They’ve been ranking the 30 MLB franchises at, and their ranking for the Cincinnati Reds was revealed Monday at #20 between the Oakland A’s (19) and Detroit Tigers (21). They examined the Reds current major league talent, and their future major league talent.

Being optimistic about the future of the organization, the low ranking was disappointing at first. The author acknowledges that it was hard to rate the Reds.

The Reds are one of the teams that was really hard to slot on this list. On one hand, I like a lot of the young players in the Reds system. There’s a solid core of home grown players to build around, including a couple of All-Stars in Joey Votto and Jay Bruce. The outfield is as deep as it is talented, and the infield is home to the team’s best current players. There are a lot of things going right in Cincinnati.

However, from a non-fan perspective, we have an organization that hasn’t had a winning season in 9 years. We do have a relatively high ranked minor league system compared to past seasons, but the only prospect to have burst out with all-star type results over a full season so far has been Joey Votto. The Reds will need to post a winning season and have more prospects produce at higher levels to begin to make believers of those outside of Cincinnati.

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  1. Python Curtus

    I kind of feel that the game has passed Jocketty and Baker by. I think Jocketty’s signings of Cabrera and Gomes were panic moves, made to look daring and forward-thinking to appease the fans but in actuality showing a complete lack of confidence in his players, especially the younger players. Similarly, signing Cairo and trading for Miles (both of whom played for Jocketty in StL) showed he would rather go with old favorites whose talents are eroding and freeze out new talent not even scratching the surface. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Lincoln also on the Cardinals at the time Jocketty was too? Does this explain the 2 year contract?
    These are the kind of moves that harken back to the Boy Wonder years.
    As for Baker, I don’t think his managing style has changed since his time with the Giants. What I don’t think he realizes is there are huge differences between the kinds of teams the 90s Giants were and the kind of team the Reds are now—-and by “huge difference” I’m not just talking about steroid inflated Bonds.
    Hey, can anyone remember who any of the Giants pitchers were in the 90s? The only ones I can think of were William VanLandingham and Steven Bourgeois and neither of them lasted nearly as long as it took to say their names :mrgreen:

  2. Greg Dafler

    I don’t think bringing guys like Cairo and Miles to camp mean anything negative about Jocketty. He brought Jones and Ward to camp last year, and they didn’t make the team. The Miles deal was all about moving some of Taveras’ salary.

    I’m not sure if I have the right decade for Giants pitchers, but the ones I can think of from the Baker era in SF include folks like Shawn Estes, Kirk Rueter, Livan Hernandez, and Russ Ortiz.

  3. TC

    Hey look, the New York writers are writing about the Reds again. I’ll just forget what I think because I’m sure they must be correct.

  4. TC

    Sorry. I kind of went off there. I reacted before I read it. My apology to the guys at Fangraphs. In their hearts, they are just fans like us. 😳