Can someone explain to me how a road game against the Marlins in May of last year ended up being the most commented-upon game thread in the 5+ years Redleg Nation has been in existence?

I don’t have an answer for that, but here’s what I do know: Skyline rocks. I also know that Johnny Cueto will be starting tonight for the second-place Cincinnati Reds against Florida, his second start of this young season.

The Marlins will counter with Ricky Bottalico or Ricky Nolasco or someone like that. Does it matter? He will probably look like Cy Young against the struggling Reds offense.

Here’s your game preview; the lineup is below. I’m going to go bang my head against the wall to dull the pain of having to watch Orlando Cabrera “hit” second once again. When I get back, let’s discuss the game here.

Drew “Faster than Corey Patterson” Stubbs cf
Orlando “I’m better than Jolbert” Cabrera ss
Joey “Vottomatic” Votto 1b
Brandon “The Franchise” Phillips 2b
Scott “I have a bald spot and I try to steal bases” Rolen 3b
Jay “Bad Luck” Bruce rf
Laynce “My mother can’t spell” Nix lf
Ramon “I wanna be known as the Latin Love Machine!” Hernandez c
Johnny “Chad can’t think up a lame nickname for me” Cueto p

358 Responses

  1. GRF

    There was still hope, there was Chuck and there was the book club. Sort of a perfect storm really.

    I also recall I completely ran out of beer during that thread. To steal a line from Tremors 2, that has never happened to me before.

  2. mike

    Johnny “Not David Ortiz” Cueto?
    or is that too obscure?

  3. mike

    ok…I apologize already for another one but….

    Johnny “taller than you think” Cueto?

  4. Furniture City Red

    The first post from ‘most commented-upon…” from last May said “An offensively challenged team putting an offensively challenged player(not to mention his defensive struggles) in the 2 hole every night just boggles my mind.”….Ahh man…when Dusty is your teams manager it feel like perpetual deja-vu.

  5. VTNReds

    According to the game preview, Nolasco set a franchise record with 9.49 strikeouts per nine innings last season. Uh-oh…

  6. Furniture City Red

    @VTNReds: yeah, 195 SO’s last year vs. 44 BB’s…did have a high ERA though – 5.06

  7. The Mad Hatter

    Over/Under for strikeouts on tonight’s game?

    I have it at 10.5.

    Taking all pessimism away, I’m really hoping to see the Reds at 4-3 after tonight’s game. I can also tell I’m getting older and can’t spell, had to look up how to spell pessimism, gee I feel dumb.

  8. The Mad Hatter

    @Furniture City Red:

    That ERA was due to early season troubles and a trip to AAA, he had it going the 2nd half of the season.

  9. Furniture City Red

    @The Mad Hatter: gotcha…sound like the good guy’s have their work cut out for ’em tonight.

  10. lukeukcrazy

    At least, Nolasco throws strikes.

  11. The Mad Hatter

    My last complaint of the night, according to google I’m closer to Houston than I am to Miami but I don’t make the rules.

  12. MrSaturdayNite

    Well, at least Brandon didn’t hit into a double play on that first pitch.

  13. VTNReds

    Brandon “One pitch, one out” Phillips

  14. MrSaturdayNite

    Oh yeah, Veteran Leadership!

  15. Y-City Jim

    How soon we forget – Johnny “Be Good” Cueto.

  16. Y-City Jim

    What is this sudden burst of offense?

  17. VTNReds

    Who are these guys, and what did they do with the Reds?!? 😆

  18. Y-City Jim

    So is Chapman starting Friday in Columbus?

    • vanwilder8

      So is Chapman starting Friday in Columbus?

      Either way, it’s in Louisville.

      They’re in Cbus tonight

  19. mutetomymuse

    even cueto is hitting today

  20. MrSaturdayNite

    Was that the 1st Double Play of the season?

  21. mike

    @MrSaturdayNite: yup, 1st double play of the season. The Reds were the only NL team without a DP this season. Houston and Atlanta already have 10 DPs. Of course they have grounded into 4 DPs on offense

  22. VTNReds

    Disaster averted! The pitch count is getting up there, however…

    • MrSaturdayNite

      Disaster averted!The pitch count is getting up there, however…

      Yup. 20 pitches an inning. At this rate Dusty will be ready to pull Cueto in the 7th. 😕 Think next year we’ll have a manager who can add?

  23. Chad Dotson

    @The Mad Hatter: Those blackout rules are nutty. I’m 7 hours from DC and 3.5 from Cincinnati…but Nationals games are blacked out for me. I’m not complaining.

  24. Chad Dotson

    It makes me sick that the Marlins have won two World Series since the Reds were last in the playoffs.

  25. mike

    there has been a Votto sighting!
    He had a lot of rough AB during the Cubs series.
    odds on a DP from BP?

  26. Y-City Jim

    There’s our wonderful SS! Janish has that play with his eyes closed.

  27. MrSaturdayNite

    Someone give Cabrera his walker and prune juice.

    • Y-City Jim

      Someone give Cabrera his walker and prune juice.

      Great line!!!

  28. Truman48

    Cueto is not going to make it past the 5th inning at this rate.

    • Chad Dotson

      Cueto is not going to make it past the 5th inning at this rate.

      Cueto isn’t going to make it past the third at this rate.

  29. Y-City Jim

    Hernandez might not make it past the 5th either.

  30. Chad Dotson

    How many balls has OC missed that Janish would’ve gotten. We need to track them in a Cabrera-O-Meter.

    It’s at least five.

    • Y-City Jim

      How many balls has OC missed that Janish would’ve gotten. We need to track them in a Cabrera-O-Meter.It’s at least five.

      If I played with this guy, I’m complaining about him playing. Offensive slumps are one things but defense doesn’t slump. He sucks in the field and offers too little return on offense.

    • Y-City Jim

      So…who’s watching Chuck this year.

      Oh, yeah! It’s a repeat tonight though. New episodes in a few more weeks.

  31. Kyle

    Man, has Cueto regressed this much? This is terrible.

  32. Truman48

    Stuck with Gamecast. How do you balk a runner from second?!


  33. mike

    @Chad Dotson: There has been SOOOOO much talk about Bruce’s slow start but you know only Hanigan, Hernandez and Stubbs have been hitting.

  34. lukeukcrazy

    it looks like they’re crushing us.

  35. Y-City Jim

    There’s another ball that Janish gets.

  36. jessica

    Should we just give up hope now for the season? Less heartache, less stres…..

  37. mike

    @Truman48: Cueto went to do one of those spin-fake-throws to 2B but his leg clearly made a motion to the plate. He seemed to get rattled on the last pitch of the walk, which was a strike but called a ball. He hasn’t been able to throw his sinker for strikes

  38. The Mad Hatter

    Brantley is funny. Saying OC really plays the SS hole and that is what happened on the balls up the middle. Never mind he looks like he should be a statue in The Louvre

    • Chris Garber

      Brantley is funny. Saying OC really plays the SS hole and that is what happened on the balls up the middle. Never mind he looks like he should be a statue in The Louvre

      How did he explain the ball that coasted through the 5.5 hole?

  39. MrSaturdayNite

    How bout Johnny “I forgot how to pitch” Cueto

    • Y-City Jim

      How bout Johnny “I forgot how to pitch” Cueto

      Johnny “My SS sucks” Cueto

  40. Truman48

    7 hits in 2.1 innings. That is terrible.

  41. VTNReds

    I’m just glad I’m not a Braves fan right now.

    • Y-City Jim

      I swear I just saw Paul Janish in the Reds dugout, and he had “BB” on his back.

      Might as well be. Dusty thinks defense is overated along with OBP.

  42. mutetomymuse

    so I think our season is going to go little like: one game under even-even-one game under even-even until the last game when we will go two games under even out of spite to the pattern.

  43. MrSaturdayNite

    @Y-City Jim: You can use “My SS sucks” for the whole team. The Cincinnati “Our SS sucks” Reds

  44. Truman48

    I guess I shouldn’t be disappointed about the Reds. I could be watching the Pacers on Fox Indiana tonight. I will stick with losing with our Reds.

  45. lukeukcrazy

    2 Hrs by Rolen! Where did this come from?

  46. Y-City Jim

    Too bad no one is on when Rolen is hitting these.

  47. Jason

    Did somebody say “Chuck”? I still say Redleg Nation helped “Save Chuck” last year. That should be the new tagline for RN: A Cincinnati Reds Blog | Dishing out hot, creamy bowls of bloggy goodness…. and oh yeah, we single handedly SAVED CHUCK!

  48. VTNReds

    Man, I guess this is Rolen’s night!

  49. Y-City Jim

    20/20 seasons. Really? Why not track 10/10 seasons while they are at it?

  50. Jason1972

    A couple of hits for Bruce, that’s a big deal and good to see finally.

  51. Y-City Jim

    Sun Life, or whatever this place is called, really is a crappy stadium. Is there anyplace worse in MLB?

  52. Steve

    Rolen and Bruce heating up are a great sign for the Reds. Too bad the lineup has the automatic outs (and lousy at bats) at the #2 and #4 spots.

    I’m also incredibly sick of Orlando Cabrera. He is now obviously an aged, inadequate shortstop. His terrible defensive numbers from last year are an accurate reflection of what we can expect this year.

    He’s also a disaster at the plate. Too many terrible AB with weak ground balls. Just like Willy Taveras. No walks. Never – NEVER – on base for Votto.

    And he plays every day. The other veterans get a day off, but not Cabrera. He plays every day AND BATS SECOND.


  53. mike

    I know it’s early and a small sample size but for some reason I always take numbers more seriously when they match exactly what the eyes see.

    29 qualified SS so far this season and only 1 (Jason Barlett) has a worse Range Factor than Cabrera

    28 qualified SS on fangraphs and 25 have a better RZR than Cabrera.
    by the way for the Cabrera-O-Meter fangraphs has him as having 13 plays in his zone, making 9 of them but making 1 play out of his zone

    we’ve all agreed Cabrera has obviously lost a step or three but so far in the season he looks like the worst defensive SS in baseball

    I also love his .200 OBP

  54. Steve

    Ramon Hernandez is another player whose offensive limitations make his poor defense not worth the playing time.

    • Y-City Jim

      Ramon Hernandez is another player whose offensive limitations make his poor defense not worth the playing time.

      Absolutely in agreement. Dusty has a knack for virtually never putting the best line-up possible out on the field.

  55. Y-City Jim

    I hate catcher’s masks that make the guy look like a freakin’ Power Ranger.

  56. Truman48

    What are the odds Cueto gives up 3 more runs and throws another 29 pitches in the bottom half of the inning? I know this is crazy but something tells me a pinch hitter would have already been the best move.

  57. Jason

    uhhh, yeah. we kiiiiinda saved it last year. you don’t recall?

    • Chris Garber

      Ok, last non baseball comment of the evening,

      Not if I have anything to say about it.

      Anyone see the Treme premier last night?

      I thought it was good, but not compelling. I’ll obviously give it a few more episodes. Unlike Orlando Cabrera, David Simon has earned almost unlimited goodwill and patience from me.

      • Jason

        Unlike Orlando Cabrera, David Simon has earned almost unlimited goodwill and patience from me.

        That earns you a hat tip in your general direction. Well played.

    • Chad Dotson

      Ok, last non baseball comment of the evening, but it’s about The Wire… so,

      I agree with Chris…what would the game thread be without non-baseball comments?

  58. Chris Garber

    Cabrera = Alex Gonzalez. Exactly in the same way that Taveras = Patterson. It’s like punching yourself in the face. Or elsewhere.

    I’m catching up on Tivo, and had the same thought as the FSN crew about Bryan Price = Phil Mickelson. Marty must hate him.

  59. Chad Dotson

    “Johnny Cueto needs an easy inning.” Thom Brennaman has an astute command of the obvious.

    • Y-City Jim

      “Johnny Cueto needs an easy inning.” Thom Brennaman has an astute command of the obvious.

      He learned everything he knows from his old man.

  60. Truman48

    I was on the “Cabrera is an improvement” bandwagon but clearly he has not looked good early either offensively or defensively.

  61. Chad Dotson

    Wish Bill Lack were around in the game thread tonight. He got me into The Wire; he’s a big-time fanboy.

  62. mike

    you know….Phillips has ALWAYS been a streaky hitter….more than most (still waiting for his first hot streak of the season). But when you know a guy is streaky and in a cold streak do you really want him batting 4th?

    and I hate to point this out but so far it appears like the Reds are worse than last year. Last year the team played great defense. This year it has been awful. That with the rotation and lineup mostly the same and it’s hard to see the Reds winning many more games than last year.

    What do you think the Reds record, in this VERY SHORT season would be IF
    Hanigan started, Janish started, someone who could get on base batted 2nd and a bigger bat hit 4th?


  63. DevilsAdvocate

    Yikes…90 pitches to get through 4 innings, by Cueto.

  64. mike

    the Reds have already tied their season high for extra base hits in a game
    they’ve gotten 3 extra base hits 3 times this year
    in comparison Philly hasn’t had a game with less than 3 extra base hits

  65. Truman48

    Ok so much for my doomed bottom of the 4th.

  66. Chris Garber

    Here’s why I think this team was overrated coming into the season: Reporters, TV guys, and fans (not to mention Jocketty and Walt) had heard of Cabrera, Ramon, and Rolen, and didn’t pay enough attention to see that they’re all farther on the downside of their careers than some realized.

  67. Jason

    @Chad Dotson: I know your watching The Pacific, you plan on watching Treme? I have last nights HBO lineup on dvr. The Reds season backs up my dvr big time this time of year.

  68. mike

    I can hear Dusty wrestling with this in his head already

    He’s thinking, Lincoln or Owings, Lincoln or Owings.
    then the “I think the veteran could use some work” ugh

    • Chris Garber

      How much longer until Balentien clears waivers?

      You know who’s asking that? Dan Jennings (Marlins GM). The Reds only gave (gave!) the Marlins about 40 HR and 180 RBI last year. He could use some more freebies.

      The Reds’ Jorge Cantu transactions were, bar none, the most inexplicable roster moves I’ve seen in my entire life.

  69. Kyle

    @Jason: The Wire is bar non my favorite show ever. I’m pretty excited about Treme as I live around New Orleans and worked in the city about a year and a half after Katrina.

    Nice to see Cueto get through an easy inning.

  70. Jason

    Man, Stubbs continues to wow me with his speed.

  71. Steve

    Brantley just said that Cabrera plays the hole again. Wondered if that’s what IF coach Chris Spier wants and says “a lot of balls have been going up the middle.”

  72. Chad Dotson

    @Jason: Yes, I’m watching The Pacific (and it’s great) and yes, I’m going to watch Treme. Looks very good.

    As we established during the Chuck campaign last year, I watch very little TV other than the Reds and America’s Funniest Videos (yes, it’s true). But I’ve really enjoyed some HBO series (The Wire, The Sopranos, Rome).

    Only actual series that I watch now is Mad Men.

  73. Y-City Jim

    No off days from Cabrera for the next two months after that blast.

  74. DevilsAdvocate

    Ummm…yay for Orlando Cabrera!

  75. Kyle

    @Chris Garber: I really liked it but as I mentioned, I live in South Louisiana and know the area. I’m big on character development and thought there were a lot of compelling characters. Also thought they got NOLA right. One thing I would say is that I think it will build over time, much like the Wire did. David Simon isn’t a guy going for anything easy.

  76. mutetomymuse

    what does that do for the cabrera-o-meter?

  77. Steve

    Cabrera runs into one. That’s at least one thing he does better than Taveras, he has occasional power. Although he hasn’t had more than 10 HR since 2003.

  78. Truman48

    I think it was a great move getting this guy! 😉

  79. Jason

    @Kyle: Yeah, I have high expectations for Treme. David Simon really does reward patience.

  80. Kyle

    Like we were saying, Cabrera is an absolute stud at SS and has to be in the 2 hole.

    Oddly, Justified is the only other show I regularly watch. I’m liking it but I wish it would have a continuing narrative. Olyphant and the acting in general is very good.

  81. Jason

    @Chad Dotson: Mad Men is top notch. I don’t think there have ever been a better final 2 episodes of a television season than those last two of Mad Men in season 3.

  82. Chris Garber

    Running Dusty-O-Meter (via Tivo delay):

    Not sending Bryan Price to the mound after the balk in the 3d. -0.25

    Ramon and Cabrera aren’t paid to coach pitchers. They’re lucky I’m pretending not to have seen the Uggla double.

    • MrSaturdayNite

      Not sending Bryan Price to the mound after the balk in the 3d.-0.25

      Why does it take 3+ runs for our pitching coach to go out to the mound?

  83. Truman48

    This would have to be Cueto’s last inning right?

  84. Truman48

    Can we please talk about some tv shows that don’t require premium cable?

    • Chad Dotson

      Can we please talk about some tv shows that don’t require premium cable?

      I mentioned America’s Funniest Videos!

    • Y-City Jim

      Can we please talk about some tv shows that don’t require premium cable?

      Like “Glee?”

  85. Chad Dotson

    Haven’t watched the Treme premier yet, but I see that Khandi Alexander stars. She was also in one of my top five sitcoms of all time.

    • Chris Garber

      Is Mad Men the show with the busty redhead?

      That question has about 8 different types of understatement.

    • Chad Dotson

      Is Mad Men the show with the busty redhead?

      Yes it is, and that’s the biggest reason(s) to watch the show.

    • Y-City Jim

      @Truman48: I’m still a “24″ fan, which comes on in 3 minutes.

      Even though the format has become a little stale, I like it as well.

  86. Chad Dotson

    @Jason: I actually started watching Mad Men after discussions in a game thread last year. My wife and I went back and started with season one and watched it all the way through. Good stuff.

  87. Chris Garber

    What Garber’s Watching (TM Alan Sepinwall): Justified, Mad Men, Lost, Treme, The Pacific, Amazing Race, Burn Notice, and Sons of Anarchy. Also Ax Men and Human Target, though neither is “must see.”

    I watch Entourage and American Idol, but enjoy neither. Big Love is one lousy episode away from the scrap heap.

  88. mike

    @Chris Garber: that was exactly my thought and was even thinking about it a few pitches before the balk. Instead after 1 pitch we got the obligatory calm-down-hand-signal-from-the-catcher, then a balk, then a pitch calling disagreement with the catcher which FINALLY sent someone to the mound but it was the catcher. When he couldn’t throw a strike after the BB and looked frustrated I think the coach should have gone out

  89. Jason

    What happend to the running post numbers next to every post in game threads? Also, what was the Dusty comment we all had fun with last year? I know, there were plenty. But there was one we all hammered all season. I’m at a loss. I’m sure it was in regards to Taveras.

    • Chris Garber

      Also, what was the Dusty comment we all had fun with last year? I know, there were plenty. But there was one we all hammered all season

      “I ain’t no frontrunner”?

  90. Truman48

    Like “Glee?”–NOOOOOOO!

    How ’bout Lost and The Office, or 30 Rock?

    • Chris Garber

      How ’bout Lost and The Office, or 30 Rock?

      I knew I was forgetting something. I watch the NBC Thursday sitcoms, but both 30 Rock and the Office have been awful (IMO) this season.

      • CeeKeR

        I knew I was forgetting something. I watch the NBC Thursday sitcoms, but both 30 Rock and the Office have been awful (IMO) this season.

        I agree, the Office has been lousy this year. I’m pretty much down to watching The Big Bang Theory and NCIS on TV…

  91. Truman48

    Uggla is killing Cueto. As is most of their lineup.

  92. Greg Dafler

    We watched the premiere of Human Target, but haven’t seen any since.
    So, I’m not missing much?

  93. mike

    I wouldn’t have sent Cueto out for this inning
    he was already over 90 pitches and hasn’t looked good all night

    so maybe that’s another addition to the Dusty-o-Meter

  94. Chris Garber

    @Chad Dotson: Half of them are on hiatus right now. Plus, everything’s watched on Tivo.

    This week, it’s: Race, Pacific (pending), Treme (1st week), Idol (2 or 3 hrs), Lost, NBC sitcoms, and maybe Human Target and Ax men. That’s like 6 hours, total. Plenty of time for real life and baseball watching.

  95. Jason

    @MrSaturdayNite: There it is!! I was racking my brain the other day trying to remember that. I must be slipping in my old age.

  96. Chad Dotson

    @Chris Garber: Sheesh, I can barely keep up with one series. Heck, I have four AFV episodes unwatched on Tivo!

    We watch a ton of movies, so I guess that’s where our time is spent. I also have a lot of these things called books.

  97. MrSaturdayNite

    What number do you text to vote for Cabrera in the FSN Poll? :mrgreen:

    • Y-City Jim

      What number do you text to vote for Cabrera in the FSN Poll?

      I was looking for the Janish number. 😀

  98. Chris Garber

    I have 4 books going, too.

    The movies and (mostly) video games are what have suffered.

    • Y-City Jim

      I have 4 books going, too.The movies and (mostly) video games are what have suffered.

      How about work?

  99. Y-City Jim

    Speaking of TV, Conan O’Brien on TBS. It would be fabulous if he beat Leno in the ratings!

  100. Steve

    Marty is saying that Dickerson is sick.

  101. MrSaturdayNite

    We’re still fresh into a new season of Mythbusters as well. (Excuse me, my nerd is showing)

  102. Kurt Frost

    I’m reading Union 1812: The Americans Who Fought the Second War of Independence. Dolley Madison was a tough chick.

  103. vanwilder8

    I concur, the Office has been turribul ever since they promoted Jim. Community is outstanding though.

    I also love American Pickers and Pawn Stars on History tonight

  104. mutetomymuse

    i have post nasal drip too if anyone cares

    • Y-City Jim

      i have post nasal drip too if anyone cares

      Isn’t “post nasal drip” stating the obvious? When else would it drip?

  105. Steve

    I heard Cal Ripken interviewed last year when he was asked the question who the best SS in baseball was. He said, “You mean besides Alex Rodriguez?”

  106. Chris Garber

    @vanwilder8: Those are pretty good too, Van. Haven’t made it into the rotation yet.

  107. Steve

    Pitch wasn’t a strike. Nix was safe at home. Two bad calls by the home plate umpire.

  108. mike

    there are a ton of Dusty quotes….actually Dusty should NEVER speak in public because everything that comes out sounds absurd.

    I love these messes

    “We have to take a chance, especially since Corey (Patterson) isn’t going too good right now.”

    “The problems starts when he throws a number of pitches. As long as we minimize his pitches, he says he feels great.”

    “They’re externally humble but internally very confident, … He does everything easy, kind of slow-moving but at a high rate of speed.”

    “”On-base percentage is great if you can score runs and do something with that on-base percentage,” Baker said. “Clogging up the bases isn’t that great to me. The problem we have to address more than anything is the home run problem.”

    “I think walks are overrated unless you can run. If you get a walk and put the pitcher in a stretch, that helps, but the guy who walks and can’t run, most of the time he’s clogging up the bases for somebody who can run.”

    “I let a guy play his way out of the lineup before I let a guy play his way into the lineup,” said Baker. “I ain’t no front-runner.”

    one of my favorites is this one
    “Who have been the champions the last seven, eight years? Have you ever heard the Yankees talk about on-base percentage and walks?”

    but really my favorite thing is one he says things that are 100% WRONG, which he does all the time. Like not going to the bullpen because they are tired when 3 guys in the bullpen haven’t pitched for 2-3 days

    or this gem
    “Everybody’s wondering why I didn’t pinch-hit for Corey,” Baker said. “Corey, in his career, has been better against left-handers than right-handers.”

    which, of course, is WRONG

  109. Steve

    This ump has a terrible strike zone for both teams.

  110. Jason

    Umm… did anyone else here that before FSN came back on? A announcer or FSN crew stating “Mike Lincoln, this game is in the toilet”

    • Y-City Jim

      Sheesh, Mike Lincoln.

      Good Mike Lincoln that inning.

  111. Chris Garber

    Headed to Clippers-Bats tomorrow night. Missed Justin Lehr tonight. 🙁

  112. Barnes

    Watching Breaking Bad on the DVR after the game.

  113. Jason

    I think it was Thom, adn he didnt say “toilet” he said “shi**er”

    • vanwilder8

      I think it was Thom, adn he didnt say “toilet” he said “shi**er”

      That’s exactly what he said! I missed it but I ran it back on the DVR

  114. Y-City Jim

    Brennaman says, “That is a yacca?” WTH does that mean?

  115. Jason

    Ok, just rewinded it, someone in the FSN Ohio booth def said it. I think it was Thom. Somewhere George Grande is washing his ears out.

  116. Steve

    Lincoln is often OK for one inning. It’s the second inning where he’s a disaster. If only Baker paid enough attention to notice that.

  117. GRF

    What on earth happened with the steal of home? Was it a real steal, or a missed bunt or what?

  118. Chris Garber

    Dusty’s explanation (per Thom) of splitting up Harang and Arroyo actually makes good sense.

  119. Y-City Jim

    Good Lord!! Talking cell phones again tonight. Chris Welsh – Its only got 9% of the market.

  120. Chris Garber

    They used to bitch about the Reds being a “HR or nothing” team, but this year’s club seems to score almost exclusively via HR. They just hit fewer HRs.

  121. mike

    the discussion of Baker quotes reminds me
    I miss the “Fire Joe Morgan” blog

  122. pinson343

    Lincoln was good for one inning. No more of him, please.

  123. GRF

    And since someon started in on the books, Ghost Wars by Steve Coll. History of US involvement in Afghanistan from the 70s through Sept. 10, 2001. Just a tremendous piece of history and very readable.

  124. Chris Garber

    Sounds good, GRF. I have E.B. Slede’s “With the Old Guard” going, as well as “The Lost City of Z” and a disappointing book about Delta Force.

  125. Steve

    Look, I know Cabrera has a home run tonight. But how can he take so many BAD SWINGS AT FIRST PITCHES?

    Seems to me it’s OK to swing at the first pitch, but ONLY if it’s exactly what you’re looking for. Cabrera yesterday and today swung at a first pitch and was way off balance. It’s almost like he is purely guessing. He is swinging no matter what.

    Terrible inning for the Reds AB. What, 6 pitches?

    Once again, no one on base for Votto.

  126. Steve

    Lincoln for a second inning. Baker = slow learner.

  127. pinson343

    @mike: I loved a Dusty quote from the other day. He said: “We have to give him (a young player) time, which is the one thing people won’t wait for.”

  128. vanwilder8

    I wonder if we’re going to get an apology for Thom letting that one fly.

  129. Chad Dotson

    @Jason: Just rewound it and that was Thom and that is what he said. Hilarious.

    I have to figure out how to record that.

  130. Chris Garber

    +0.25 for the hit and run. I like that one there.

    • Y-City Jim

      @Chad Dotson:

      Not sure how to post links but that’s it. Looks like we’ve got a new nickname for Lincoln

      LOL!!! That is fabulous!!!

  131. GRF

    Slede’s book is great, and I understand he did a second book on his time in China I have not read. I am going through Strong Men Armed, which apparently was part of the source material for Pacific. Wish it was footnoted a little better, but the stories are great.

    If you are into those type of books, Quartered Safe Out Here by Fraser is worth picking up. It is an autobiography by a British soldier in Burma. The dialects can be hard to work through, but as a first person account, it is wonderful.

  132. Chris Garber

    -1.0 unless Dickerson missed a sign or Nix lost his mind and stole home on his own.

  133. GRF

    Please tell me someone is up in the pen. Please.

  134. Greg Dafler

    – 11 pitches in a 1-2-3 6th.
    – 26 pitches so far in the 7th (walk, 2 outs, single)

  135. pinson343

    Now that was leaving Lincoln in for way too long. Thank goodness Baker is a LHed hitter, or Lincoln would still be out there.

  136. GRF

    General sort of strategic question. It seems pitching is the strength of this team, and that TOS as a whole regardless of who is playing SS. Given those facts, shouldn’t we be accentuating our strengths by playing Janish, even if it hurts the offense (not that I necessarily believe that is a given)? I am struggling to phrase this, but if you assume good pitching and bad offense at all the other spots, are we better off playing the better defensive player at SS, or trying to make up the offensive shortcomings there?

  137. Steve

    Hard to imagine that didn’t work out. Having Mike Lincoln pitch a second inning and bringing in Herrera to pitch to a RH batter (Herrera had a .371 BA against vs. RH hitters last year).

    Just hard to imagine those moves by Baker not working out.

    Just hard to imagine.

  138. Steve

    If we only had Masset, Rhodes and Cabrera in our bullpen tonight.

  139. GRF

    Gamecast is running behind, but Steve’s comments suggest things are not great.

  140. DevilsAdvocate

    Jeff Brantley is getting better at his job – now it only takes 30 seconds after the play is over to figure out what actually happened.

    It was a line drive? It was caught? Then he flips to second, but I thought it was caught for the third out? No, he dropped it? Wait, he was safe? Oh, it was a ground ball?

  141. CeeKeR

    Unbelievable. I’m sick of Lincoln, and I’m sick of Herrera too.

  142. mike

    @GRF: good question I think
    but there is rarely a case where skills/choices like this are in a vacuum. It’s about the overall contribution which counts both offense and defense.
    In this case Janish’s poor hitting + GREAT defense is greater than Cabrera’s poor defense + so so hitting

    but it gets more complicated than that even
    Janish could actually hurt the team more if Dusty batted him 2nd. But if Janish batted 8th getting someone else in the 2 spot that could be a big +

    I still can’t believe that Dusty started Stubbs and Dickerson in the same game the other day but batted Dickerson at the bottom of the order leaving Cabrera in the #2 spot. That just stubborn ignorance.

  143. mike

    is the Dusty-O-Meter fast enough and does it allow negative numbers small enough to keep up with today’s mess?

  144. DevilsAdvocate

    Oh, there’s the bad side of Cantu. That’s why he was given away to FLA.

  145. GRF

    Can I ask what Chris Speier does? I get Dusty is supposed to be the master of psychology and dealing with the locker room, but if that is his strength shouldn’t there be someone on the bench to say things like “hey, maybe you shouldn’t send Lincoln out there for a second inning”?

  146. Chris Garber

    -0.5 for the bullpen usage so far in the 7th.

  147. vanwilder8

    Here, it’s edited down to just the good part. Think I can get this as a ringtone?

  148. GRF

    ESPN gamecast is incredibly slow and glitchy and I will kill it if it does not tell me what it going on!!!

  149. CeeKeR

    I’ve got the GameCast on too…and it’s been stalled for a long time!

  150. Truman48

    I hear you on Gamecast? Outs? Have we scored?

  151. The Mad Hatter

    Looking at Gameday stats and Hensley is a off-speed machine. Not a big surprise vs Gomes.

  152. CeeKeR

    Just turned Baseball Tonight on…If they update the Reds on tehre before GameCast there’s something wrong…

  153. pinson343

    Nice AB by Bruce, he didn’t chase. Come on, Jonny.

  154. vanwilder8

    5-5, 1st and 3rd, 2 outs, Ramon up

  155. Chris Garber

    In fairness to GameCast, the Marlins have made about 15 pitching changes.

  156. GRF

    According to gamecast, nix is batting and meyers is pitching and no pitches have been thrown yet.

    Switching to MLB.

  157. CeeKeR

    According to ESPN’s bottom line, it’s the bottom of the 8th and still 5-5. Crap.

  158. Y-City Jim

    Hernandez must have lost his clutchness over the offseason.

  159. pinson343

    Again a runner on 3rd with 1 out and we don’t score. Crappy ABs by Gomes and Hernandez.

  160. mike

    @pinson343: agreed and he had to be extra patient since the 2nd strike was a ball by a mile. I was shocked the ump called it a strike

  161. vanwilder8

    Can we just call Ondrusek “Wolverine”, or maybe “Weapon X”?

  162. The Mad Hatter

    Ondrusek sounded impressive. Even Marty couldn’t complain.

  163. vanwilder8

    I was really hoping for another Thom bomb after that Census commercial

  164. mike

    they showed a stat a few innings ago that surprised me a bit
    Reds pitchers are 3rd in the league in fewest hits allowed so far this season

    which got me thinking….how have Reds starters compared to other starters in baseball so far this short season.

    Reds starters have the 6th lowest ERA in baseball. (not-adjusted and they played in a hitters park).

    Reds starters record? 0-1
    Philly’s starters have close to the same ERA
    Their combined starters records? 5-0

  165. GRF

    It is probably wrong of me to be devloping a man crush on Ondrusek based on MLB fx pitch dta, but I am getting there.

  166. The Mad Hatter

    Another professional at bat from the veterans

  167. CeeKeR

    Re: Mike

    I’m guessing the Reds are down near the bottom in offense though…and I’m not convinced they’ve got what it takes to improve the offense much…

    • GRF

      Re: MikeI’m guessing the Reds are down near the bottom in offense though…and I’m not convinced they’ve got what it takes to improve the offense much…

      That is why Stubbs and Bruce seem so critical to me (and why I wish Hanigan could replace Hernandez). Those are the only spots I see room for big improvement (although, to be fair IF we get a full year of Rolen that might count as well).

  168. GRF

    Stubbs at least seemed to draw that ab out.

  169. mike

    @CeeKeR: oh yeah the Reds are 13th out of 16 in the NL in runs/G and 14th out of 16th in OPS+. And near the bottom of the league on defense.

  170. Chad Dotson

    I agree you can’t baby him all the way, but Opening Day was only one week ago. I’d be finding some innings for him that weren’t so high-leverage at this point in the season.

    Either way, kudos to Baker. It worked.

  171. CeeKeR

    Another feeble inning for the Reds, gotta hope for extras at this point.

  172. Steve

    Another clutch AB from Hernandez. The problem with a line up dependent on home runs as the Reds are is in a situation where we only need a fly ball or single we hardly ever get it done.

    Another FIRST PITCH AB for Cabrera.

  173. Greg Dafler

    If Dusty didn’t try to push Lincoln 2 inning, this is Cordero for the 5-4 save/win.

  174. GRF

    Masset getting any calls? These pitches looking ok on the machine.

  175. Chris Garber

    This game is taking FOREVER. It’s like Yankees-Sox.

  176. Chad Dotson

    This team cannot play fundamental baseball and you have to lay that at Dusty’s feet.

  177. Greg Dafler

    Lehr the loser for Louisville tonight. 5-3.
    The ONLY offense for Louisville – Daniel Dorn. All three hits belonged to him. 2 doubles and 1 homerun. The double plated 1 run in the 1st inning, and the HR scored 2 in the 9th.

  178. Chris Garber

    @Chad Dotson: I’d love to, but even Dusty is entitled to expect a certain level of competence from professional athletes.

  179. The Mad Hatter

    Going strictly by gameday, every pitch is the same place. Low and outside, same strikes, some balls. I don’t know if it’s correct but you would think he might want to go inside once in awhile if it is.

  180. Greg Dafler

    Interesting that the 1st inning run for Louisville was Francisco who had walked earlier in the inning.

  181. Chris Garber

    @Greg Dafler: I think I’m getting Sam LeCure tomorrow? Better than Lehr, and I guess I’ve seen Maloney before – but I’d sure rather be watching Wood or Chapman.

  182. CeeKeR

    Strike 3… Now there’s two outs – bases still loaded. I’m still not overly optimistic.

  183. Chad Dotson

    Except the mental errors have not decreased under Dusty’s watch. If anything, they have increased.

  184. CeeKeR

    Bases loaded, full count. Let’s see if Dusty made the right call sticking with Masset

  185. mike

    wow….we owe Cantu for swinging at ball 4 in the dirt, which would have been the game

  186. CeeKeR

    And a ground out…wow. Masset must’ve been watching Leake’s Houdini acts!

  187. Chris Garber

    @Chad Dotson: The Narron era was pretty awful too. And the Miley era. And, of course, the Baboone Era.

  188. Greg Dafler

    Next week Louisville is in Indy Thurs-Sat.

    I think we’re lined up to get Lehr, Lecure, Wood.

    If a rainout between now and then pushes the rotation up a day, I think we’d get Chapman on Thursday night.

  189. CeeKeR

    That was a terrible pitch (well, not terrible since Ross swung at it but you know what I mean)

  190. pinson343

    Wow, that was scary. Thanks, Ross. In my mind there wasn’t a question about sticking with Masset. With all their RHed bats, if we don’t score in the top of the 10th, I think we’ll see Owings next.

  191. Greg Dafler

    I saw Wood pitch in Indy late last year. He’s pretty good. It was the 2nd time in 1 week he faced Indy, and he shut them down through the 7 innings he worked. Indy faced Louisville 6 consecutive days and had hit well the previous 5 days. If I recall correctly he 1-hit them through 7ip. The one hit was a solo HR.

  192. The Mad Hatter

    The Reds have the only cleanup hitter in the league called upon to bunt in extra innings.

  193. mike

    @Chris Garber: one more thing. The Reds have had only 1 good season in the last 15 and their manager didn’t help any in those seasons

  194. Chris Garber

    @Chad Dotson: The RLN Thom tweet is about to become a trending topic. Rob Neyer just retweeted.

    • Chad Dotson

      @Chad Dotson:The RLN Thom tweet is about to become a trending topic.Rob Neyer just retweeted.

      I just noticed that and posted it in the other thread. Cool.

  195. Y-City Jim

    Marlin outfield arms are terrible. Good grief! He was in short RF.

  196. Steve

    Yay Rolen, and don’t forget the inning started with a walk. Then one of the few guys on the team who can be relied on to swing for a single when that’s all that is needed (Rolen) comes through to the opposite field.

    Just think how great Rolen would be as the #2 hitter.

  197. Chris Garber

    Rolen must just be ridiculously strong to have nearly 800 extra-base hits with that short little swing.

    • Steve

      Rolen must just be ridiculously strong to have nearly 800 extra-base hits with that short little swing.

      No doubt Rolen is strong, but his swing used to be much longer before his shoulder surgery.

  198. Chris Garber

    @Steve: Gomes, on the other hand, looking to hit an 8-run HR.

  199. Y-City Jim

    Any Ks swinging against this guy?

  200. CeeKeR

    And let’s give Baker a little credit (though I hate to), the sacrifice bunt was the correct call… (Having a guy in the cleanup spot though who doesn’t belong there is clearly not the right call.)

    • pinson343

      And let’s give Baker a little credit (though I hate to), the sacrifice bunt was the correct call…(Having a guy in the cleanup spot though who doesn’t belong there is clearly not the right call.)

      Sure it was, you have to go for the single run in that situation. At least our cleanup hitter can bunt.

  201. GRF

    I have to admit I am warming up to the Rolen trade.

  202. pinson343

    How did Badenhop get all those called strike fastballs on Bruce and Gomes ? Were they good pitches ? According to GameDay, some were borderline, and borderline pitches thrown by the Reds have been called balls.

    • Steve

      How did Badenhop get all those called strike fastballs on Bruce and Gomes ?

      The third strike on Bruce was pretty borderline at best.

  203. Steve

    The Reds have a winning record now. Hopefully they can add to it on the rest of this road trip.

  204. Y-City Jim

    Two game winning streak
    Over .500

    Let’s go,REDS!!!

  205. The Mad Hatter

    A winning record with Bronson tomorrow, can’t hurt to hope!!!

  206. Greg Dafler

    I hate to look too far ahead, but I hope they continue to own Pittsburgh (their opponent this coming weekend) like they did last year.

  207. pinson343

    Coco did the right thing, throwing fastball after fastball to that pesky leadoff guy, rather than risk walking him. Some good hitters were coming up.

  208. GRF

    Nice win. Thanks to everyone providing the detail for the computer reports.

  209. pinson343

    I thought we were going to lose that one, after the way the top of the 6th, the bottom of the 7th (boo, Dusty) and the top of the 8th went. I sure to h_ll thought we’d lose with bases loaded, one out in the bottom of the 9th.

    I like Masset, but why was he afraid to come in inside with the fastball ? It’s good enough.

  210. mike

    this might sound strange but that is probably one of Scott Rolen’s best games in many years if not his career

    OK I just looked it up. He’s only had between 2-5 other games in his career that good
    The two that were clearly better were March 2007 and September 1997.

  211. pinson343

    And let’s not forget (in terms of the bunt) that our cleanup hitter grounds into a lot of DPs, and that Rolen is a better hitter than he is.

  212. pinson343

    Mike, How many games has Rolen hit 2 (or more) HRs ?

    • mike

      Mike, How many games has Rolen hit 2 (or more) HRs ?

      He’s hit 2 HR in a game 19 times (only once since 2004)
      He’s had 9 or more total bases in a game 9 times (only twice since 2004)

      today he seriously put the team on his shoulders. It is rare 1 person wins a game….today he won the game for the Reds

  213. Chad Dotson

    When the story of RN is written, we’re all going to wonder how two games against the Marlins made it into the top 15 most commented threads of all-time.

  214. BJ Ruble

    Great win…that is the best the lineup has looked all year as far as being productive. I love seeing Bruce to get a couple of very nice hits as well.

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