There is still a lot of baseball to play this season. In each of the past 9 losing seasons, the Reds have seen first place, last place and everywhere in between at this early point in the year. But where will they finish in 2010?

I surveyed the editors during the last week of spring training to see how they thought the NL Central standings would look by the end of the season. Here’s the 2010 NL Central predictions from the beginning of the season:

Place Team 2010 Wins 2009 Actual Wins
1st Cardinals 90.8 91
2nd Reds 82.7 78
3rd Brewers 82.5 80
4th Cubs 81.7 83
5th Pirates 71.3 62
6th Astros 70.5 74

I expect that we’d see a different answer for our Redlegs if we conducted the same poll Sunday evening. However, this is still the same team for the remaining 149 games of the 2010 season that we thought they were in March, and a losing series to the Pirates doesn’t change the full season outlook in my mind.

After a couple of nights to sleep it off, I’m still predicting that the Reds break their 9 season losing streak this year.