Edinson Volquez has been suspended for fifty games for use of a performance-enhancing substance.

When it rains, it pours, Reds fans.

Of course, Volquez wasn’t going to be playing in the next fifty games anyway, so what it comes down to is (1) loss of pay for Edinson and (2) bad publicity for the Reds.

UPDATE: According to WLW, Edinson says a Dominican doctor prescribed medication to help him and his wife start a family. Those meds were also an MLB-banned drug.

I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it would change things, I guess. I can’t really get too worked up over this either way. Who cares?

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  1. TheNatural

    Are players allowed to play in the minors when they’re suspended? I seem to remember Manny Ramirez playing in minor league games last year during his suspension.

  2. TheNatural

    I looked it up. Manny was allowed to go on a “rehab” assignment to get back into game shape for when he returned. So, in reality, this isn’t so bad. Volquez can simply rehab in the minors for 50 days to get back into shape, which he would most likely have needed anyway after his surgery. I’m assuming he was taking PEDs to help recover from TJ surgery…

  3. Furniture City Red

    Wow…..just wow! Didn’t see that one coming. (who would, right?) SI.com says the suspension will start the 21st (tomorrow), if thats the case he will be on the DL anyway for the duration of the suspension.

  4. Steve


    I looked it up. Manny was allowed to go on a “rehab” assignment to get back into game shape for when he returned. So, in reality, this isn’t so bad. Volquez can simply rehab in the minors for 50 days to get back into shape, which he would most likely have needed anyway after his surgery. I’m assuming he was taking PEDs to help recover from TJ surgery…


    The Reds can maybe play even more games with the date. They could reinstate him even earlier than he is physically ready to rehab. That would begin the 50 day clock. Then the rehab in the minors would also count.

    Assuming that the 50 days can’t start while he’s on the DL, the Reds would have to take him off the DL which would necessitate they create a space for him on the 40 man roster. So that’s one (relatively minor) drawback of bringing him back earlier than he’s really ready.

  5. Bill Lack

    Sounds like the 50 day clock will start tomorrow. Seems stupid that someone can be on the DL while serving a suspension.

  6. Steve

    No practical implication. If the suspension starts tomorrow then 50 days would be around June 10. No way he would have been back by then. Plus he can rehab in the minors while under suspension.

    His use of PED’s, if they help him return faster, in the face of getting caught when he did almost seems smart. 🙂

    Stupid rule. But at least it doesn’t hurt the Reds this way.

  7. GRF

    If this is not a related to his rehab, does it cause us to rethink his long term future? In other words, is there any chance some his performance before the injury could be PED related?

  8. Furniture City Red

    This from the official Reds web-site;

    “The suspension of Volquez, who is on the 60-day disabled list, will be effective on Wednesday. He can serve the time while on the DL but will lose 50 games worth of pay”

    So, he won’t miss a single game for the Reds. Looks like he hasn’t hurt the team, but only his wallet and reputation.

  9. francijx

    Not that I condone this, but with his injury might it actually help the Reds? I mean, if he took PEDs (which it seems he did) couldn’t he (maybe) recover from the surgery more quickly than he would otherwise? I mean, he’s going to take a 100K+ hit on the salary and that sure sucks for him, but this won’t affect the Reds roster in any negative way and the PEDS could conceivable help him recover (like Andy Pettitte!)

  10. 18to88

    It certainly dampens any lingering enthusiasm I had for his return. He probably was doing stuff to help him ‘recover’, but I think we have to question everything he’s ever done in the bigs now.

  11. TC

    Any details? Is it related to his rehab? And just before his contract negotiations. Looks like it will hurt his wallet for a lot longer than 50 days.

    At least he’ll be a whole heck of a lot cheaper for the next three years.

  12. Truman48

    This is ridiculous. Red or not he should be punished in playing time as well as pay. So because he was on the DL while he was suspended he won’t have to lose any playing time?This is an awful rule.

    For the franchise I guess I am glad he dodged a bullet but he should not escape this easily.

  13. francijx

    @Truman48: I wouldn’t say losing a third of your salary is dodging a bullet.

  14. Dust Ball

    I’m a lifelong Reds fan and a major supporter, but it’ll be hard to root for this guy when he returns for me. Can’t stand cheaters. I’m getting more and more fed up with this once proud organization by the day. Wouldn’t care if we traded Edinson and all but about 5 other guys on this club.

  15. Chad Dotson

    Check out the update above. Edinson has given his side of the story.


  16. Jared

    I think I have a relatively lenient stance toward (I’ll just say steroids, regardless of what it actually was) and I’m personally much more disappointed in the behavior than in time missed, even if he were the #3 starter right now.

  17. Python Curtus

    Same excuse Manny Ramirez used last year. In a way it’s valid, since most male fertility drugs boost testosterone.
    But if it was anything else, I would have to say I’m not surprised. I was afraid Volquez would be a flash in the pan who only succeeded 2 years ago because of the change of scenery. I seem to remember the knock on him with the Rangers was his bad mechanics. That must have had some part of his elbow problems. But I don’t see any reason to pin our hopes on him for the future now. Not when the Reds have so many good looking prospects coming up really fast. And even if you aren’t completely sold on any of these prospects, they can still be traded for a proven winner.

  18. pinson343

    Edinson admitted he took a drug that is banned by MLB. He knows it’s his responsibility to not do that, under any circumstances. So he screwed up, and he’s admitted it. I don’t think there’s anything more to say.

  19. Steve

    Gomes starting again tonight. What happened to the idea of playing Dickerson in LF and Stubbs in CF? Why is Gomes getting so much time against RHP?

    I’m heading down to the game tonight. Hopefully Homer can outpitch Billingsley, but that’s a tough order. At least Rolen is back in the lineup.

  20. Steve

    Relatively small samples, but…

    Gomes vs RHP: .231/.267/.423

    Dickerson vs. RHP: .320/.346/.440

    Then throw in the huge defensive difference. Not to mention that Dickerson could relieve Stubbs from batting leadoff.

    I think Stubbs would be better suited for the later batting spots where driving in runs is more important than just getting on base. Batting leadoff seems to cut against his natural instincts to be aggressive early in the count.

    Dickerson is much better suited temperamentally to batting leadoff.

  21. pinson343

    @Steve: I agree. Against RHed pitching I’d like to see Dickerson playing LF and leading off. I’d also like to see Stubbs batting much lower. As has been discussed, 8th would make sense.

  22. Matt B.

    After doing a thesis on this type of stuff (yes, I’m bragging), I’m basically numb to the suspensions and information now. Moreover, since it’s not really going to affect the Reds anyway, that only furthers my lack of care.

  23. Y-City Jim

    Guess EV thought they were a different type of performance enhancement drug. 😀

  24. hoosierdad

    Don’t know which “performance enhancing drug” it was. MLB will release results of which types of drugs were found at the end of the season. The results will NOT list which player tested for which drug. Gotta admit I don’t like the idea of a REDS player skirting the rules.