Baseball is back!

Today the Reds kick off the 2010 season with a contest against their rivals in the NL Central, the St. Louis Cardinals. Yes, Dusty Baker has submitted his first odd lineup of the year, but we couldn’t be more excited here in the Nation.

Aaron Harang will take the mound for your beloved Redlegs, while the Cards will counter with their ace, Chris Carpenter. This is the fifth straight season that Harang will open the season as the starting pitcher; let’s hope it’s the beginning of a great campaign for the big guy. Let’s also keep our fingers crossed that a Reds victory over St. Louis today will be a harbinger of great things to come.

Here’s your game preview, and the starting lineup is below the fold. Listen to our Season Preview Extravaganza and, heck, while you’re discussing the game here in the game thread, feel free to hop over to the prediction contest. The contest is open until midnight tonight, so get those predictions in.

Enjoy the game!

Chris Dickerson CF
Orlando Cabrera SS
Joey Votto 1B
Brandon Phillips 2B
Scott Rolen 3B
Jay Bruce RF
Laynce Nix LF
Ramon Hernandez C
Aaron Harang P

45 Responses

  1. nick in va

    I love afternoon baseball. Can’t wait for the game to get started. Too bad I’m not there.

  2. TC

    Ahhh, it’s good to be king. (If you knew my job you’d laugh at that.) But as the IT manager I’ve purposely scheduled my day to be in the car between offices all afternoon and am about to leave my guys to run the office without me. I also came in early so that I don’t feel bad about taking off early. I should feel badly, but it’s Opening Day.

    I did have a server install scheduled, but the stars aligned and it’s been push until later this week. Yippie! 😀

    I’m excited like it’s my 12th birthday again!!

  3. nick in va

    Harang starts the year with a strike out.

  4. nick in va

    Back to back strike outs. Let’s see if he can strike out Pujols.

  5. nick in va

    Should have walked Pujols. 1-0 Cardinals.

  6. james in MB

    Musburger and Sutcliffe sound drunk.

  7. BIGred053

    ESPN is supposed to be showing the game, but they have ESPN News on right now instead! What is this trash!?

  8. james in MB

    Well 1 inning in the books and Pujols is still the

  9. james in MB

    I can’t handle Sutcliffe.. Harang is a veteran pitcher man..

  10. nick in va

    3-0, sounds like Nix would have had the runner if Rolen had not cut it off.

  11. Jimmy

    Taking the lead will mean a lot right here. Isn’t Ramon Mr. Clutch according to D Baker.

  12. Jimmy

    Joey Votto is no Albert Pujols defensively.

  13. BIGred053

    Musberger just critiqued Votto and said that Pujols was much better defensively- Pujols 2009 FPCT 0.992 13 E, Votto 2009 FPCT 0.991 10E

  14. TC

    I’m surprised they are not bringing in Owings at this point to hit and pitch an inning.

    • hoosierdad

      I’m surprised they are not bringing in Owings at this point to hit and pitch an inning.Thank you! What good is it to have a pitcher for long relief if you don’t use him on opening day in the 6th with the next day off? Gotta release Lincoln and eat the contract. There are way too many good arms in Louisville to keep him on the 40 man. Maybe he gets released when Leake comes up.

  15. renbutler

    Same old Reds, with the other team always making the hustle play they need to win.

  16. BIGred053

    Well, color me surprised- Dusty actually brought in some people that can get on base and score!

  17. BIGred053

    Great job by Stubbs and Francisco! Too bad cabrera is still looming in the on-deck circle… 🙁

  18. BIGred053

    Well, way to kill the inning right before Votto gets up to bat…

  19. BIGred053

    Nice to see Stubbs left in, wish they would have left in Francisco for Dickerson, or Nix.

  20. BIGred053

    Glad Stubbs didn’t start today. He would have been dreadful batting leadoff. 🙄

  21. nick in va

    Nice job by Stubbs to get a run in.

  22. nick in va

    Looks like the undefeated season might be at risk.

    • Dave

      Looks like the undefeated season might be at risk.


  23. nick in va

    @mike: My dad would leave early. If a baseball game where 8 innings he’d leave after 7.

  24. BIGred053

    Well, we had some good run production. Especially considering the leadoff and second batters combined to be 1-10.

  25. hoosierdad

    @hoosierdad: Sorry! That was a response to TC in the 6th about why Owings wasn’t brought on instead of Lincoln. I hit “quote” instead of “reply”.

  26. hoosierdad

    @BIGred053: They did combine to go 1 for 10, but Dickerson’s only hit came way after the outcome was no longer in doubt. Can’t understand what DB didn’t start Stubbs. Makes no sense.

  27. The Mad Hatter

    Just watched the majority of the game on DVR and that was the only way to make Rolen and Cabrera look agile in the field.

  28. The Mad Hatter

    @Chris Garber:

    Just turned 40 myself and know how Rolen felt when he bent over to field the ground ball to his right. My mind tells me one thing, the body says ok we’ll try but don’t expect miracles.

  29. The Mad Hatter

    And just to vent a little bit, what ever happened to being clean shaven displaying a professional attitude. I know everyone wants to sport a little attitude and individualism but the players I was looking at today, looked like guys off of a street corner.

  30. The Mad Hatter

    And to pile on. From today’s boxscore:

    “Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Hernandez, Ra 2; Cabrera, O; Rolen.”

    Thank god for clutch hitting and veteran leadership.

  31. Glenn

    Not sure why we still pitch to that Pujols guy.

  32. Furniture City Red

    Random thoughts…

    – Pujols is a beast…Just. Walk. Him.
    – Is it too early to give Cabrera the nickname ‘Rally Killer’ ?
    – Votto is a beast…Too bad Cabrera leaves him standing in the on deck circle with runners on.
    – Harang looked ok…I was worried that he’d get shelled and never make it out of the 1st.
    – Stubbs needs to play.
    – Really worried about Cabrera…Not the least bit impressed with what I saw out of him today.
    – Really worried about Dusty…’cause no matter how bad Cabrera might turn out to be he’s gonna be hitting 2nd.
    – Really, Really happy it’s Baseball Season !