By “HE” I mean Chad…when he posted this….

This is like saying, “Boy, I’m having a great day” or “My car is running great” or “My wife and I are getting along really well”…

Never challenge the wrath of the Gods!!!

I just can’t figure out what he was thinking.

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  1. wight4256

    Good call.

    Did he stand up and yell PERFECT GAME right before Wallace Johnson singled off of Ron Robinson?

    • pinson343


      D’oh is right, Chad. Between this and the goat, maybe you’re a closet Cubs fan ! (some suitable emoticon)

  2. preach

    He was still in the Spring Training mode of “Hope springs eternal”. This is the regular season now, bub. We’re Reds fans.

    I predict major changes by the end of May…..personnel, not standings….

  3. Furniture City Red

    @preach: are you talkin players, coaches, manager or all the above?

    • preach

      All of the above. Price will stick, he’s new. Players will be dumped and coaches removed. If we go more than 5 under .500 in May, it will happen. And I think that is a realistic expectation. I hope I’m wrong, and I know it’s still early, and fortunately we are going into Pittsburgh this weekend, so maybe we can put together a hot streak. But when you make Volstad a Cy Young candidate, and your number one starter throws BP all night, something will have to change and soon.

      @preach: are you talkin players, coaches, manager or all the above?

  4. Steve Price

    There was my original take (you guys don’t get hung up on the Bruce comment, but looking at all options without the Pete Rose colored glasses)…

    If we’re not winning, I think Phillips will be traded. At this point, if we were to trade Harang, it would be to a contending team hoping for one more starter to get them to the post season, and we won’t get much for him. We would have gotten more in trade last winter.

    Having said that…the season is young, and I don’t think it would take major overhaul at the top to make this team competitive. Choosing the right role players will help (see Earl Weaver’s Orioles history as manager: Weaver was the king of platoons.

    I think it does require big years from Joey Votto, Jay Bruce, and Homer Bailey to make this team really competitive and at least average years from everyone else.

  5. Matt WI

    I want to go get Brad Stevens from Butler to be the manager. That guy seems like he can do anything. 😀

    • Bill Lack

      I want to go get Brad Stevens from Butler to be the manager. That guy seems like he can do anything.

      Except shave… 😀

    • renbutler

      I want to go get Brad Stevens from Butler to be the manager. That guy seems like he can do anything.

      We’re not going to let you have him. 😡

  6. preach

    “maybe you’re a closet Cubs fan ! ”


    I tend to doubt it, he knows too much about baseball.

    But we can test him:


    1. What do you think of Bartman?

    2. Do you have a wall of ivy in your backyard?

    3. Should Maddux go into the HOF as a Cub or a Brave?

    4.”Ryne Sandburg was the greatest infielder ever.” Discuss.

    5. True or False: Goats are emmissaries of the Devil.

    6. True or False: Harey Carey was the greatest announcer ever.

    7. Do you get teary eyed when you hear “Take me out to the ballgame?”

  7. pinson343

    9. Is Sammy Sosa a first ballot HOFer ?

  8. Furniture City Red

    Chapman pitches tonight for the Bats…hope he does well. While on the Bats web-site also noticed that Juan Francisco is batting .067 in 4 games since being sent down (15 AB’s, 7 SO)…A few more stats from AAA:

    Matt Maloney ; 2-0 , 2.31 ERA, 15 K’s / 2 BB’s 11 2/3 IP
    Travis Wood ; 0-2 , 2.53 ERA, 14 K’s / 4 BB’s 10 2/3 IP

    Todd Frasier’s hitting .120 with 9 SO’s in 25 AB’s
    Chris Heisey’s hitting .172 with 9 SO’s in 29 AB’s

  9. TC

    If you think a 3-5-1 double play has something to do with fat chicks, you might be a cubs fan.

  10. TC



  11. TC

    What do the World Series and a polar bear on birth control have in common?


  12. TC

    Q: Whats the difference between Wrigley Field and a cactus?

    A: With a cactus all the pricks are on the outside. (Sorry about the language)

  13. TC

    To atone for the last one:

    Q: What did Jesus say to the Cubs last time he was on Earth?
    A: “Don’t do anything til I get back.”

  14. lukeukcrazy

    Three-and-a-half decades after trying to beat each other in frequent National League Championship Series meetings, the Reds and Pirates are now just trying to beat each other into the win column.
    The storied franchises both have strings of nine consecutive losing seasons (the Pirates’ rut is deeper at 0-for-17) and meet for the first time at the early, formative stage of the season when their fates are still up in the air.

    First impressions are that the Reds are on their way to solving one of the keys to a winning record: holding their own on the road.

    While the Bucs retreat home off a 2-4 trip, Cincinnati is continuing what thus far has been a successful initial road swing.

    The Reds, who lost to Florida, 10-2, on Thursday night to split their four-game series, have the privilege of wearing No. 42 for a second consecutive game as the Pirates come off their off-day for a belated celebration of Jackie Robinson Day.

    Reflecting observances around the Majors, a pregame ceremony involving Pirates outfielder Lastings Milledge will salute local Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship Award recipients, as well as local winners of the annual Jackie Robinson Essay and Poetry Contest among elementary school students.

    The Reds won’t find the Duke of Flatbush in PNC Park; Duke Snider, the outfielder who played behind Robinson in Ebbets Field, hung ’em up a long time ago. But they will run into the Duke of Pittsburgh, and Zach will be looking for his third win in as many starts.

    He will be opposed by Mike Leake, the right-hander who had no time for the Minors. One of those rare players in the 45-year-old Draft era to start his pro career in the big leagues, Leake pitched well but without reward in his Sunday debut, settling for a no-decision after holding the Cubs to a run and four hits for 6 1/3 innings in a 3-1 Reds win.

    Manager Dusty Baker was certainly impressed by his start but thinks he can cut down on his walks, as he awarded seven free passes in his first start.

    “I expect the same, plus more control and less early anxiety probably,” Baker said. “He’ll probably show better control. He wasn’t real off last time, just a little off.”

    That old disclaimer of pitching against the other team, not the other pitcher, may not work for Duke, too. Leake could be a tough out: He also rapped a couple of hits in that introductory start, the first Reds pitcher to produce two hits in his Major League debut since Benny Frey, on Sept. 18, 1929.

    Reds: Jumping to Majors

    Leake became the 21st player in the Draft era to jump directly to the Majors, but the more impressive fact couched in that statistic is that seven of the total have been Cincinnati Reds. But former pitcher Jim Abbott, who did not play with the Reds over his 10-year career, made the same jump and weighed in on Leake’s feat. “People have sent me articles,” said Abbott from his home in Southern California, before Leake’s debut. “I think it’s great if you’re ready and the opportunity is there. Pitching is 60-feet, six inches — it doesn’t matter where or who is batting. It’s about locating pitches. I could do that well.”

    Pirates: Jones, McCutchen scuffle on road

    Garrett Jones and Andrew McCutchen, who had such a conspicuous season-opening series against the Dodgers, both had a difficult time on the six-game trip. Jones went 5-for-21 and McCutchen was 5-for-24 as the pair combined to drive in only three runs in the six games.

    Worth noting:

    The Reds have won 10 of their last 11 games vs. the Pirates, including eight straight from Aug 23-Sept. 24, 2009. They were 13-5 last year in season series. … Reds manager Dusty Baker gave center fielder Drew Stubbs a second day out of the lineup to rest his stiff back on Thursday and Chris Dickerson started again in center field.

    “He’s a little better,” Baker said of Stubbs. “He’ll probably be ready [Friday

  15. lukeukcrazy

    I found that at under gameday and then press preview.

  16. Chad Dotson

    I plead the fifth on all your questions. My attorney advises me not to answer for fear that I may incriminate myself.

  17. preach

    Yeah, Chad. Let us do the incriminating FOR you. It’s more fun that way….