Today’s link roundup brought to us by the training camp home in Georgetown, KY:

–The 1500 Opening Day tickets for sale this morning at Fountain Square sold out in 25 minutes. Not bad.

–As you may have heard, Aroldis Chapman was great again yesterday. Ho-hum:

We were waiting to talk to Aroldis Chapman when Scott Rolen asked me what the radar readings were.

“He topped out at 100,” I said.

“Is that good?” Rolen said.

Love his deadpan.

Chapman did hit 100. He went two innings, allowing two infield hits. He struck out two. Both strikeouts came on change-ups — a 90 mph change that Matt Kemp swung through and an 83 mph change Casey Blake took.

“Eighty-three to a 100, that’s a big difference,” catcher Ramon Hernandez said.

Is Chapman ready for the big leagues?

“I’ve only caught him four innings,” Hernandez said. “But if he’s not ready, he’s close.”

Chapman threw all change-ups and fastballs late in the outing because the slider wasn’t working.

“I wasn’t finishing up with my (slider),” he said. “I was not happy.”

Hernandez said there was a reason for that.

“It was very dry today,” he said. “That made the ball slippery. He couldn’t get a grip on it.”

Chapman also has been dealing with a bit of cold. It didn’t seem to affect him much.

I had a chance to watch part of the game, and I saw Chapman’s two innings. He was really very good, in command at all times. He didn’t seem like a kid who just arrived on these shores. I’m really amazed. (By the way, Red Hot Mama was there, and she’s posted some videos.)

I agree with Dusty Baker, however: let’s slow down on the Chapmania. I’ve always thought Chapman would start the season in AA Carolina, but Fay makes a compelling argument as to why it might be AAA Louisville (or Cincinnati): he’ll have a Spanish-speaking catcher at either of those places.

–Will Joey Votto be the next Reds captain? Steve speculates.

I love Mike Leake.

–Bronson Arroyo pitched pretty well yesterday, too, despite some aches.

–Today’s “Spring Snapshot” over at Big League Stew focuses on the Reds.

–The Fay is giving former GM Dan O’Brien some credit, deservedly so.

–In case you missed it, here’s the latest episode of Redleg Nation Radio. Give it a listen!

–Jamie Ramsey has a completely untrue account of yesterday’s game.

–Loyal citizens of the Nation will know that I went to law school at Georgetown and, hence, I’m a big Hoyas fan. Well, Reds pitcher Jon Adkins is a big fan of West Virginia.

Tonight, Georgetown plays WVU in the Big East tournament finals. I had to break the news to Jon that I would be cheering for the Hoyas. He wasn’t amused.

Hoya Saxa!