enough.

  99. Steve

    Mr. “He’ll make the pitchers throw strikes” just swung at a pitch at his eyes.

  100. Truman48

    Okay lets stop swinging at balls out of the zone.

  101. mike

    @BJ Ruble: it’s sad to me because baseball (and the Reds) has had a long history of players with big egos and big bats changing positions and places in the batting order or doing whatever it takes to WIN! Perez moved. Pete moved. Bench sorta moved.

    In 71 Perez, Bench and Foster batted 4-5-6
    In 72 Bench was 4th and Perez was 5th
    In 73 Morgan batted mostly 2nd
    In 74 or 75 he was batting 3rd

    Bench played over 100 games in OF, over 100 at 3B and over 100 at 1B.
    and there are many great players who have moved for the better of their teams. And it’s not just in the past. ARod moved and some guy named Cal Ripken moved

  102. BJ Ruble

    Aroldis: 88 pitches through 5.

    5 IP, 3 H, 1 R, 5 BB, 7 SO

    and got a base hit!

  103. Steve

    Mike Leake ROCKS. Great strike out of Blake. Then Hanigan guns out the runner at 3B!!

    Let’s get some runs for this kid!

  104. BJ Ruble

    Gotta love this combination of Leake and Hanigan.

    Now offense, Padilla is the pitcher, that means you are supposed to HIT him hard!

  105. mike

    1. Hanigan said something to the umpire on the called ball 3 to Blake. Good good. It looks like a strike on TV and I’m glad he’s sticking up for his rookie pitcher.
    2. Hanigan throws out the runner and a really difficult pitch to do that on and got him by a mile.

    HANIGAN should be the regular catcher.

  106. BJ Ruble

    Juan Francisco finally hit his first HR!

    He is now 2-3 with a double, HR, 2 RBI, hopefully tonight gets him back on track.

  107. Steve

    @mike: Couldn’t agree more. Gamecast had two pitches as strikes called balled on Blake in the last AB. McClellan always has a small strike zone, though.

  108. mike

    I’m going to call it….just got that feeling
    Bruce HR to tied the game

  109. Steve

    Who-hoo!! Double by BP. When he hits to the opposite field he’s a much better batter.

  110. Steve

    HOME RUN!! Bruce was looking for that 50 mph curve ball and killed it.

  111. mike

    did I call that @#%@#$% or what!!!!!?????

    actually I was a little off, to my surprise there was a runner on base!

  112. Steve

    The Reds are so much closer to being a real team when Phillips and Bruce hit.

  113. Matt WI

    Pow! Just got on to see the double and HR. Now Leake can get the win!

  114. redsontheroad

    I can find no rationalization for Hanigan to be our 2nd catcher!

  115. mike

    one other thing (as Hanigan gets another hit) that I mentioned a couple times last season. The Hanigan/Hernandez situation is different than Janish/Cabrera because in Hanigan’s case it’s NOT that he can’t hit. He just doesn’t hit for power. He DOES get on base (I know I know something the Reds hate)

    Hanigan’s OBP
    .405 3 seasons at AA
    .383 5 seasons at AAA
    .364 career in the bigs
    .361 last season in the bigs
    .400 this season so far

    there are only 6 active catchers in the majors with at least 400 PA with a career OBP higher than Hanigan’s

  116. BJ Ruble

    Surprised that they left Chapman in after 5 innings in Indy tonight after throwing 88 pitches already…

  117. BJ Ruble

    @mike: Too bad the Reds management doesn’t understand what OBP is or why it helps a team win games…

  118. Furniture City Red

    Furniture City Red:

    might need to change Bruce’s name to Mrs. Padilla

    I stand corrected!!! love the way he waited on that junk curve 😀

  119. hoosierdad

    @BJ Ruble: So far this year, Hannigan has 5 RBI in 21 AB. Hernandez has 2 in 33 AB. I know, small sample size, but I also like the way he calls a game and his ability to throw out the runner. Of course, DB likes RH for his “veteran leadership”.

  120. BJ Ruble

    Close the book on Aroldis:

    5.1 IP, 3 H, 1 R, 5 BB, 8 SO

    They pulled him after striking out the first batter of the 6th inning, I was surprised he went out there in the first place…

  121. mike

    I know this is lame (same size is WAY, WAY to small) but just for giggles

    batting average with runners in scoring position this season?
    .400 Hanigan (.500 OBP)
    .000 Hernandez (0 for 11)

  122. BJ Ruble

    @hoosierdad: I was just kidding, I just stated what the announcers ALWAYS say when defending Ramon…There is no reason in my mind he should start over Hanigan…

  123. Furniture City Red

    Man, just catching up on the posts….Mike called the shot…Awesome.

  124. hoosierdad

    @BJ Ruble: I knew YOU didn’t say it. I too, have heard the announcers say that. They were pretty right on about it last year. But he is doing a great job this year. Gotta go with who is hot.

  125. Steve

    Just shows how good the Dodgers hitters are. Even with Leake throwing really well they’ve scored 5 runs. That pitch to Anderson was grooved, spun back over the middle of the plate.

    C’mon Reds, let’s get off the mat again and get some runs. Gotta do it before the ninth (Broxton).

  126. mike

    with that many pitches should that have been one of those situations where you sent the pitcher out but the minute he gets in trouble (1st hit) he’s out of there? He is a rookie after all with no experience. I think after the 1st two hits to the bottom of the order you HAVE to get him out of there.

  127. mike

    tough matchup for Votto but nice laying off the 1st two pitches.

  128. mike

    that is how you hit!
    if the pitcher doesn’t throw you anything to hit. Take your base and by doing so put a runner in scoring position and force the other teams hand.

  129. Steve

    Phillips needs to be looking opposite field again here, just like his last AB. A double could be two runs.

  130. mike

    how many of Reds comebacks have involved BBs??
    The only BB of the night by the Reds had a huge impact on them not only scoring but taking the lead. And you know…it’s not the BB it’s the not making an out. It’s called a rally

  131. Steve

    I LOVE the fight in the Reds tonight. Let’s bring it home now.

    Stubbs with a couple of hits (nothing powerful) batting lower in the lineup. Lets keep him there. If we can win with the good defensive lineup we should stay with it.

    Rhodes in the 8th. Cordero in the ninth.

  132. Steve

    Marty: “With all due respect to Jonny Gomes and Ramon Hernandez, this line up looks pretty good. I’d play them again tomorrow night.”

    Brantley: “Well, you know I agree with that.”

  133. mike

    Reds score in the 9th and win against Stl on a Gomes HR

    Reds score in the bottom of the 8th against the Cubs. The rally started by 2 BB

    Reds score 2 in the bottom of the 8th against the Cubs. 2 BB in the rally

    Reds score in the 10th vs Florida. Inning starts with a Votto BB

    Reds score in the 1tth vs Florida. A BB comes across to score

    Reds score in the bottom of the 8th the 1st two baserunners come from BB

    ya think they should be patient more often?

  134. mike

    @Steve: that was the most confident I’ve felt about a Reds pitcher this year. LA wasn’t even close to making good contact

  135. mike

    every Reds starter has a hit
    5 of them have been on base twice or more

  136. mike

    Phillips reminds me or Reggie Sanders in that they both have/had such trouble laying off the high fastball

  137. Matt WI

    Man, my kingdom for a flyball out of BP in that situation. But hey, it wasn’t a DP.

  138. Steve

    Gamecast had every one of Cordero’s pitches to DeWitt as strikes. Every one.

  139. Steve

    TERRIBLE play by Cabrera!!! Brings the tying run to the plate.
    Our one remaining weak defensive player in this lineup.

  140. BJ Ruble

    Swept by the Pirates, then beat the Dodgers 2/3, never would have guessed that.

    Mike Leake is officially the “Ace” of this staff…

  141. Matt WI

    Alright. You know, we just need to stay within 2 games under .500 or better for the month. One month at a time you know? Ah, the beauty of low expectations.

  142. Matt WI

    By Marty’s voice tone I thought for sure Furcal had doubled. Whew.

  143. mike

    @Steve: and we did it with offense! We allowed 28 runs in 3 games and won 2 of them.

  144. hoosierdad

    @Steve: Would love to have seen Janish in there at the end. I’ve heard he plays pretty good D for a batboy!

  145. redsontheroad

    What I liked about this game was seeing the Reds manufacture runs.

  146. mike

    game mvp? (I feel like this is our 1st win, so am excited)
    tough choice. Bruce or Rolen? Rolen’s hit was huge but Bruce’s seem to give the Reds some life. Cabrera could be in the mix but he played such horrible defense tonight.

  147. redsontheroad

    @mike: Getting runners on base, moving them on the base paths, getting hits with runners in scoring position, etc.

  148. mike

    @redsontheroad: manufacturing runs means sac bunts, hit-n-runs, stolen bases, etc. The Reds SCORED runs because they hit the ball and were patient at just the right times.

  149. BJ Ruble

    @TC: Just sayin’, so far, he has been leaps and bounds better than anyone else, not saying much, but still…

  150. redsontheroad

    Oh jeez… semantics, semantics…. I forgot my audience is the human stat book/dictionary.

  151. BJ Ruble

    @mike: I see manufacturing runs as getting guys on, moving them around without waiting on the long ball…

    They did that better tonight, although Bruce’s longball was huge!

  152. mike

    @BJ Ruble: before today’s game Leake was the 3rd best rookie starting pitcher in baseball. Behind only Garcia of Stl and Davis from TB. And yes he’s been the best Reds starter.

  153. mike

    @BJ Ruble: yeah Bruce HR was HUGE and so were Rolen and Phillips doubles. That’s called mashing the ball….they just flat out hit tonight. The 13 hits are tied for the most the Reds have had this season. It was the 2nd most potent offensive night for the Reds this season. Only the 10-8 win over Florida had more offense.

  154. mike

    @redsontheroad: sorry I didn’t mean to be mean or anything. I’m just allergic to the idea and none stop talking of hitting with runners in scoring position, small-ball, and manufacturing runs. I just want to see players and a team that know how to hit. And tonight. The Reds HIT.

  155. mike

    oh and I think from now on when any of us get the feeling like something is going to happen, we need to call it in the game thread! 🙂

    hey, it worked tonight 😯

  156. redsontheroad

    @mike: I’ll agree with that. It was just refreshing to see a lineup out there tonight that complemented each other on offense and was able to get runs across the plate when necessary.

  157. mike

    @redsontheroad: yeah even Cabrera had a monster night at the plate! 3 for 4 with a BB? Hell when was the last time Cabrera got on base 4 times in a game?? July 28 2009 I looked it up 🙂 and that was extra innings