I guess you can take this as a positive, a sign that the Reds have great things ahead of them…

…but how sad is it that the most exciting day to be a Reds fan in a decade (Reds beat Cubs, two great young pitchers dazzle in their professional debuts) happened in April?

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  1. Jason1972


    Nothing can beat the excitement when we learned C. Patterson and Willy Taveras were releaased/traded.

  2. preach

    I prefer to think of this as the first of many excitements we are going to have this year.

    (Spin, baby, spin)

  3. pinson343

    @Jason1972: The article says nothing negative about Leake, it only talks about the historic lack of success of previous MLers who have skipped the minors. Leake deserves to be judged on his own merits.

    It’s like saying that Leake can’t succeed because of what happened with Ryan Wagner. They’re two very different pitchers/people.

    I like Dusty’s statement that this doesn’t mean that Leake is expected to be a superstar. The Reds management simply felt he was ready.

    And of course there are players who had great careers after skipping the minor leagues, like Al Kaline.

  4. mike

    I’m not sure I find this that sad of a thought. Sure sure, the Reds have been an awful team for a long time but the good things that you mention getting excited about are just that, good things to get excited about.

    If I think of my recent good Reds memories they are like these examples and all show we are hoping for a better future

    Chapman and Leake as you pointed out
    Stubbs debut
    Bruce’s debut
    Kearn’s debut
    Dunn’s debut!
    How Volquez pitched his 1st 15 games as a Red
    the emergence of Cueto
    and of course, Votto’s debut

    I’m sure I forgot a few but those are some of my best recent memories. they all have one thing in common. the hope that someday the Reds will have a good team again

  5. MrSaturdayNite

    I agree. It would be great to have all the excitement that surrounds the Reds in April surrounding the team in October. To put it another way: wouldn’t it be cool to END the season with a parade?