One of the loyal citizens of the Nation, Rich, spent Sunday watching the Reds High-A team in their new home of Lynchburg, VA. His impressions, plus a bunch of great photos, are below the fold.

Thanks, Rich!

(I went to a Lynchburg game about three years ago, when they were a Pittsburgh affiliate, and I had a great time. I’ll definitely be making a return trip this year, now that Lynchburg is part of the Reds family.)

I thought that would share some pics and a little overview from my trip Lynchburg, VA.

Stadium Overview:

– General Admission tickets $7.00
– Free Parking !!!
– Food; So-So (Food at 5 County/Carolina Is Very Good!!!)
– No Vendors running around the stands (I like that !!!)
– If you like beer; they sell it by the pitcher (I stuck to diet Pepsi)
– Much of the Concessions staff is college or high school students (extremely friendly and very polite!)
– Stadium; Nice & clean with great site lines throughout the park.
– Mascot “South Paw” is all over the place.
– They do lot’s of promos supporting the local colleges (Nice Touch)

Hillcats Players Impressions:

– Devon Mesoraco is a very good receiver and hits the ball hard! Strong arm, but a slow release! Blocks balls very well!
– Fellhauer is a slick fielding outfielder and has a real nice swing. Could not see many holes in his swing!
– Cody Puckett hit a homerun, but he hit it high and into the wind and got blown out to dead center field
– Travis Webb has 3 good pitches, but I really liked his fastball mixed with his change up. Has a tendency to open up too much with his shoulder and hips. When he did, I knew he was going to throw a ball. But when he kept things closed he was pretty impressive! Obviously, he needs to be more consistent with his mechanics.