Second baseman of the future?

C. Trent has a terrific profile of Todd Frazier here.

I don’t know what it is about Frazier, but I really like the kid. I had never seen him play until last summer, when I got a chance to catch several Carolina games. Before watching him play, I was indifferent. After seeing him in action, however, I came away very impressed…and I can’t really say why. He just conducted himself like the consummate pro, and he seemed to do everything well.

The question, obviously, is where Frazier will play on the big league level. I have my opinion on that, but people get upset when I suggest that the current starter at that position* might be traded to open a spot for Frazier. So I’ll keep my opinions on that to myself, thank you very much.

*I’m not going to say that player’s name, but his initials are Brandon Phillips.