Got an update from Spotlight Player Logan Parker via email:

Ive had a good spring thus far and I’m looking forward to getting a few more at-bats and getting the timing back.  I have been playing a little bit of outfield but still haven’t stepped out there for a game.

I did get the chance to play in a big league split squad game vs the A’s. Saw Rosie go deep and sprint around the bases. Which is very fast in person and very funny at the same time. I got to play the last 3 innings at 1st and had 2 at bats. I walked in my first at bat and flew out to center during my second. The second one was off Brad Ziegler. Underarm motion, nasty stuff.

But like I said I’m having a good spring and this place is wonderful, its a place that every Reds fan must come check out, esp if you have seen Sarasota. This place is amazing. 

I think this is the first on-field appearance of a RN Spotlight Player in big league action…congrats, Logan!