From Today’s Sporting News.

In their previews, they list “3 Questions”. For the Reds, they are:

1) What happened in the offseason?

TSN talks about Jocketty not making many moves, but the ones he made bode well for the future. Long term: The Chapman signing; short term: Getting rid of Taveras and signing Gomes.

2) Where’s the offense?

The piece says the Reds play in a hitter’s park and have a potentially strong middle of the lineup, but they voice concerns about health (mentioning Bruce, Rolen, and Hernandez).

3) Is Chapman ready?

Says most scouts like Strasburg more than Chapman, but says Chapman might make the majors first.

Predicts Justin Lehr as the #5 starter.

They rate the Offense, Pitching, and Bench “C” and the Manager a “B”