Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 3
Pittsburgh 4
WP: Dotel (1-0)
LP: Masset (2-1)

–Mike Leake turned in another strong performance, going 7 innings in his second major league start. Leake gave up three runs on seven hits; he walked 5, though, and I’d venture a guess that Leake has never walked 12 men in two games in his life.

–TOS* Sure, this looked like a split-squad lineup, but still….

–Threee straight losses. What was I thinking?

–The Reds battled to get back into this game — though, to be honest, the Pirates gave the Reds two of those runs, free of charge — only to blow it in the bottom of the ninth. So frustrating.

–Mike Leake has been the best starting pitcher on this highly-touted staff so far in 2010. What does that tell you?

–Joey Votto (back and flu) and Scott Rolen (old) weren’t in tonight’s starting lineup. If that’s a recurring trend, we’re in trouble.

–It’s part of what I love about baseball, but tonight I’m dying. What I mean is that the high of coming back to tie the game was doused just minutes later when the Pirates won in the bottom of the ninth. Highs and lows….

–Some nights, they look like the same old Reds, don’t they?

*This Offense Stinks.