I know I’ve been urging optimism, and I am not changing my tune here…but Lance McAlister had some interesting items on his site today:

Pick a word that described the Reds Sunday: Bored, listless, uninspired, passive.
I heard Jeff Brantley say that maybe this teams needs a wake-up call. If that is the case two weeks into the season then this team is in MAJOR trouble.
Time to shake it up? What? How on earth can a team already need that?
And what exactly does that say about how this team was put together?
They played like a team that is 17.5 games out in August. I just don’t get it.
Where is the sense of urgency? Dusty’s pre-game quote on FS Ohio was, “We need a win. We need a win bad”.
Did they play like that Sunday?
Embarrassing. Unacceptable.
And sadly this start blends in with the past nine years and feels like Groundhog Day. Same issues….

This has become a worst case scenario. Fans had little confidence in this season to begin with. A fast start was needed to create momentum for the fan base and to get fans off Dusty’s back.

He also questioned why “hitting coach” Brook Jacoby hasn’t been fired, and suggested that the Reds hire Eric Davis for that role.

Thoughts about any of this?