John Fay blogs:

The Reds have the schedule for pitching posted in the clubhouse leading right up to the last day of camp. Judging from it, the fifth starter will be Mike Leake or Travis Wood. Consider:

–Wood’s and Leake’s days line up so April 11 — the first start for the fifth start — falls on their normal day.

–None of the other pitchers in the race for the No. 5 spot is on the schedule for more than three innings.

We’re still 20 days away from the first start, so that could change, particularly if both Wood and Leake struggle in their last two spring training outings.

So, what do you think? Or will it be one of these guys or someone else?

Our friend, C. Trent checks in with some more info on the subject, including quotes from Bryan Price, Dusty Baker, and Walt Jocketty.

8 Responses

  1. Glenn

    Leake’s done a good job this spring, but I see no need to put all that pressure on him. If he makes the team, he’ll have a few starts but the first time he stinks up the joint, and he will, the clamoring for Chapman will start up. Looks like a real risk to the young man’s confidence if you ask me.

  2. TC

    C Trent also says Lehr is out. I almost released my 5th spot power rankings which affectively said Lehr was within a week of being sent down. Chapman was still in first and I wanted to see how he’d pitch before posting it, but with his outing on Monday things got very cloudy.

    Now, it seems it’s between Wood, Leake, and Owings. So the competitions continues.

  3. Glenn

    I may have to rethink my post. Leake is starting to grow on me.

  4. TC

    Wells is a decent guy. I think he’s good enough to be in someone’s 25-man rotation, but I don’t see how he fits in this organization. I don’t want to see him take someone’s spot in Louisville, but I don’t want to see him get cut again either. You don’t want to wish that on anyone, especially good people. I know he’s had a bad Spring, but he is a good end of the rotation guy.

    I hope Mr. Jocketty can find him a home before the end of Spring Training.

  5. Fireball

    I would have to say my preference overall is that Maloney gets this job. I would really like to see Wood, Leake, and Chapman spend some time this season and have success there before bringing them up.

    Our of the three that seem to be in line for the job, I’d have to choose Wood.

  6. toyboy

    Whatever is done here, I hope there is serious consideration for the future. Our ACE Harang hasn’t shown anything for two years, and this spring hasn’t been any better. Dunn went away because of his salary, despite his 100 RBI, 40 HR production. Check the pay window folks…. this guy is pulling down serious cash and gives little to the final equation. Not hard to imagine Arroyo and Harang somewhere else and the future of the team in the hands of these developing stars that we are debating over for the fifth starter. Let them go pitch everyday and continue to develop.

  7. toyboy

    How can you disagree with Harang’s spring performance? 9 innings pitched, 11.0 ERA 19 hits given up. Harang was 6 and 14 last year, and 6 and 17 the year before. And he is the Ace that gets the nod for opening day? All this for the bargain price of 12 million per year. Do the math. 2 million per win.

    What do you expect from Chris Welch? He is on the payroll. Everyone has to be positive, and the last person to second guess is Chris Welch.

    I’d give anything to see Harang return to the 16 game winner he was in 2007. Maybe 2010 will be different, but let’s be honest, he has not performed in te last two seasoons. If you want to blame it on something abusive, so be it. But 12 wins over two years speaks volumes for itself.

  8. toyboy

    You are correct Bill Lack. I stated that improperly. Chris Welch has as much credibility as anyone.

    However, something isn’t right with Harang. This team desperately needs solid pitching, and he must either get it back or get it packing. I would prefer to see him get it back. Dusty anoited him as opening day starter and as such the ace of the staff. Nothing he has shown in Goodyear supports that role. Another bad outing today….