We are now less than three weeks away from Opening Day, and I can’t wait. How about you?

The news seems to be coming faster and furiouser, so to speak. Here’s a quick roundup of items that I couldn’t justify posting individually. As a group, however, it’s a wonderfully fruity Spring Training Roundup! Woo-hoo!

–My excitement over Mike Leake and Travis Wood has almost reached peak levels.

Travis Wood, the Reds’ minor league pitcher of the year, and Mike Leake, the club’s top draft pick from 2009, keep rolling.

Wood pitched three innings of one-run, one-hit baseball Monday in the Reds’ 13-5 victory over the Oakland A’s.

Leake followed with two scoreless innings. He gave up a hit and struck out four.

Wood has gone seven innings and given up only one run. He’s allowed two hits, walked five and struck out seven. Leake’s allowed two hits, walked one and struck out six in five shutout innings.

Dusty Baker’s conclusion on Leake? “That little dude can pitch.” That’s great.

I mentioned yesterday that I didn’t think either of these guys would break camp with the Reds, but chances are excellent that at least one of them will be in the big leagues to stay at some point in 2010. That’s a good thing, Reds fans.

–John Fay talked with our old buddy Adam Rosales, who played for Oakland in yesterday’s game against the Reds. Rosie went 3-3, with an RBI, and he also made a couple of nice plays at shortstop.

–Reliever Carlos Fisher has a sore right elbow.

–Steve has some interesting observations on yesterday’s action.

–Cincinnati.com has put together a page they’re calling “SportsTalkCentral,” a good clearinghouse for information about all local sports.

–Our buddy C. Trent, who is doing a bang-up job over at C-Nati, was interviewed on NPR’s Talk of the Nation. You can listen here.

–Doug has a bunch of interesting items about the minor leagues, including the latest on Jordan Smith, who has impressed the Reds brass, even though he was hammered around a bit in his last outing.

–You gotta watch this video.

–Finally, Paul at Uni Watch commented on the Reds change in what they require of their minor leaguers, uniform-wise:

Sad news out of Reds camp, where the team has announced that minor leaguers will no longer be required to go high-cuffed. But maybe it’s not so sad after all. Consider: If a player is required to cuff high in the minors, he’s apt to think of the exposed-stocking look as one of those annoying training-wheels things that only minor leaguers have to do, same as double-flapped helmets. Then, when they make the bigs, their teammates say, “You’re in the majors now, wear your pants down like a big-leaguer,” and then we end up with Pajama Pants Nation. So I think it’s possible that these teams that require their minor leaguers to go high-cuffed actually end up hurting the cause.

Like me, Paul is a devoted supporter of the stirruped look. Interesting theory.