The latest Cincinnati magazine has a wonderful new feature article about Hall of Fame writer Hal McCoy. Written by longtime Reds List-serv member Sridhar Pappu, the article covers the details around McCoy’s departure from the Dayton Daily News, his “worst mistake” (reporting false drug rumors about Eric Davis), and his feuds with Joe Morgan (ongoing), Pete Rose (mended), and others (“Leatherpants“).

It’s a really well-written piece. Rather than pull out quotes, I’ll tease you with the lead and encourage you to read the whole thing:

This was not the way you should meet Hal McCoy. He was not in his natural environs, up in the press box watching Pete Rose in his explosive batting crouch or Johnny Bench climb the wall behind the backstop or writing about the time Eric Davis robbed Jack Clark of two home runs over two consecutive nights. Nor was he in the locker room, sitting down with Tony Perez or Barry Larkin or Brandon Phillips before deadline. All of that was over. Gone for good. Fini. Now the imposing figure with stiff gray hair and yellow-tinted glasses stood, his hands in his jean pockets, watching his wife Nadine answer a question from a reporter visiting their suburban Dayton home.