It’s game two, finally! Am I the only person who hates the traditional day off after the Reds Opening Day game? What’s the purpose of that, other than to annoy me?

Tonight, Johnny Cueto will be the starter for the good guys, while St. Louis will counter with Adam Wainwright.

Lots of fun to be had down at Great American Ballpark tonight, as the Reds have branded this “Opening Night” and have a bunch of things planned. Things like free snuggies and Joe Morgan throwing out the first pitch. Wish I could be there, but I’m expecting one of you loyal citizens of the Nation to snag a Reds snuggie for me.

Here’s your game preview; the starting lineup is below the fold (it’s the lineup we all expected to see this season). Let’s discuss the game here!

Stubbs CF
Cabrera SS
Votto 1B
Phillips 2B
Rolen 3B
Bruce RF
Gomes LF
Hernandez C
Cueto P

154 Responses

  1. VTNReds

    All right! Stubbs, Gomes–that’s more like it! 😛

  2. mike

    I dislike the day off after the Reds Opening Day more than even the off season
    Doesn’t it seem like a week since they played?

  3. Jason

    Yep, Jim Days impersonation of Desi Arnez just made me cringe.

  4. Doug Gray

    The Reds may be on to something here. The previous two seasons ‘Opening Night’ had 13,500 and 14,000 fans. Tonight the Reds are expecting 28,000. With an average ticket price of $26, that is $312,000 more dollars for just one game. That is almost a full rookie salary for the season.

  5. vanwilder8

    WOOHOO Big Daddy Paul Keels! Can’t wait to hear him call baseball

  6. CeeKeR

    The two previous years (if my memory is correct) had AWFUL weather…this year it’s been much nicer weather for watching a baseball game. That plays a role too…

    • Doug Gray

      The two previous years (if my memory is correct) had AWFUL weather…this year it’s been much nicer weather for watching a baseball game.That plays a role too…

      I bet its more about the snuggie than anything else.

      • Greg Dafler

        I bet its more about the snuggie than anything else.

        Overall, nice move from the Marketing department to get this kid of day 2 turnout.

  7. Doug Gray

    So I can’t read. Reds average ticket is $19.19, which is only an extra $230,000 for the Reds this year.

    • Doug Gray

      That’s a fleecie to you, mister.

      Thats true, its a snuggly blanket with fleece.

  8. vanwilder8

    Yea, but in 2007 when it was 39 with a 20 MPH wind and flurries, they had almost 26,000

    • Doug Gray

      That Cabrera is a groundout machine. Yow.

      At least that one was hit hard…. its a step in the right direction.

  9. VTNReds

    Six pitches for Wainwright… how about some patience boys?!?

  10. CeeKeR

    I don’t have the game on TV but is Cueto really as wild as 2 walks in 1 1/3 innings would suggest?

    • Doug Gray

      I don’t have the game on TV but is Cueto really as wild as 2 walks in 1 1/3 innings would suggest?

      He is missing his spots. Not wild really, but missing the zone by a few inches, often.

  11. BenL

    @CeeKeR: He had a full count on Pujols who fowled off a few before walking.

  12. Matt B.

    Smart play by Phillips. Bad call by the umpire.

  13. Furniture City Red

    Phillips was safe…oh well

    Stubbs and Gomes – Me like. Would like more if Stubbs didn’t swing at the first pitch he saw.

  14. Greg Dafler

    Unfortunately, that ump wasn’t positioned to see Phillips move. He had to call it basd on the throw getting there about an hour before Phillips arrived.

  15. Furniture City Red

    Hopefully Cueto starts hitting his spots this inning…he’s just a hair off.

  16. Furniture City Red

    Take a seat Albert ❗ ❗ ❗

  17. Furniture City Red

    A little worried about the left side of our infield…

  18. CeeKeR

    How many runs is a realistic total for the Reds to achieve tonight against Wainwright?

    • CeeKeR

      How many runs is a realistic total for the Reds to achieve tonight against Wainwright?

      I’ll answer my own question… It’s beginning to look like they’ll be lucky to score 1 run. What a feeble 5th inning sequence.

    • mike

      How many runs is a realistic total for the Reds to achieve tonight against Wainwright?

      when you say realistic do you mean if the Reds had a good offense or their current offense?

      good offense scores 4 the Reds score 2 and I don’t even know what they really did in this game…haven’t looked yet.

  19. Furniture City Red

    Nope, I saw Rolen and Cabrera let that grounder go into left field in High Def.

  20. CeeKeR

    I know it’s early in the season…but I’m already tiring of Cabrera.

  21. earl

    Cueto is starting to show some more snap and movement in his pitches. His stuff was looking pretty flat up till now.

  22. Glenn

    You’d like to think that your SS would put a little more effort into knocking that ball down and saving a run.

  23. Steve

    Cueto has actually been pretty good through four innings. The second run was a total collapse of defense (including his own).

    I’m starting to get worried about Rolen at 3B. He looked sluggish and uncoordinated in Goodyear, too, but I just assumed it was him working his way into playing shape. Maybe it still is. But he’s had several pretty shaky plays in the first two games. Hope he gets through that.

    Cabrera could have made the play backing up Rolen that would have prevented the second run. Janish almost certainly would have had that play. Cabrera is 0-7 at the plate, and no good AB.

    Thom is making a great point, in 7 of Votto’s AB only once has he come up with anyone on base. Only 7 AB, I know…

    Hernandez has given up 2 SB tonight. Would Hanigan have had either one?

    Baker’s lineup decisions at SS and C are really weakening the Reds defense. Hopefully Gomes won’t make us miss Dickerson in LF.

  24. Chris Garber

    @Kurt Frost: No HD in Columbus – Blue Jackets taking not only the HD feed but also the regular FSN feed. Nobody told Tivo, unfortunately, so I missed the first hour.

    How’d they score?

  25. VTNReds

    And when will OC get his first hit of the season? Stay tuned…

  26. Chris Garber

    @Steve: I don’t blame Dusty for the SS. That’s Walt and/or Celery Bob.

  27. Steve

    Nice play by Cabrera on that line drive.

  28. Greg Dafler

    Last April, Hanigan and Janish started on on Arroyo’s first 3-4 starts. Will we see them start tomorrow’s game?

    • Steve

      Last April, Hanigan and Janish started on on Arroyo’s first 3-4 starts.Will we see them start tomorrow’s game?

      Hope so. My guess is that’s more likely for Hanigan. Last year Alex Gonzalez was still coming off of an injury rehab, so his time was cut down a bit.

  29. Greg Dafler

    Chris – you missed the replay of Rolen getting beaned in the head last year. I hope they don’t replay that every time they face the Cardinals. The pitcher who did it isn’t even with the Cardinals any more.

  30. Steve

    Nice inning for Cueto through five. Let’s get the bats going!

  31. Chris Garber

    Okay, Worth it?

    (I have the Roku box that will let me watch it on my TV in semi-HD)

    Any reason to pay the extra $20 for Premium?

  32. Steve

    @Chris Garber: I’m pretty confident that Baker supported, if not lobbied for, signing a veteran SS to play ahead of Janish. I agree with you that it’s Jocketty’s job to say no to Baker’s stupid ideas, though.

  33. Chris Garber

    Welsh: “This is a much-improved ballclub.”

    Not sure I agree with that. It’s probably MILDLY improved (assuming Cabrera isn’t as awful as he’s looked), and it has POTENTIAL to be much better. But saying the Reds ARE much-improved is pushing it, IMO.

  34. Steve

    @CeeKeR: What’s worse, because we have little team plate discipline, Wainwright has only thrown 54 pitches in 5 innings. He’s cruising toward a CG.

  35. Chris Garber

    Rasmus is good. Along with Bruce and Kemp, he makes for a sweet roto OF.

  36. earl

    Cincy needs to get the bullpen up and working now.

  37. Steve

    If they get out of this inning it will be because Molina didn’t get a full AB. The Reds should have walked him. Cueto took it into his own hands and hit Molina.

  38. earl

    This is the kind of situation that kind of bugs me with Dusty. Tight game, pitcher has a bunch of pitches thrown and he gets greedy.

    I can see trying to hold out, as Cueto is gone next inning for a pitch hitter, but your rolling the dice with having the game get out of hand.

    I just think I would have been ready to pull Cueto after the the hbp.

  39. earl

    The Reds threaded the needle and got through, but Dusty didn’t get the pen started until after Molina got hit and it was 1st and 3rd with 1 out.

  40. Steve

    OK, all of a sudden I feel a little better about Rolen’s D.

  41. Chad Dotson

    I’ve been at a Little League board meeting, so I’m only in the 2nd inning (I love you, DVR). Cueto hasn’t exactly looked sharp in the first two.

  42. Chris Garber

    Rolen still looked stiff.

    And for what probably won’t be the last time this year: TOS!

  43. Chris Garber

    I could see an iPad being nice to fool with while I’m watching games. Might be cool to take to the ballpark, too, actually. Can’t justify the $500, though.

  44. earl

    Surprisingly, the Reds haven’t seen much of Wainwright. He gave up 4 in one start in 09 in a loss to Cincy, didn’t see them at all in 08 and they beat him once in 07 with him giving up 5 runs.

  45. Steve

    If Cabrera can avoid hitting into a DP then we’ll get Votto up with runners on base.

  46. Chris Garber

    Anyone making a Chapman scouting trip to Toledo?

  47. Jason

    I think we have the beginnings of a new Reds announcer drinking game. Everytime Paul Keels says “MMMM HMMMM”… drink. I know, I know, it’s early on, let it marinate. #reds (oh, sorry. twitter habit)

  48. Chris Garber

    I really like Keels for football and basketball, but he’s going to take some getting used to here.

    And Jim Day is the new George Grande, it appears.

  49. Steve

    SIAP: Reds have officially announced Mike Leake will start Sunday vs. the Cubs. Harang on Saturday. I’ll be at GABP for Leake.

  50. earl

    Oh yeah Orlando…he hit those two fouls hard and nice to tie it up.

  51. Chris Garber

    @Jason: I remembered sending a package up to you in Toledo, and then you appeared.

  52. Jason

    @Chris Garber: Did you see Jim Day singing like Desi Arnez earlier on outside of the swingband set-up? Somewhere George Grande was giggling.

  53. lukeukcrazy

    I knew Orlando was going to get a hit because he was ripping the first two pitches.

    • Steve

      @Steve:AH. Thanks. Funny, I was just reading Rosecrans complain about how he posted that news 3 days ago, and it’s being reported as “new” today.

      He was talking about Chapman, not Leake. The Reds site didn’t have probably pitchers listed for Saturday and Sunday as recently as a couple of hours ago. I just checked and they now have Harang and Leake in there. Can’t wait to see Leake.

  54. earl

    I’m definitely cutting Orlando Cabrera a bit more slack than guys like Patterson or Taverez or a flawed player like Gonzales (total K machine with little power, even if he could field well). Cabrera has been a professional shortstop, fairly consistent in his production over his career. Cabrera might be to the time where he should be a utility guy and this year will play that out. I think letting him walk, especially for the cost was kind of a dumb thing for Boston, who have kind of struggled to find a solid SS either at the plate or the field since he left.

  55. Jason

    @Chris Garber: Yeah, thanks again for that, Chris. I was cleaning house to some Freakbass the other morning, thank you very much.

  56. The Mad Hatter

    Great play by Rolen to end the top of the 6th and solid at bat from Cabrera. I hope we see more of tonight’s results for the rest of the season compared to Opening Day.

  57. Y-City Jim

    I heard Paul Keels. Is Terrelle Pryor playing? 😆

  58. earl

    That being said, I can see the point in just going with Janish and the young guys and seeing how it goes too.

  59. Y-City Jim

    Speaking of Rosecrans, I saw he gave “Chuck” a plug the other day.

  60. Steve

    Is Baker going to leave Ondrusek in to face Pujols?

  61. Chris Garber

    Seriously? A fastball down the chute?

  62. Steve

    This is an incredibly important situation for us to have a rookie in there pitching.

  63. Y-City Jim

    This is not good. I hate the Cardinals.

  64. Steve

    What in the world are we doing with a rookie in the game here? Why not one of the more experienced pitchers?

  65. Chris Garber

    @Steve: You’re right. Duh. I was talking about Chapman and Toledo and figured you were too.

  66. MLH

    Dusty didn’t want to burn up the bullpen, but uses two of the relievers he used OD. Does not compute.

  67. Steve

    Aren’t Rhodes and Masset our set up guys? This is the second game in a row we didn’t get through the seventh inning relief pitchers. What is the point of saving Rhodes for the eighth inning?

  68. earl

    Why even pull Herrera anyway? I’m pretty sure he is about equally effective against either lefties or rightys.

  69. Steve

    LaRussa has Rasmus bunt to go for a four run lead. Hard to imagine Baker ever asking one of the Reds 3-6 hitters to bunt.

  70. Steve

    Rhodes is nasty. He was dominant in Goodyear, too.

  71. Chris Garber

    -1 for Dusty Baker for using his 5th best reliever to face Pujols with runners on in a tie game.

  72. Y-City Jim


    Actually a pretty steep difference between LHB versus RHB

  73. Y-City Jim


    Dusty would wait until they had a 3 for 3 night going.

  74. earl

    This is just the kind of lunacy that Baker does all of the time, he seems to be adverse for using his best reliever against the heart of the opposing club’s 3/4/5 hitters.

    How many times did either Pujols, Adrian Gonzales, Fielder, Manny or some other big NL bat get the Reds in the same situation last year?

    I know Dusty did the same dumb thing against the Cards at least twice, especially that one game with Homer Bailey pitching way too late bringing in David W****** to face Pujols with the bases loaded with 1 or no outs.

    • pinson343

      This is just the kind of lunacy that Baker does all of the time, he seems to be adverse for using his best reliever against the heart of the opposing club’s 3/4/5 hitters.

      It’s worse than that, he’s adverse to using any of his 3 best relievers against the heart of the other team’s order, if it’s “only” the 7th inning.

  75. earl

    Maybe I am thinking of Bill Bray or Arthur Rhodes, I kept thinking Herrera was the lefty that was a bit less of a loogy, maybe not.

  76. Y-City Jim

    Wonder what those “Singles Night” t-shirts say?

  77. al

    wasn’t ondrusek the last man picked for the bullpen? didn’t he make his major league debut two days ago? why was he brought into a tie game in the 7th inning to face the best hitter in baseball?

  78. Y-City Jim

    OK. What’s with the vests in the Reds broadcast booth?

    • vanwilder8

      OK. What’s with the vests in the Reds broadcast booth?

      It’s Opening Night, everyone is in tuxes

  79. Chad Dotson

    Through five now, and Cueto has looked better. Is he going to start to tire? You guys know, but I don’t…yet.

    DVR is the greatest invention since whatever Apple came out with right before DVR was introduced.

  80. al

    all the announcers have talked about tonight is how small the strike zone is. every pitcher has gotten into a staring contest with him because he isn’t calling anything a strike.

    so why are the reds still getting themselves out on the first or second pitch?

    the talent might be there on this team, but this team doesn’t play like a playoff team, or have a playoff caliber manager.

  81. Y-City Jim

    @Chad Dotson:

    Probably trumped by the iPad, which may have a DVR in it next week. 😀

  82. Chris Garber

    @al: According to the depth chart, Logan is 7/7 in the pen. Realistically, he’s probably a better option than Owings, and Daniel Ray had already pitched.

  83. Y-City Jim

    That vest of Welsh’s look like he stole it off the corpse of a Lions Club member.

  84. lukeukcrazy

    Don’t tell me they’re going to lose

  85. lukeukcrazy

    Nice play by Votto and why did Phillips dive for no reason

  86. vanwilder8

    I have to say, I’ve enjoyed Keels maiden voyage. He’s hasn’t been great tonight, but I could listen to Big Daddy read the phone book.

    And I’m pretty sure he hasn’t said Redbirds yet.

  87. Steve

    Pretty good job by Masset. Wish he had pitched the seventh.

  88. Y-City Jim

    There’s the Masset we love!

    Keels has done a nice job tonight but don’t you miss the Goerge Grandisms? Perhaps the absence of GG is why the Reds haven’t seen the sunny side of the scoreboard.

  89. Y-City Jim

    “This one is going to go for at least two.” Keels obviously hasn’t learned how slow Hernandez is.

  90. lukeukcrazy

    McLellan has a good breaking ball

  91. al

    you have to be kidding me. leadoff double and back to back k’s?

  92. lukeukcrazy

    nice hit by Cabrera,cabrera is doing good

  93. Steve

    3 RBI for Cabrera. Let’s hope JV makes this a one-run game.

  94. earl

    Dennys Reyes is still in the bigs? Did not know that one.

  95. CeeKeR

    Ugh. The Reds continue to toy with me. Two games in and I’m already ansty.

  96. CeeKeR

    1 down, only 2 outs of hope remaining to avoid an 0-2 start to the season.

  97. CeeKeR

    Well, that one stunk. At least Cabrera looked better at the plate tonight.

  98. Chris Garber

    True. Good to see Cabrera showing signs of life.

  99. TC

    Glad to be home. Worse game experience I’ve ever had. Game sucked. People sucked. DUSTY sucked! Lots of jerks in the crowd. Lots of Cardinal fans in my section. If this would have been my first experience going to a game guaranteed I’d never go back.

    But I met Jamie Ramsey tonight. Shook his hand. Way cool.

  100. Steve

    One other bright spot was the last three pitchers in the bullpen, plus Cueto had a good night. Only trouble was the seventh inning which we turned over, for some reason, to a rookie.

  101. pinson343

    The last 3 pitchers in the bullpen should have pitched the 7th, 8th, and 9th innings. I’ll complain more later, after the hilites are posted.

  102. TC

    I’ve not given up hope but I am discouraged. I expected the Reds to drop these two games. I just didn’t expect them to drop them this way. So far the biggest problems have been defense and the bullpen.

    I’m going to say this later when it is not so cluttered, but I want to meantion something I noticed tonight. Early in the game a Cardinal hitter hit the ball into Left Center field. Stubbs had already taken his third step before Gomes moved. Gomes and Stubbs both hussled to get to the ball, but they arrived at the same time. Stubbs was more than twice as far away from it. Hmmm.

  103. pinson343

    @TC: I think the biggest problem has been Dusty’s use of the bullpen.

  104. TC

    Sometimes I just don’t understand what he’s thinking. Johnny had over 90 pitches going into the 6th, but Dusty ran him back out there. Cueto ends his first outting of the year with 109 pitches. Are you kidding me?

  105. TC

    @pinson343: Agreed. When the people around me saw Ondrusek running out from the bullpen there was collective shock. Why? A guy was on, and Pujols was on deck. Dusty lost the game tonight. That lose can be directly attributed to Dusty. I’m going to start keeping track. You can almost pin Monday’s game on Dusty by putting in Licoln, but the Reds were already down. Tonight… complete and utter STUPID move.

    • pinson343

      Sometimes I just don’t understand what he’s thinking.Johnny had over 90 pitches going into the 6th, but Dusty ran him back out there.Cueto ends his first outting of the year with 109 pitches.Are you kidding me?

      @pinson343: Agreed.When the people around me saw Ondrusek running out from the bullpen there was collective shock.Why?A guy was on, and Pujols was on deck.Dusty lost the game tonight.That lose can be directly attributed to Dusty.I’m going to start keeping track.You can almost pin Monday’s game on Dusty by putting in Licoln, but the Reds were already down.Tonight… complete and utter STUPID move.

      Agree that you can “almost” pin Monday’s game on Dusty’s misuse of Lincoln (“I needed 2 innings out of him”) and definitely tonite. Yes let’s keep count. Tonite Dusty wracks one up, under the category of bullpen malpractice.

  106. TC

    Did I meantion I met Jamie Ramsey tonight? By far the best part of the night. He is a heck of a nice guy.

  107. TC

    Two ladies had a sign that said “We love you B..” (I don’t remember the B name) sitting right in front of me. Anyway, someone apparently saw it and told Jamie. He came and visited the two ladies with the sign. I asked if he was Jamie Ramsey (obviously knowing he was, but it was the first thing I came up with) He said yeah. I told him I read his blog every day. The thanked me and shook my hand. Then I used his camera (the same one he used to take the picture currently loaded on his blog to take a picture of him with the two ladies holding the sign and wearing their fleecies.