Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

FINAL (11 innings)
Cincinnati 10
Florida 8
WP: Owings (2-0)
LP: Meyer (0-1)
S: Cordero (4)

–A lot of positives from tonight’s game. Let’s start with Micah Owings. With the Reds reeling from a bullpen meltdown, Owings came in and was absolutely dominant, shutting down the Marlins at a time when it seemed inevitable that Florida was going to come back to win. Two great innings for the big guy; I don’t know if it’s the presence of pitching coach Bryan Price, but Owings has been a different pitcher early this season.

–The bats came out to play tonight! Brandon Phillips finally got some hits to fall, going 4-6 with two doubles, two runs and two RBI.

–Joey Votto had two doubles, went 3-5, and had the RBI that ultimately won the game for the good guys. When you need Joey Votto, he’s there. Love having this guy around.

–It looked like a no-doubt Jonny Gomes sombrero night early, as Gomes launched his second homer to give the Reds a 3-0 lead. On the day, he was 2-3 with 4 RBI. Who doesn’t love Jonny Gomes?

–Ryan Hanigan continued to make his case for more playing time (didn’t we have this same conversation 365 days ago?). Hanigan went 2-4 with a 3-run homer, and his hit in the 11th led directly to the winning run (Chris Dickerson pinch-ran for Hanigan, and scored on Votto’s single to put the Reds up 9-8).

–Arthur Rhodes and CoCo did what they do: get people out. It’s a nice feeling to be comfortable when those guys enter the game. They just keep doing their jobs and doing them well.

–The Reds blew leads of 6-2 and 8-5. This game shouldn’t have been so difficult to win.

–Bronson Arroyo gave up 5 runs in 6 innings. Not a great start, which is unfortunate, because he could’ve easily earned a victory tonight. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

–Logan Ondrusek appears to be on the fast track back to Louisville. Ondrusek couldn’t even get through one inning, giving up 3 runs in 2/3 of an inning, on four hits and a walk. This blowup came at a time when the Reds were up 8-5 entering the 8th inning; in other words, Ondrusek gagged all over it and made the Reds’ task that much more difficult. His ERA is now 16.20.

–Two straight extra-inning wins, five wins in six games, two games over .500. This team has been largely maddening — especially in the wins, it seems — but they have been fun to watch. Never a dull moment.

–If someone can explain why the Reds just gave away Cody Ross and Jorge Cantu to the Marlins, I’d like to hear it. Couldn’t those guys help the Reds this year? The Reds basically gave them away for nothing, especially Cantu.

–Reds starters don’t have a win all season long. That’s amazing to me.

–Tomorrow, Homer Bailey leads the charge as the Reds look to secure a win in this series. I, for one, can’t wait.

–He was Vottomatic tonight!

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  1. pinson343

    On the game thread, it was asked whether Votto has been ill. He has. On Friday it was announced that he (and other Reds) are ill. That nite he went 0 for 4 with 3 Ks and on Sunday he went 0 for 4 with 2 Ks.

    I would have given him a day off this past weeekend, but that’s just me.

    Obviously glad that he was in there tonite, but the pickoff shows his concentration still might not be 100%.

  2. pinson343

    Just saw the espn baseball tonite hilites. Watching those, you would have thought the Marlins won. All the talk was Cantu and Ross. There was a special feature on Cantu’s hitting, I guess he deserves it with the 8 straight RBI games.

    Coghlan’s diving catch in the 11th was impressive. Valentine said that at point, the wind was blowing in strong. Cabrera has some pop, too bad about his current SS play.

  3. John

    For the life of me I cannot figure out why the Reds couldn’t find a place for either Ross or Cantu. Both of those guys just rake (against the Reds especially).

  4. pinson343

    Another thing that came up on the espn coverage was about Dusty “losing his train of thought” in a post-game clubhouse interview. How would you even know that Dusty has lost his train of thought ? He must have gone silent. Then he said he was tired. Can’t blame him for that.

    • mike

      How would you even know that Dusty has lost his train of thought ?

      one of the great questions of our time. Like….
      How would you know if Dusty was drunk or not
      How would you know if Dusty was a 3-year old or not

      I have to admit, I have heard Dusty be very articulate, clear and even sound like he knew what he was talking about….or hell, even awake!
      right, that’s when he was SF’s coach and did a blues/soul show on a local radio station and he was talking about something other than baseball.

      I know more than 2 people over 80 years of age that are more conscious than Dusty these day.

  5. 18to88

    I wish it wasn’t so much fun to rip on Dusty. The truth is, as bad an in game manager as he is, he isn’t even close to the worst guy the Reds could have hired. A manager has to be good at running the game and running the clubhouse. Dusty is great at the second, and that makes him a commodity. His players love him, and in a long season, that’s worth a lot.

    But that won’t keep me from saying, “How could you tell if Dusty was heavily anesthetized?”

  6. Furniture City Red

    Good win for the Reds…Good to see BP and Joey V get on track…A little surprised Aroyo couldn’t hold a 4 run lead.

    Now, I’m a Stubbs fan, BUT you can’t have your lead-off hitter striking out over 30% of the time and you don’t really want your lead-off guy leading off the game and swinging at the first pitch he see’s…I keep reminding myself he’s a rookie.

    Back to Back xtra inning wins on the road against a good Marlins team – I like!!!

  7. Travis G.

    Winning games the way the Reds have these past few days is great for their confidence and their place in the standings, but it’s chewing up their bullpen.

    They really need long outings from Bailey, Harang and/or Leak. Kinda scary, huh?

  8. DK in Erie Pa

    A little disappointed in the defensive range of Cabrera so far this year. He better hit a ton or get the piano off his back or both. Agree with Travis G, hopefully Bailey goes deep.

  9. The Mad Hatter

    By my calculations shouldn’t Ondrusek, Owings and Cordero be off tonight. Unless Dusty wants to throw Coco out there 4 nights in a row early in the season. It is good to see this team winning games like they have and hopefully last night is more of a reflection into how this team is gonna hit this year. I didn’t understand the use of Ondrusek three nights in a row when Owings was rested and had pitched well the last time out.

  10. davidmp2

    You have to consider Rolen’s walks as a positive. He might not have had a hit, but he was on base three times and scored twice. Rolen won’t keep up a .280/.419/.640 pace, but it is nice to see somebody consistently taking walks (he has six). Hopefully it will rub off on some guys.

    As for Hanigan, the guy is dynamite defensively and plays well offensively. I’m not opposed to seeing him only about 40% of the time. Hernandez has done a good job so far and the main goal should be to keep both guys fresh for the stretch.

  11. Chris Garber

    @Matt WI: What’s weird is that Miguel Cairo doesn’t show up (at least as of yesterday) in the team stat pages on either baseball-reference or fangraphs. Very strange.

    Dusty is a smart guy. He makes odd decisions in running a club, but he’s a smart dude. (Of course, Bob Boone was also smart).

  12. VTNReds

    Glad we were able to recover last night, but I’m thinking we really need one of our starters to get a W soon.

  13. davidmp2

    While the Reds starters don’t have a win, they do have a combined 4 QS, which frankly is a more important statistic in measuring a pitcher’s efforts. The 4 QS are up there with the top of the league in this young season.

    • VTNReds

      While the Reds starters don’t have a win, they do have a combined 4 QS, which frankly is a more important statistic in measuring a pitcher’s efforts. The 4 QS are up there with the top of the league in this young season.

      That’s a good sign. Was Leake’s one of them?

  14. pinson343

    Dusty is a smart, well-rounded guy. There are a lot of things I like about him, including some of his attributes as a manager. His game management has its flaws, but really so does every manager.
    I just wish he wasn’t so narrow-minded and old-fashioned when it comes to lineup construction.

    Agreed. His narrow-mindedness also shows up in his inflexibility about how he uses his players. A good example is Micah Owings. Owings is the “long man.” That means he’s only used when the starter leaves early or when the game goes into extra innings.

  15. Glenn

    I hate to harm Andrusek’s confidence but he’s stunk 2 out of 3 times he’s pitched. It appears he and Burton will be waving to each other as one heads north and the other south.