Nice write up on Logan Ondrusek from Mark Sheldon:

Reliever Logan Ondrusek came into Reds Spring Training expecting a sample-sized first taste of big league camp followed by a perfunctory meeting in the manager’s office to be sent down.

However, Ondrusek’s time has been super-sized to a level befitting of his 6-foot-8 body. And that meeting with manager Dusty Baker and pitching coach Bryan Price to get his Minor League papers? It has yet to happen.

That’s because with 7 1/3 scoreless innings over five games this spring, the 25-year-old Ondrusek’s chances of making the 25-man roster remain very much alive.

“He’s definitely wedged himself into our consciousness, that’s for sure,” Price said. “He’s had a terrific spring.”


“He’s pitching with as much confidence as anybody of the young guys in camp,” Price said. “It’s not just the stuff, it’s the confidence, the repetition of quality pitches. He holds runners well and he’s very athletic for a 6-8 guy. He gets around the mound well and fields well.”

Nice article on Logan…so, what do you think? Can he force his way into the Opening Day bullpen or is he destined for Louisville to start the season?

2 Responses

  1. BJ Ruble

    I like him a lot, but unfortunately that roster spot will go to Mike Lincoln until they wise up and cut him loose. Until then Logan will be closing games for the Bats.

  2. Python Curtus

    They have to get rid of Lincoln and Rhodes. That’s 2 spots that could go to much younger and more reliable arms. I can see Ondrusek as a closer in the near future. I’d take him as closer over Burton and Masset.
    I’ll tell you something about Cordero. I’m glad Krivsky signed him at the time. The bullpen was in shambles and Weathers was desperately needed earlier in games to keep them in it. Cordero alleviated several needs.
    But I’m all for trading him as soon as possible now. For one thing he seems like a total hole! I’m in the NYC area and try to get to the games against the Mets (and Yankees a couple years ago). Cordero will only give autographs to hispanics of any age. He just sneers at the white and black kids who ask, even if they ask in Spanish. Last year I watched him as he walked past this long line of kids calling to him and he only stops to sign a cap for this Dominican guy about my age.
    I don’t know how he is in Cincinnati. But now that there are a whole crop of new guys on the way, from Herrera and Fisher to Ondrusek and Valiquette, I’ll be glad to see him go